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Le MISERABLE Novicegod

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  • pudintang ask me again and ill tell you
    Le MISERABLE Novicegod Religion, philosophy, psychology, politics, science, and their followers all have a common goal. To prove their s is the best way for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2004
      Le MISERABLE Novicegod

      Religion, philosophy, psychology, politics, science, and their
      followers all have a common goal. To prove their's is the best way
      for everyone in the world to believe and behave without question even
      though every human is born with different variations of brain
      development and cultural upbringing preventing such a thing. Their
      followers( people in society) pick their favorite, what has works for
      them, and begin trying to promote and persuade others.
      That is just about all everyone talks about and pursues
      everyday. Its their path, each human goes about telling others how
      they should live with what little knowledge and experience they have.
      Everyone is riding on the coat-tails of other people's research which
      is mixed with their own personal experiences. They worship research
      that is limited and biased all within the confines of a fish-bowl
      existence (society). Most do not realize that they have only as many
      choices or freedoms as their social system will allow. Limited
      information, limited brain development, and limited society.
      Knowing this, how could you not be miserable because your not a
      god? What wonders will you never know, forced to be content being a
      limited life-span human. Your not as insignificant as insect.
      Compared to an insect humans are much more though often humans act
      like lesser creatures. They start petty wars and politicians from
      other countries use their soldiers as living chess pieces with
      bloody, horrifyingly, painful consequences. But compared to a God you
      are less than an insect. Cheer up! Don't let a lack of unlimited,
      unimaginable power, and eternal life slow you down. Dream what you
      can dream. Get what you can get done.
      Would you be better off not knowing about God or gods? That
      their was something that no matter what you achieved could put you
      down, or is it great to know that there is something that calls out
      to you to be more that there is no finish line just the love of the
      race. God or higher-self, every time you think you've learned
      something new, no matter how astounding, there is always something
      snickering in the background saying "what took you so long?" What is
      difficult for one is easy to another. What is exciting for one is
      boring to another(worth reading or not). It depends on how developed
      and how much access to information and resources each person has
      because depending on the information or the experience, it could
      change your life or how you think about life forever.
      There are some things that religion, philosophy, psychology,
      politics, science and their individual supporters can agree with.
      This is what gives common laws and what little stability humans have
      within their fragile societies on a tiny planet floating among an
      ocean of planets in an infinite space. Humans become so obsessed
      with drugs, debating, entertainment, academics, and greed that they
      cannot see the big picture. What petty narrow minded creatures
      indeed not fit for a God. Its better that they have evolved from pond-
      scum as an excuse than to shame a creator that tried to create a
      creature with the free will to be too stupid to know its potential.

      Another day another drama, so goes the saga of each human in the
      sea of humanity trying to get their way. Onward enlightened ones in
      this new variation of an ancient war.

      Thank you for reading.
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