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  • Karen Eck
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2004
      >From: Steve <sei_now@...>
      >Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 13:00:55 -0700 (PDT)
      >Subject: [indigo-children] WHY KATHARA?
      >Reply-To: indigo-children@yahoogroups.com
      >I copied this from another egroup because of how well it is written. I
      >could not have said it better myself. The website to learn more about
      >Kathara is www.azuritepress.com see the links at the bottom of the main page.
      >From: "Pam Bown"
      >Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 19:02:34 -0500
      >Subject: [CosmicClock] WHY KATHARA?
      >Hello Beloveds!
      >I would like to address the often asked question "Why Ka-Tha-Ra?". I have
      >had several people ask me "WHY KATHARA?" Hmmm....my immediate repsonse to
      >that is "WHY NOT KATHARA?"
      >Some of you may or may not know that I am "self-taught" when it comes to
      >Ka-Tha-Ra. I never had the opportunity to take a course on KH prior to an
      >A & A workshop or the pleasure of taking it directly from Ashayana. There
      >was no Ka-Tha-Ra Team teaching and offering the frequency/knowledge of
      >Ka-Tha-Ra Healing. I was on my own..so to speak. Of course, I had my own
      >team. ; ) The Indigo Family was small in number. There wasn't even an
      >egroup. Can you imagine?
      >Look how far we have come. Now, the Ka-Tha-Ra Team offers 1-day
      >certificate courses prior to A&A workshops giving ALL the opportunity to
      >build a strong foundation to move through the coming years with grace. Our
      >Indigo Family is growing in leaps and bounds and we now have an egroup
      >giving us all the opportunity to reach out to those of like mind.
      > WHY KATHARA? When I was able to mainfest attending Planetary Shield
      > Clinics...I was thrilled and they were totally awesome. Still, I felt
      > some pieces were missing. Let's face it. I couldn't make all the
      > workshops, which left gaps in my understanding and perceptions on the
      > nature of reality. WHY KATHARA? Because Ka-Tha-Ra filled in all the
      > missing pieces. Information/frequency that I had gathered from workshops
      > that I could/couldn't attend seemed like a huge jigsaw puzzle...with
      > pieces missing..nowhere to plug them in. Ka-Tha-Ra is those missing
      > puzzle pieces. Ka-Tha-Ra shows you HOW and WHY they fit where they do.
      > KH-1 offers the knowing of where you exist/fit within the grand design.
      > This is informaiton we need to know in order to understand our healing
      > process. "Healing emerges through restoring order to the ONE-SYSTEM and
      > it's infinite parts." KH-1 showed me what I always knew to be true...I
      > am indeed a multidimensional being. It also offered Light-Sound
      > technologies for me to
      > open the doorways to know my higher levels of Self. When I reflect upon
      > my path which began in earnest in 1996, I had no idea that I would be
      > part of an outreach effort for what I believe is the most
      > profound/empowering healing system on the planet. It is through the
      > applied knowledge of Ka-Tha-Ra that I am healing at very deep/multiple levels.
      >WHY KATHARA? In Phoenix we were told that Ka-Tha-Ra is the FOCUS until
      >2012 and beyond. Ka-Tha-Ra is how we heal our multidimensional levels of
      >Self. So, to really heal and to continue with the growing body of
      >information/healing that the successive levels of Ka-Tha-Ra Healing will
      >bring....we all need a strong foundation. Ka-Tha-Ra Healing Level-1 IS
      >that FOUNDATION. It is the information/frequency/knowing that all the
      >coming levels of Ka-Tha-Ra are built upon. KH-1 will activate apparthi
      >(energy receivers) in your fields that will assist/make easier the
      >integration process for K2, K3,K4,K5,K6,K7,K8,K9,K10,K11,K12....? This is
      >why the AP (Azurite Press) and the KT (Kathara Team) are offering classes
      >immediately before each workshop. It totally assists in the integration
      >process. The next opportunity is in Long Beach immediately before K3...I
      >believe. Can you think of a better way to prepare/review/strengthen
      >our/your ability to integrate the information coming in K3 or whichever
      > level the info comes from? :)
      >WHY KATHARA? I have been using KH-1 for quite a few years and I have not
      >seen a system that even comes close to the amount of
      >information/detail/frequency that KH provides.
      >WHY KATHARA? "Ka-Tha-Ra Healing holds the key to humanity reclaiming it's
      >Ancient Heritage of the Eternal Self and immortal At-One-Ment with Source."
      >WHY KATHARA? I use Ka-Tha-Ra in my daily life. I have made it part of my
      >living experience. When my children were in pain or woke up from a
      >nightmare....I always had my Maharic Seal up...I would re-inforce my
      >shield, run a little Doradic Current and embrace my child. They have
      >compared this current to a soft blanket. Of course, it was mixed with
      >Motherlove, which is pretty close to Omni-Love. Without KH, yes my
      >children would have still felt good being embraced by mommy, but they
      >would not have had the benefit of the higher dimensional triadic phase
      >currents to assist them to move through their fear or pain.
      >WHY KATHARA? KH taught me about the different postures of Love. Postures
      >of love you say? Yes...Postures of Love..ie: Soft Love, Toughlove, Self
      >Love (was the hardest one for me) & Omni-love. Here are a couple quotes
      >from the Ka-Tha-Ra Healing Level-1 Manual.
      >"Love others as you would love the Self, and love the Self as you would
      >like to love others."
      >"Through living in Omni-Love all moments are known as Sacred, all beings
      >are known as Blessed and life becomes an ecstatic study in Reverence for
      >These are but a couple gems from the KH manual.
      >WHY KATHARA? When you attend a KH class, the instructor emobdies the
      >knowing-cognition of the information being presented. This knowing is in
      >the instructor's field and is radiated out to all who have the apparthi
      >(energy receivers) to receive. You can attend a class and sleep the whole
      >time... and if you have the apparthi turned on in your fields that
      >resonates to that info...you will receive. BTW...I am NOT suggesting you
      >sleep through a KH class. :) Your mental body is a very important part of
      >the integration process. You also have the support in your integration
      >process of the "group shield." The group shield can carry you ..so to
      >speak...when it comes to going through technique. Lets say...you drop off
      >during a technique. It just means that for whatever reason (that is
      >personal to you) your fields cannot hold that frequency. The group shield
      >gives your fields a boost to assist in holding the frequency necessary for
      >you to move through the techique/meditation.
      >I could give so many more reasons, but I think you get the jist. Please
      >feel free to share how you feel about Ka-Tha-Ra Healing. In case you
      >haven't guessed by now
      >I LOVE IT!
      >Love to ALL
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