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Novicegod’s Paradise Synopsis: WORLD PARADISE or War education will decide.

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  • pudintang ask me again and ill tell you
    Novicegod s Paradise Synopsis: WORLD PARADISE or War education will decide. The paradise that could be The world could quickly become a paradise once again if
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2005
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      Novicegod's Paradise Synopsis: WORLD PARADISE or War education will

      The paradise that could be
      The world could quickly become a paradise once again if humans
      would begin planting food producing trees and plants everywhere (Like
      Johnny Apple Seed so no one would go hungry) and if they would breed
      responsibly. Humans take for granted sexuality and reproduction when
      there is enough food or jobs to buy plenty of food and resources they
      breed like vermin rats and rabbits and such for no purpose thinking
      that they are doing a favor for unborn children bringing new life
      into the world. Dysfunctional idiotic families giving birth to more
      mindless families that innocent child become born into. WHAT about
      the rights of the unborn to not be born to stupid or untrained
      parents. Human go too far and breed and consume like parasites of the
      earth until there is nothing left so they fight like fleas on a dog
      to see who will own what is left.

      It usually depends on which race/culture can breed the fastest
      and brain-wash their offspring to carry on their way of life and
      fight for it. That is why one world government is tempting for so
      many. In a one world government we cannot fight over what we believe
      when we all believe the same thing bend over for the same government
      and worship the same god. But all this will be decided in time by
      elections and nations leaders so you better hurry up and become
      leader of a nation or you'll miss your chance to cast your vote.

      Unlike the educated, the uneducated will give little resistance
      to any commands given by less than qualified commanders. To take
      away a persons education is to take away their power as well as a
      conscious to second guess, reason an alternative, reducing them to
      animal instinct.

      Patriotism is second to ability to discern what is patriotic, nor
      what is a shameful way to run the lives of those who count on
      leadership for direction in the absence of their own better judgment.
      Humans that do not care about their education will be forever
      henchmen pawns and zombies of others not so sacred agenda.

      Humans that do not think become animals, barbarians "savages". They
      ruin all progress.

      Humans that think to much become machines. They begin to care more
      about artificial intelligence, praise it as mans next evolution. It
      will bring about killer machines that will destroy its creators and
      anything else in its way, like Frankenstein because it can it will
      follow the last order of the human fed up with humanity giving the
      last order to kill what it can not find away to change or put up
      with. Robot law be damned! Clone Law be damned! Even if all life is
      destroyed on this planet what about the countless other planets. I
      laugh so many that think of world conquest forgetting about the
      infinite mirrored planets and dimensions. They think so highly of
      themselves because with their riches, power, and secret societies
      they are so close.

      Whatever life came from god or explosion humans follow absurd
      redundant instinctual patterns to breed and create philosophies and
      religions and pass the torch to children and others of impression
      that are suppose to carry on with traditions no matter what or how
      false and ignorant then eventually war with other races cultures
      humans of different territories of tribal conflict Savage (gang

      It seems like Gomez Adams likes to watch his trains crash god likes
      to start life on different parts of the planet and watch them collide.

      Democracies do not fight each other????? NO! Educated people do not
      fight each other because their love of knowledge and life is too

      Soldiers are trained to kill for their country (way of life) and are
      supposed to be used as a last resort. They are someone's son,
      daughter, friend, wife/ husband or a strong majestic hero nomad.
      Too many Cowardly politicians Send soldiers to do what they are
      trained to do and they return to be spit on and hated even arrested.
      The many soldier cry inside wondering if they will go to some kind of
      hell, for what they have done. What about what they would have never
      had to do in the first place if negotiations had not failed.

      It takes the killing and butchering of countless animals to fill the
      meat markets so humans can have their burgers etc. but when you ask
      children where meat comes from they tell you it comes from the store.
      In the same way peace with no teaching of how freedom was won has
      resulted in the majority of people not thinking of how many died so
      they can drive nice cars, play video games, go to the movies, and not
      have to worry that a missile will hit their city wiping out their
      insect existence or worse dying an agonizing death from germ warfare
      or by radiation flame watching their own skin melt off.

      AGAIN, the humans' natural environment was and can be again, to live
      in the Garden of Eden surrounded by fruit trees all they could eat or
      need. Until they were persuaded to cut down the trees and make
      trinkets items to sell to each other, intentionally cutting away each
      others food supply so they would have to barter, steel, earn money or
      credit to have resources to enjoy life or survive.

      They did it for profit and dominance control because power is
      ADDICTIVE hard to give up, thousands of generations later they still
      haven't quit.

      P.S. Research within governments of the world is so greatly advanced
      past what can be found on a book shelf or internet that it might as
      well be considered ALIEN.

      Time is the most precious substance it is constantly being wasted.

      Judge a society by its education system first its MILITARY second.
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