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  • pudintang ask me again and ill tell you
    NEUROSCIENCE and THE SHAMELESS MASSES. Our Brains not us are the stars of the show. Everything we think we are is merely the construct of our brains and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2004

      Our Brains not us are the stars of the show. Everything we
      think we are is merely the construct of our brains and the
      information that it allows us to remember, recall, or forget.(All
      chemical reactions). This is evident when someone damages their
      brain Chemically with drugs, or by impact collision etc.; After, they
      can no longer behave the same, be who they once were, similar but not
      the same; much like when we become smarter by the absorption of life
      changing information that will not allow us to live as ignorantly as
      we once did, but in the case of injury a negative way.

      Neuroscience is a greatly neglected science, source of insight
      to the importance of brain development and growth hormones, which
      decide the sex, gender behavior, mental, physical development, our
      genetic strengths and weaknesses in regard to the many tasks we are
      looked upon to perform each day and learn(memorize) especially in
      education, where teachers, still ever faithful to their traditional
      false belief, think that they can educate what ever brain cell growth
      and development is missing from each individual, to understand and
      memorize skills and subjects they find interesting, all of which
      most in society never use, and wish they could have back the memory
      space they stole and use it on what they personally like or need to
      be more effective in their chosen careers that help build A stronger
      nation people that know how to balance professionalism with past time
      hobbies to not become depressed, or go postal in the face of
      excessive deadlines they are given by a demanding more than
      understanding world.

      Teachers want everyone to be the renaissance man, and would keep
      everyone in an educational prison compound if they could until such a
      person meet that requirement.
      The Renaissance man, the man born rich who has time to become a
      wealthy aristocrat, sit on a rock and ponder all of life's mysteries,
      while the rest who were not born wealthy, build the rich man's
      houses, cut the rich man's yard and so on, who also cannot afford to
      go to a rich man's college, but are held to the same standard; the
      world is filled with these kinds of double standards.
      Neuroscience should not just have a role to play in education,
      but in society as well.

      A well spread understanding of brain development could help
      people to be more thoughtful in the matters of education, jobs, and
      the everyday life of how humans maintain themselves, their society,
      andtheir planet, for which their could be no life without it.
      Shame, Guilt, Conscious is what to few have today; it requires
      knowledge of right and wrong, for better or for worse, for one's self
      and others. Yes, for to many, Ignorance is bliss, to live with out
      responsibility, to be thoughtless in our actions and let others clean
      it up, fix it. Ignorance has become a right too many abuse, it is as
      evident as a crooked picture on the wall; society can tolerate only so
      many ignorant people. I think we are well past the maximum limit, but
      see no end to how much longer the Government officials and the
      education systems of the world will allow it to continue as long as
      their families, in big houses, private schools and property are not
      greatly affected.

      The world is still at war, war of debate, war ofpeople; it is
      The Earth and the children, and the Unborn that always suffers the
      most in a world where grown adults still do not know how
      to behave. We were once the children, we were once the dreamers, we
      were once the ones who did not ask to be born into a world that was
      not ready to Love, Appreciate, give us joy and enlighten us to
      enlighten others born after us....

      Keep fighting the good fight.
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