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Meeting the Holographic Child

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  • Karen Eck
    From: Aurora Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 23:14:35 -0700 Subject: [TerranCouncil] Meeting the Holographic Child Reply-To: TerranCouncil@yahoogroups.com Meeting the
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      From: "Aurora"
      Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 23:14:35 -0700
      Subject: [TerranCouncil] Meeting the Holographic Child
      Reply-To: TerranCouncil@yahoogroups.com

      Meeting the Holographic Child
      Salandra through Carmen Dorsey

      The New millenium has shown us many differences between the young people of
      today and older people of a past generation. These differences have created
      confusion and difficulty in relationships between parents and children,
      older and younger co-workers, teachers and students and so on. Where can we
      begin to heal a division that never existed on the planet before? Our young
      people are dealing with very real issues of violence and rage, drug
      addiction, suicidal tendencies and depression. Most institutions have not
      been able to help. We watch explosive outbursts of rage in our families and
      schools. We worry about safe environments for our children and wonder if
      there is a solution. Many are beginning to learn how to nurture our
      children in a new way that will not only help the Earth and its citizens
      evolve, but also promote a safe and spiritual atmosphere where children of
      the twenty-first century will flourish.

      Our children process information in a different manner than most adults
      have in the past. We who have been programmed to be linear thinkers have
      always solved problems in a linear progression. When young people are faced
      with a problem, they experience their thoughts simaltaneously. Information
      from many dimensions enters their minds rapidly and all at once.

      Why is this observation necessary in understanding ways to improve our
      relationships with the children of today and the future? Our awareness and
      acceptance of how children process information is not only helpful and
      soothing to our young people, it can at times mean the difference between
      life and death.

      Let us study six facets of a brand-new species that has come to the planet.
      With our hearts and minds open to these children, we will find many
      strategies for improving our educational systems, medical systems and
      personal family relationships. As we become aware of what our children have
      come here to teach us, we will be able to unravel the mystery of ascension
      by following their example. This will lead us to safer, more loving and
      enriching environments and enlightenment for all.


      1. Easy Travel across the Veil:
      One of the most exciting capabilities the new human being is bringing to
      Mother Earth is multidimensionality. For the new child, movement through
      each dimension is natural and easy. The child might have "imaginary"
      friends who are true companions, relationships with family members who have
      passed on, angels of many different dimensions or star structures who are
      guiding and relating to the child.

      There is a negative aspect to this ability. If the child gets depressed and
      frustrated, the desire to cross the veil can turn into a very strong,
      seductive force that can lure the child across ... to a place where many
      souls who have passed on reside. This might become a comfortable place for
      the child to dwell. The child might find it easier to live among the
      nonliving that to deal with the loneliness of being grounded in the body.
      In this comfort, the child might choose to leave this life rather than stay
      and complete his or her purpose - sort of already being on that side and
      taking the last step by simply cutting off his or her oxygen.

      Children who indulge in self-mutilation are usually staying on that side
      and cut themselves as they say it helps them feel alive. This act of
      cutting oneself helps them release some of their pain. Most children know
      very well where they are abiding but do not see another way to cope.

      Hope is the solution to this condition. For those working with depressed
      children, a simple exercise that teachres the child to look up with the
      eyes can be very helpful. This is not a metaphor for being hopeful -
      focusing the eyes in an upward glance is actually a true physical strategy.
      This effort results in a pulling off the life force more toward the Earth
      plane, providing stronger feelings of hope and optimism.

      There are many healers who already share this knowledge and could be
      working with young people suffering from depression. The fear of appearing
      eccentric or even irresponsible in seeking alternative therapies to help
      their children keeps parents from seeking answers to their children's
      problems other than in traditional settings. Fear stops parents, educators
      and the media from embracing spiritual and New Age philosophies for
      healing. How sad!

      Unfortunately, the adult population's lack of understanding of the problem
      can lead to a lack of hope in children who are already depressed.
      Consequently, this lack of hope increases the seduction to the other side
      as a healthy fear of death is replaced with apathy. The child or teen no
      longer cares about staying on this side of the veil. As mentioned earlier,
      symptoms such as self-mutilation or suicidal attempts can occur as a way of
      feeling alive or calling out to someone.

      Learning to help children feel alive and enthusiastic for life is the
      difficult task of the parent, counselor or teacher. But when children learn
      healthy ways of feeling enthusiasm for being on the Earth, they can begin
      to trust beings on the Earth plane and find his or her own purpose for
      being here. As human beings continue to evolve spiritually, it is hoped
      that many will understand this wonderful gift of easy accesss afforded to
      the new human being and will be able to serve as guides for our children
      through this challenging ability.

      2. Rage vs. Empowerment:
      A common symptom of discomfort in the new child is a physical rage that
      lies just beneath the surface of his or her manifested personality.
      Medications seem to be the partial answer to this problem. For many
      children, the ability to be less in pain and more in control is as welcome
      to the child as to the adults who are around the child. As the relief of
      symptoms is provided for, children can then go on to work with the causes
      of such aggression...hopefully then giving up the need for medication.
      An understanding of rage is essential for the healing process, both for
      Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Children sometimes react and sometimes
      attack for a reason. These verbal and sometimes physical attacks create a
      difficult atmosphere for adults responsible for their own children's or
      society's children as a whole. How many adults are willing to endure the
      cutting open of their souls by the young so that the negative ways of
      thinking that stifle the adults own growth can surface? If we agree that
      the child must live in a holographic manner in order to exist, we can see
      that any threat to this existence will be met with rebellion and even
      violence. Most rage is an emotional reaction to the person in authority who
      is trying to force a linear model of behaviour on the child. And the more
      abusive and repressive the force, the more rage that will be encountered.
      There is an excessive drainage of the child's power when he or she is
      manipulated into submission. The adult's lack of communication usually
      manifests as a wall of emotional blocks. The adult person whp puts up these
      blocks does so becuase of judgement and fear of the child's rage. The child
      loses power as the adult tries to manipulate the child into behaving in a
      way more acceptable to the old style of relationships. Changing our
      behaviour pattern to one that totally respects our children's knowledge and
      power comes from the depths of reason, yet it is so difficult for us to
      transmute that reason into bodily understanding.

      Of course, discipline is necessary for human beings to survive. How can
      this be accomplished if children will have none of it? The answer is so
      simple. Children welcome discipline when accompanied by humility and
      respect and actually provides much-needed direction to our young. The child
      is not seeking an escape from responsibility, the child simply will not be
      forced into submission, for he or she knows on some level that blind
      submission does not meet the needs of our society and certainly is in
      direct conflict with the ascension process.

      There are new facilities developing throughout the world that honor the
      vital need for respect that our young models of ascension require. Family
      paradigms are changing to ones that endorse treatment of all members of the
      family with equal respect. Linear measuremets of age or financial power are
      being replaced with the knowledge that all members of the family are equal
      and have something important to contribute.

      Using mild approaches of peaceful acceptance and abandoning enforcement of
      rigid rules of conduct can help change the rage into empowerment, which the
      child can use to co-create a life filled with meaning and purpose. Those
      healers and parents working with our new children will actually share in
      this power and find healing for themselves.

      3. Psychic Ability:
      Most young people can discern the honesty and character of other people.
      This ability comes from the fact that the new children function as a group
      rather than as individuals. They are coming in as group souls. This is an
      amazing observation, for it would certainly seem otherwise. But careful
      examination of the dynamics of relationships among this generation reveals
      that most children can tell innately if someone is working in their best
      interests. When a child expresses intuition, adults can honor and respect
      that true gift. Encouraging the child to trust his or her intuition is
      powerful; it puts that child in touch with his or her spiritual guides.

      Our young people can watch as we manipulate, lecture and predict doom and
      laugh to themselves for they know better. Adults in spiritual relation with
      the younger generation can affirm that an interactive sharing of feelings
      coupled with an honest approach is the only sharing that will be accepted
      by our children. Many of us fear this, for we see it as making us
      vulnerable, opening us to our own shortcomings. Nothing could be further
      from the truth.

      Trust is one of the greatest gifts that young people are willing to bestow
      on the brave. And in being trusted for our integrity, we shall be brought
      closer to that dimension of ourselves that we deem holy.

      4. Approaching Tasks in a Nonlinear Fashion:
      The holographic child has come to the Earth plane in order to change the
      structure of all our systems. A study of chakra healing reveals that the
      child's sense of wellbeing radiates at the Earth and sacral (first and
      second) chakras. These two energy centers deal primarily with the physical
      world. This child will exhibit symptoms of impatience aand hostility if
      forced to listen to detailed instruction and long tedious explanations- the
      reason being that those two chakras are being forced to close by the
      instructor. What is thought of as rebellion is simply a reaction to the
      threat of losing their energy due to the instructor's lack of understanding
      in teaching the new child.

      It is important to note that this talent for mechanical and physical
      manipulation of the material plane is to a much more expanded degree than
      that of fifty years ago. What is different about this generation is that
      these young persons actually carry blueprints for technological advancement
      and societal changes in their energy body - again, not just a knack for
      mechanics or a preference for hands-on activity. This gift is built into
      the child's systems, enabling him or her to build new structures while
      being pulsed from a sixth-dimensional geometry right through their hands.
      Technology will expand exponentially as our children become adults.

      Most of the design and technological abilities of the younger population
      can cause them to be very intolerant of slow, methodical procedures. They
      absolutely refuse help or instruction, especially if it is written. Such
      frustration can arise in a parent or teacher who cannot get very
      intelligetn children to work with paper or pencil, unless in a solely
      creative venture. Reduction of anger and frustration can be achieved
      directly as these young people show us the way to a world that eliminates
      the need for excess paperwork and inefficient means of communication.

      5. Karma vs. Ascension:
      Many healers have written about the Earth's aascension to a higher
      vibration. The holographic child has come to assist in this transition.
      Those who are here have shown love for the earth and for humankind in
      general. What is missing is a simple processing of negative karma with
      other people. An absence of this kind of processing seems to the observer
      to be a lack of commitment to others, but being beyond the earthly
      dimensions (as the new children are) requires a different energy and
      purpose. The child resists the imposition of of anyone else's prescription
      for proper behaviour. The new child is not here to improve his or her
      individual relationships, but to improve the functioning of the human being
      at this new energy level. Love is already at the soul of the purpose, so it
      does not need to be dealt with as an individual issue. The person working
      with the child has a greater responsibility, and that is to learn about the
      relationship of the child with his or her own spiritual world and higher self.

      Most highly evolved and spiritually minded human beings have already
      learned the need for love. What we all need to learn now is to function as
      a group. This is a very different behaviour, for there will be no
      completion of task and no true healing if a person still continues to
      function in isolation. This is not poetic theory. Today's lessons involve
      learning practical methods for serving in the new energy. Everything will
      be a group effort. There will be no heroes.

      Many of us are appalled at the lack of respect that young ones have for
      authority. Yet there exists not a lack of respect for adults, but a
      different interpretation, for children actually do not see anyone as being
      in authority - they view human beings as functioning together as one. We
      are like as group of people learning to function while chained together. No
      one can work on his or her own for very long if the group is going to
      discover new strategies for survival.

      This behaviour may seem bizarre to the adult, but parents and helpers can
      obtain practical information from the child. By being in touch with the
      child's spiritual dimension the healer will become more of a learner than a
      teacher. Spirit guides will speak to the healer with prescriptions for
      healthy new behaviours. How wonderful it will be when the parents of the
      child can do the same! Parents will be able to walk their children back
      from such tragic errors in judgement as drug addiction, violence and so on,
      as they learn spiritual truth and obtain spiritual direction from the
      child's guides.

      6. Attention Deficit Disorder or Multidimensional?
      Watch televison tonight as a short experiment. Sound funny? Not really!
      Many new programs for the young use short takes; they cut from new scene to
      new scene and back, to new scene and back, to new scene. This is a
      wonderful manifestation of how the child moves through reality. Children
      whose thoughts move at this rate are usually diagnosed with attention
      deficit disorder when observed through a third-dimensional viewpoint. But
      in reality, the child is ony accessing other dimensions. This can be done
      by quantum impulses.To stay on the Earth plane and proceed from one step to
      another is not viable for our youth. To survive energetically as much
      larger beings, children must be privy to all dimensions so that they will
      fulfill their purpose. Remember, we have been told ascension means that the
      human being will not be getting as much energetic help from other
      dimensions, especially in the natural world. The ascended human will be
      much more self-sufficient and responsible for becoming much more
      independent energetically. Many people complain of fatigue and weakness
      becuase they have not yet learned how to supply their own energy. Our
      children will show us how to do this.

      How can we help children diagnosed with attention deficit? We must learn to
      move at their rhythym. There is a new rhythym being introduced to the Earth
      plane by sixth-dimensional builders. It will be very evident eventually,
      that most children with this diagnosis are a newly evolved species coming
      to change the sound and rhythym of the planet. These children feel pain if
      they move too slowly through their thoughts. As we learn their new
      rhythym,their pain and our fatigue will disappear. As we learn from and
      accept the new child, we will heal and the Earth will ascend.

      Finding solutions to the problems inherent in our society's relationship to
      its children can be facilitated by the human being's expanded consciousness
      of the previously mentioned facets of the holographic child. Discussions
      such as this one help us to access practical strategies that will improve
      our relationship with our younger generations. Listening to our children
      without judgement is the first step toward this new consciousness.

      This article first appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emeregence, August
      2001 edition.
      The author can be reached at Cdorsey3@....

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