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Fwd: [ECETI News] Disinformation and Control

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  • Karen Eck
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2003
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      >From: "James Gilliland" <tech@...>
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      >Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 00:43:52 -0800
      >Subject: [ECETI News] Disinformation and Control
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      >I had heard about the disinformation and control of information within the
      >UFO community, but never did I realize the depth and scope of the situation.
      >I had written much of it off as conspiracy and thought I would just take
      >things a day at a time letting the truth reveal itself as I delved deeper
      >into the subject. My conclusions as of today would shock most of society
      >which has been kept in the dark for eons.
      > One conclusions is that many of those attacking the government and drawing
      >a lot of attention to themselves may have another agenda. How better to gain
      >the trust of the people, let them reveal what they know then collect the
      >information for some alphabet agency. Smoke out all those who know, have
      >earth friendly technologies and wish to come forward under a false sense of
      >protection. The other trick I have noticed is the keep them looking back in
      >the past, that way they will not be looking at what we are doing now. One of
      >the best techniques is to keep it dark, fearful and the suspense going. The
      >fact of the matter is negative senarios are a perfect distraction to a very
      >benevolent senarios that far outweigh the negative.
      > Movies like Contact and Cocoon as well as ET did show a more benevolent
      >side to the UFO senario and were much more accurate concerning the majority
      >of the contacts. Now with the Crop circle warnings, we are coming to conquer
      >and eat you movies, and the other pure nonsense people are being programmed
      >with fear. Fear is exactly what is needed to control and is a detriment to
      >contact with spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors as
      >well as spiritual evolution. Did you know those in the business of
      >disinformation and cover-up sponsor these movies? That is why I have not
      >done a movie as of yet. I refused to let them butcher it with fear and
      >misinformation. The truth is more outrageous than fiction and to tell the
      >truth you need honest people in the industry which also want to tell the
      >truth. Try finding that in Hollywood.
      >Did you know we went to Mars in the 70's and go back and forth to the Moon
      >and Mars on a regular basis and it does not cost us anything to do it? Did
      >you ever wonder where all those crashed UFOs went? The Nazi saucers and the
      >scientists that built them (Operation Paperclip) we grabbed out of Germany
      >after World War II?
      >Where was the trillions of dollars dedicated to black projects and the back
      >engineering was spent and on what? Did you ever wonder why we are sending
      >astronauts up on firecrackers as a front to make it look as though we have
      >no other technology? Why do we let them fall like a rock at deadly speeds
      >hoping the tiles stay on when we have technology that will shield and allow
      >them to decend and asend into space at whatever speed they desire?
      >Know why we never went back to the Moon?
      >It is because we are already there and have been there even before the first
      >public landing.
      >Ever wonder why SETI can't find a UFO when there are millions of sightings
      >around the world? Ever wonder why they can say we are a public agency then
      >tell the people if UFOs were coming to Earth our spy satellites would have
      >seen them? How does a public agency have access to the top secret spy
      >satellites? Common people use a little logic. It is all about controlling
      >the mass consciousness, look at the left hand waving in front of you but
      >ignore what the right hand is doing. Don't look behind the curtain.
      >There is a part of me that wished I never looked behind the curtain. What is
      >behind it is so disgusting most could not handle it. Those behind the
      >control and disinformation are responsible for the retardation of human
      >evolution not to mention the lost lives of many and the destruction of the
      >very platform for life that sustains their very own empires. Does a wise
      >king despoil his kingdom? Does a wise man think he is beyond the enevitable
      >reaction of Karma? Can a civilization built upon deception of its own people
      >sustain itself?
      >We have the cure for most disease. We have the fueless countergravity
      >machines to provide our energy and transportation needs and clean up the
      >environment. We have the keys to Utopia. The only problem is the key ring is
      >very small and only a few control the keys with a clinched fist at the
      >expense of Humanity and the Earth.
      >They are behind the curtain, the right hand orchestrating the play, the
      >illusion the left hand is bringing you. It is time to look behind the
      >curtain and rewrite the script. The ultimate playwriter has a few surprises
      >which just may change the ending. It is a force and power no man can stop.
      >Another destiny other than the one those who have kept you in darkness have
      >What these individuals have not accounted for is their very existance, the
      >consciousness and energy that brought them into being, the very source that
      >sustains them is watching. It always has been, their very own souls are
      >taking notes and the alter ego and intelect they hold so dearly is going to
      >be swept away by a force they have not contemplated.
      >They feel it coming, something on the horizon. Something beyond their
      >ability to control or understand. It has to do with a greater plan.
      >You see, there is another curtain behind them and they are in even more
      >darkness than those they have kept in darkness.
      >The curtain is falling.
      >Be well,
      >James Gilliland
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