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Water-Salt CURE/Asthma, Allergies, Lupus, Pain, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Heartburn, Angina, Colitis, Diabetes, MS, on and on and on

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  • Karen Eck
    The water/sea salt cure recipe -- for tons of diseases which are simply dehydration scroll down to [************READ THIS *********] Work with your doctor in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2003
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      The water/sea salt cure recipe -- for tons of "diseases" which are simply
      scroll down to [************READ THIS *********]
      Work with your doctor in going off any medication. If your doctor is not
      open to the water cure --
      find a new doctor. Look for an "alternative" practitioner. If possible --
      re-educate YOUR doctor for the benefit of his other patients.
      Buy him a book and insist he read it -- tell everyone in his office to read
      books like
      ABC of Asthma Alleries & Lupus

      Water Cure Miracles

      Click on this link to buy this book or any other item and help support this
      information ministry
      ABC of Asthma Alleries & Lupus
      LOOK! at the list of related books!
      LOOK! at the reviews after clicking on the title of the book and read
      sample pages of the book.

      Asthma and allergies
      2000 edition of book featured on this webpage
      Pg 5-6
      Jeremy Christopher was eight years old when I first heard about his asthma
      problem in 1995. He is the son of Dr. Cheryl Brown-Christopher, a medical
      doctor. Jeremy had suffered from severe allergies and asthma for three to
      four years. By the end of March 1995, he had developed extreme discomfort
      from a severely congested upper respiratory tract. He was constantly
      coughing as a complication of his asthma, and he had severe shortness of
      breath. He was on two different medications (Benadryl and Albuterol inhaler
      -- Figure 9), which caused drowsiness. They made him uncommunicative and
      withdrawn from group activity in class. As a result, his school grades
      were poor.

      [************READ THIS *********]
      Dr. Brown-Christopher obtained the book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water,
      and, after reading its chapter on allergies and asthma, she contacted me to
      discuss her son's problem. We came to the conclusion that Jeremy should
      stop the intake of all manufactured beverages and substitute them with
      about six to eight cups of plain water a day. He should drink two cups of
      water [one half hour] before each meal and before exercise. He should also
      consume on half teaspoon of [sea] salt a day [just put it on food or take a
      lick to offset its loss in the increased urine produced by the added 10
      full cups of water. This is a rough ratio of water and salt intake per day
      -- a half teaspoon of salt for every 10 cups of water. Salt intake is
      critical for asthma prevention.

      The result in Dr. Brown-Christopher's own works: " Within three to fourr
      days he showed dramatic improvement; he no longer had severe and excessive
      mucus production, his coughing had virtually stopped, and his sneezing and
      other allergy symptoms were totally gone . . . Therefore we discontinued
      his Benadryl and Albuterol and continued his hydration ... Not only have
      his symptoms cleared subjectively, but in terms of objective finding, his
      peak flow volumes have been with normal range (this means the lungs are
      aerated normally ).... His constant medicatgion-induced drowsiness has
      disappeared and as a result he is more alert, and his school grades have
      improved." Jer

      The interview begins at
      Here is little bit of it. Formatting a bit haywire -- oh, well. It goes on
      for several short pages.

      Oh, my gosh. This is such a simple answer. How did you discover that water
      was the answer, the universal solution?

      I discovered it in a peculiar situation. One late night I was called to see
      someone who was doubled up in agony of peptic ulcer disease. He had no
      medication and wanted some from me. I didnt have any so I just gave him two
      glasses of water and within three minutes his pain diminished and within
      eight minutes it disappeared completely.

      Just from two glasses of water?

      Yes. Thats all it takes, two or three glasses of water will remove any
      severe pain.

      Should it be warm water?

      No, ordinary tap water will do. Any water will do. What I gave him was a
      little more than one pint of water. I virtually gave him two glasses of water.

      Youre supposed to drink, what is it, half your weight?

      There is a formula, but basically you need about two quarts of water as a
      minimum because you produce about a quart and a half of urine a day under
      ideal circumstances when youre getting rid of your toxic waste. Youre
      losing about a quart of water in breathing. Every time you breathe out you
      lose water. You know the winter steam in front of your nose?


      Thats water thats leaving your body every time you breathe out. When you
      have wet clothing and you hang them out to dry, if there is wind they dry
      very quickly. Now imagine the lung tissue being confronted with the wind of
      breathing in and out. It dries up very quickly unless there is water from
      the base to replace that water. Under these circumstances, if you dont
      drink enough water, the lung is going to become dry. The tiny membranes
      that normally pick up oxygen and give up carbon dioxide, very delicate
      membranes, would quickly become brittle unless water gets to them. The only
      alternative is to shut down the breathing process so that the lung tissue
      doesnt dry up. This process of shutting down the breathing process they
      call asthma.

      Now, give an asthmatic water and let it circulate and reach the lungs from
      its circulation and you can try to dry it as much as you want, but it wont
      get dry because youre constantly replacing the water. That is why water is
      the best asthma medication there is.

      Weve heard people throughout the years have all kinds of homeopathic cures,
      but no one ever said water was the answer.

      Im a research scientist. Ive researched dehydration at the molecular level
      for the past 20 years. Ive presented my findings at more conferences,
      international conferences and published in major journals. When I
      discovered that the solution to most of the pain and disease conditions of
      our society is not a money-maker so no one is interested in it, then I
      decided to go public and take my information to the public. Thats why Ive
      written my book.

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