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[Planet_Alert] May 2004 Issue from Mahala

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  • Karen Eck
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2004
      >Thanks to Nelson for forwarding this.
      >Subject: [Planet_Alert] May 2004 Issue from Mahala
      >Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 14:27:17 -0700
      >The culmination of this year's Wesak festival is May 4, 2004. It's
      >graduation time! You may or may not notice any difference in your life right
      >away although you will as time goes on if you have released all of your fear
      >issues. If love now rules your life, you will become happy, healthy, full of
      >life energy and you will be able to manifest abundance very easily. Love is
      >letting go of fear.
      >There are three large comets in our sky right now. This is very unusual.
      >Comets portray important events. This Wesak festival has been very
      >important. I hear a doorway to the sixth dimension opened on April 27, and
      >in the Pacific Northwest it opened with a tremendous wind storm.
      >The number six rules the energy of love and we are in a six year. The Christ
      >energy is six-sided like a crystal. A crystal is the Christ energy in a
      >solid form. Our bodies are changing from being carbon-based to crystal-
      >based. The children who are being born now are called the Crystal children.
      >The Indigos came in first to break down the paradigm and to bring in
      >information. The crystals are here to set up a new system based on love.
      >June is the sixth month of the year. The Venus Sun eclipse on June 8, 2004
      >will open the door to ascension, which will stay open until June 6, 2012.
      >This is a period of eight years. Everyone vibrates at their own frequency,
      >and when that frequency reaches a certain level, they automatically ascend
      >into a higher vibration. Ascension is not a one-day manifestation. We have
      >been working on it for several years by cleansing our body, mind, and
      >We have now reached the division point of no return. The light will get
      >brighter, and the dark will get darker. The time line is splitting. There
      >will be one world of war and violence and another one of peace and joy. The
      >world of war and violence will be under a One World government that will be
      >out in the open. It's in effect now, although it is behind the scenes and
      >not everyone is aware of what is going on.
      >We have moved through the energy of Mars opposing Pluto. You can see what
      >happened in the Middle East as we were moving through that energy. There was
      >much violence in that area. This violence will continue because of the
      >energy from the May 4 eclipse that is over the Middle East. Korea was also
      >under the energy of the Mars/Pluto opposition, and the energy of Neptune.
      >Neptune rules gas, and North Korea had a tremendous gas explosion on one of
      >their trains that killed hundreds.
      >The May 4 eclipse finds the Sun making a ninety degree angle to Neptune.
      >This planet rules drugs, gas, oil, ships, fish, and the ocean. On the lower
      >level it is the planet of delusion or deception. Remember, we are in the
      >Chinese year of the Monkey, or the trickster. On the positive level it rules
      >feminine love energy.
      >The energy from this eclipse will be felt on the West Coast of the United
      >States, the Middle East, and the SE Asian countries like Korea. The Middle
      >East will feel it very strongly. There will be more violence and blood-shed
      >in Iraq, Israel, and the surrounding countries. The SE Asian countries will
      >feel the effects of Neptune. Be aware of what happens there.
      >Venus will be opposing Pluto at the time of this eclipse and will be
      >retrograde shortly after that. When a planet is retrograde, it seems to have
      >more power then when it is direct, which means the Venus energy will be at
      >its strongest point when Venus eclipses the Sun on June 8. This means that
      >the Sun will absorb the energy of Venus and then send that energy to Earth.
      >Venus is considered the planet of love or the Woman Goddess. This energy
      >should be very good for feminine issues.
      >Mars will move into the sign of Cancer shortly after the May 4 eclipse. It
      >will be moving into a conjunction with the planet Saturn. We will feel this
      >stressful energy very strongly until it reaches its exact conjunction on May
      >23. On that day Mars and Saturn will be conjunct right over Washington, D.C.
      >Mars is the war planet and Saturn rules control. Watch for big time control
      >issues to surface at that time.
      >This conjunction will be on top of George Bush's Sun, and the Sun of the
      >United States chart. This is a very awesome aspect. Saturn is the planet of
      >karma and this means that Bush's karma, and the United States' karma will
      >come home to roost. President Bush is in a very stressful period right now
      >and this will continue until fall. Anything could transpire with this
      >energy, and that is why I am not making any presidential predictions until
      >that energy is over.
      >We are living in very interesting times. Who knows what will happen next? In
      >the meantime, start manifesting your glorious light body, and live in a
      >world of peace and love.
      >I send you my blessings!
      >I can be reached at <mailto:Mahala2@...>Mahala2@...

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