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almonds,b17 /ultraviolet light spiritual healing

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  • Karen Eck
    http://www.miraculewater.com turn your tap water into some of the best water on the face of the earth http://miraculewater.com/feedback.htm what people are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2003
      http://www.miraculewater.com turn your tap water into some of the best
      water on the face of the earth
      http://miraculewater.com/feedback.htm what people are saying about Miracule
      Water processors.
      The information below is from the raw food list, but first a few comments.
      (Pressed for time? scroll down to [***] for a list of foods with high b17
      This Raw Food list pretty much talks about being total vegetarian, and 80
      or more percent raw.
      When you look at healthy native cultures many of them have 60, 80 or even
      100% of their diet from fat/protein rich animal sources,
      the rest of it coming straight from the plant world, not a box or a can.
      They especially seek out extra fatty foods for couples long BEFORE becoming
      pregnant, during pregnancy, lactation, and childhood. The nervous system is
      primarily composed of fat. I believe low fat diets are a real tragedy for
      our modern culture.
      The problem with our health is SUGAR, refined grains, most breakfast
      cereals, too much starch and the WRONG kinds of fat.
      Not a single native culture has been found to be 100% vegan.
      I believe most humans need RAW protein and fat from animal sources.
      RAW butter, cheeses, milk, cream, (way less allergies when raw)
      NOT pasteurized, not ultra pasteurized, not homogenized. Natural. Raw. With
      If its too hot to hold your hand on it, the enzymes are all destroyed and
      then you rapidly deplete your
      body's finite metabolic enzyme store. Every function in your body is run by
      Eggs -- raw, see http://www.mercola.com on how to avoid salmonella, its easy.
      And even raw meats with the fat.
      Mankind has long nourished himself with raw and cooked foods, such a rich
      bone broths,
      that provide the gelatin for healthy ligaments and tendons, but only raw
      foods provide enzymes.

      Well, that vegan/omnivore/perfect diet/metabolic type diet argument could
      go on and on forever.
      Some do OK as total raw vegan, fruitarian, or even breatharian, each person
      must listen to their body.
      I just want you to know I believe raw animal fats are important for most
      people, ESPECIALLY during child-bearing years, and for growing children,
      and yes, let's eat lots of raw plant foods.

      Now that I have established my views on raw vegan,
      lets get on with the subject of Vitamin B17 also known as laetrile, which
      comes from plant foods such as apricot pits -- laetrile therapy for cancer
      was banned in the USA. What a shame our regulators are so stupid and bought
      off by the pharma-industrial cartel. Since they care about blackmail,
      bribes, and money more than they do about your health, its up to you to
      learn how to take care of your health and that of your loved ones. It is up
      to you to bring this information to your doctor and insist they consider it
      or you will find a new doctor. It is time for self-responsibility.

      Here's how to prevent cancer -- and even reverse it. Scroll down to [***]
      for the list of foods.

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      >Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 19:51:32 -0000
      >Subject: [Raw Food] info to share -almonds,b17 /ultraviolet light
      >spiritual healing
      >Helpful cancer information on prevention and alleviation
      >You may have noticed the enormous lengths with which people will go
      >to acquire material wealth, many at last are realising that to have
      >real wealth is to have good health as just about anyone who has
      >suffered anything serious will tell you. For of what good is it if
      >you own the world without the health to enjoy it.
      >Following the principles outlined in the Orion project will lead you
      >to real wealth=health.
      >For research purposes only
      >I would like to share with you some information, which has been
      >useful on the subject of cancer, this information is derived from the
      >Edgar cayce research readings and other reputable sources and from
      >using it at the Edgar cayce clinic, from numerous reports from people
      >who have tried this and from the thousands of Doctors who have been
      >using this kind of information with considerable success for over 43
      >For research purposes only from the Orion project which is set up in
      >a very unique way in that the Orion project is an information sharing
      >resource funded privately, which sells nothing and is there for the
      >sharing of information which is of huge value. This is totally
      >different from being prescribed just drugs where there are huge
      >profits to be made often at the expense of the patients well being
      >even sometimes misery.
      >Subject cancer
      >There is a lot which can be done to ward off cancer and there areas
      >in the world where cancer does not exist , this is to be kept firmly
      >in mind .
      >According to the Edgar cayce research information anti-tumour action
      >was known empirically for many years, but in the last thirty five
      >years has been scientifically proven, primarily through the clinical
      >studies directed by well respected metabolic physicians around the
      >world. Among them are Dr. Ernesto Contreras Rodriguez, of the Oasis
      >of Hope Hospital (Formerly Centro Medico y Hospital Del Mar at Playas
      >de Tijuana, B.C.N. Mexico); Dr. Harold Manner of the Manner Clinic in
      >Playas de Tijuana, Mexico; etc
      >Quite clearly stated is that anyone who eats 4-or so almonds a day
      >need never fear cancer this was stated many years ago. What is it in
      >almonds, which has this ability?
      >Well vitamin B17 is within almonds ,and apparently is within the diet
      >of those people in the world where there is no cancer. Typically our
      >western diet does not have much b17 at all within it . According to
      >Dr. Krebs, we need a minimum of 100 mg of vitamin B-17 (the
      >equivalent of about seven apricots seeds) too nearly guarantee a
      >cancer free life. Foods that contain vitamin B-17 are particularly
      >within apricot kernals


      >KERNELS OR SEEDS OF FRUIT: The highest concentration of vitamin B-17
      >to be found in nature, aside from bitter almonds. Apple, apricot,
      >cherry, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, prune. BEANS: broad (Vicia
      >faba), burma, NUTS: Bitter almond, macadamia, cashew. BERRIES: Almost
      >all wild berries. Blackberry, chokeberry, Christmas berry, cranberry,
      >elderberry, raspberry, strawberry. SEEDS: Chia, flax, sesame.
      >GRAINS: oat groats, barley, brown rice, buckwheat groats, chia, flax,
      >millet, rye, vetch, wheat berries.
      >bamboo shoots, It has been clearly stated that anyone having cancer
      >will also benefit hugely from taking B17 though the dose needs to be
      >higher. Have a listen to the audio at this web
      >more info on
      >B17, the drug companies do not want you to have this information
      >because it will affect their profits . Of course Mental constructive
      >purposeful attitudes are to be cultivated in all that are sick and
      >injured. Your Mind can either build you or sleigh you.
      >As you can imagine a good diet is essential in maintaining good
      >health, emphasis was on fresh vegetables often eaten raw or grated to
      >gain the maximum amount of goodness into you and fruits whole grains
      >and light proteins.
      >The application of animated ash and the ultraviolet light has also
      >been shown to of great value. Preferably use the quartz light of the
      >mercury quartz light .The light taken after the ash will cause the
      >ash to clarify through the releasing of oxygen in the blood stream by
      >being centered on the portion of the lungs affected and the adjacent
      >tissues. See the cancer section on the web site
      >Another avenue to dig into is the work of noted scientist Dr Raymond
      >Rife ,just type in the words Raymond rife in your search engine .
      >Also as ever Spiritual healing has been shown to be of huge and
      >extreme benefit in many illnesses, as millions have testified,this
      >can also help those who are just about to pass to the other side of
      >Further information on cancer and other ailments and therapies will
      >be found at my web site.
      >I do not sell anything – for the cynics amongst you, or you can e
      >mail me on pho@... for further information on other ailments
      >dealt with by cayce research which I believe total over 350 from
      >stuttering to Parkinson's.those who would like to go on our healing
      >list free just e mail me Feel free to copy and share this

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