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Re: [The Indigo Network] indigo child.. Is this possible?

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  • V. c.
    Hi Misti, I read your post this morning, and I am happy for you. I am happy that you have had this awakening and just wanted to tell you that! You are not
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 2004
      Hi Misti,

      I read your post this morning, and I am happy for you. I am happy that you have had this awakening and just wanted to tell you that! You are not alone, and your daughter is not one of a kind!! My son, almost 7, was also diagnosed with oppositional defiance disorder!! Now in hind sight...I say what a joke. He was also diagnosed ADHD, and with an "adjustment" disorder. Meaning he doesn't adjust to change well. Well, the bottom line with that was that he was just having a hard time with his father and I divorcing, and him having to go back and forth between us. I put him on Ritalin for about 8 months, back then it helped for awhile. Then I realized he had lost his sparkle. Not to mention he also had to have another med to get him to sleep at night, and he wasn't eating, and he was becoming more and more moody. I decided to look at things differently after talking to some people about Indigo children. My son too, posesses alot of the traits, and so do I.

      He is extremely bright, and was bored with Kindergarten after the second day! As I was trying to get him to bed on the second night of school, he said to me " School is boring, we aren't learning about science, we aren't learning about how things work." I was taken aback! I home school him now as he had trouble sitting still in class and doing repitious work over and over. He requires more of a hands on approach to learning rather than writing an alphabet 20 times. Anyway, I could go on and on, but gotta go. So I wish you and your family luck and all the best. My advice would be to read, read, read. There are many books on Indigos. This group is a good start. Be well.


      "Scott, Misti, Caity, Kenzie" <Caitysmamma@...> wrote:

      Wow, I am an emotional mess right now. I just discovered all of this
      tonight. It explains so much about our little girl and myself for
      that matter. She is different and I have always been different. She
      is diagnosed Bipolar, generalized anxiety, and Oppositional defiance
      disorder. I am diagnosed ADD and take ritalin but I seem to benefit
      from the drug. Where we have found very little medications that she
      benefits from.
      My daughter is very strong willed and extremely creative and
      intelligent. She was on the computer at 8 or 9 months and by 2 was
      running our computer and showing us how to fix things on it. She
      seems to have her own language and often believes she communicates
      with animals. She swims with dolphins and makes homes for Fairies to
      sleep in. She has imaginary friends and seems to be an old soul. She
      knows things that are well beyond her time. She seems to want to
      counsel you about your troubles but cannot control her own emotions
      and struggles. She is amazing and difficult all at once.

      We have tried everything to help our daughter. She has uncontrollable
      bursts of rage when we try to "force" her into something she refuses
      to do. We have tried many many medications and therapies, sticker
      charts, reward systems and she was hospitalized for two weeks on the
      psychiatric ward at Children's so that the doctors could study her.
      She is unlike any other child they have seen. She is extremely hard
      to medicate and seems to fall into many categories but often has
      symptoms or side effects not observed before. She has diagnoses but
      the best doctors in Washington State are unsure exactly if they are
      correct or how to treat her. She is extremely compassionate and is
      very kind in her heart. Yet she is extremely strong with anger. She
      is definitely one of a kind.

      I am overwhelmed with emotion. I am not sure how to take this all in.
      From what I have read about Indigo children I can relate in many ways
      with my childhood. I was very connected with animals and found myself
      believing I could understand there feelings and sense there pain and
      loneliness. I have always been extremely emotional. Overly caring for
      others needs and situations. I have always felt I have had some type
      of inner power as a child. Like I could just fly. I have seen what I
      believe to be ghosts in my life and have had many situations or
      occurrences that were unexplainable, exciting and scary all at once.
      I was abused as a child and have always felt that I could read other
      children that had been abused or were being abused and wanted to
      reach out and help them. I seem to recognize people that are not good
      or that hurt others intentionally. When I say recognize, it is
      almost like they look or feel different. Even if I have never talked
      to them before I feel I know they are not good. Just a feeling I get
      and it sends chills.
      I seem to have forgotten or forced myself to forget, some of these
      things over the years. I have had a lot of trauma in my life and
      always assumed that was why I was so different as a child. I made
      myself move on and forget. When I read this information tonight about
      Indigos I felt an awakening. Not only could I relate to so much but I
      have always felt that my daughter was gifted and different and was
      placed here to teach us something. I have always felt she has a
      purpose greater than others. She is a gift to the world and at the
      same time she is exasperating to our family and to herself. She
      requires so much of myself and my husband that at times I feel I will
      not make it another day. Yet Somehow, even though exhausting, I am
      always seeking answers and feel there is one awaiting us. Something
      wonderful, something meaningful.
      Could all of this actually be true. Could we be indigo's? I am scared
      and confused and excited all at once. What does this mean for us? Do
      we have a mission to complete?
      Maybe there is some type of local seminars or classes or groups we
      can get involved in. Can you help?

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