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The Jane Goodall Institute's mission statement

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  • Hathaway, Todd LTJG
    Mission Statement: The Jane Goodall Institute s mission is to empower individuals to foster relationships with people, animals, and the environment that
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      Mission Statement:
      "The Jane Goodall Institute's mission is to empower individuals to
      foster relationships with people, animals, and the environment that
      sustain the natural resource base and enable all life to prosper."

      Interviewer: You have recently shifted your emphasis in your talks.
      What primary message are you sending to young people?

      Jane: Actually, the chimps are still the heart of it. That's how the
      whole Roots & Shoots program began.
      The chimps teach us that there is no sharp line dividing human from
      nonhuman. Our expanding
      knowledge of the true nature of chimpanzees has shown that line as
      very fuzzy and this means that
      we have a new respect for all nonhumans. Kids are realizing it's not
      only humans who know
      emotions and are capable of rational thought.

      This knowledge leads us into some ethical problems, actually, with
      other nonhumans, and then this
      leads into a whole concern for the way that we humans are arrogantly
      spoiling the natural world,
      causing deserts and pollution. We also have to be concerned with the
      cruelty, violence, and warfare.

      Basically the message of Roots & Shoots to young people is that there
      is hope for the future. We do
      have terrible problems and we can solve those problems only if, as
      individuals, we are prepared to
      help and place a value on each person as an individual.
      [Tulsa Zoo Newsletter, 1996]"

      The Jane Goodall Institute began a program called Roots and Shoots
      which "is an international environmental and humanitarian program for
      young people....[which teaches them to]...become more aware of their
      actions, learn how to improve their communities, and foster respect
      for all living creatures."

      Our students at Heartlight schools could become Roots and Shoots
      members if we so desire by doing projects each year that, "show
      concern for 1)animals 2)the environment, and 3)their community."

      Let's keep this in mind when beginning our schools; that we can use
      organizations such as this one to empower us to create the grandest
      version of who we are.

      Phone Number: 1-800-592-JANE

      The Jane Goodall Institute
      P.O. Box 14890
      Silver Spring, MD 20911-4890

      URL: http://biosci.cbs.umn.edu/chimp/center.htm
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