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  • Karen Eck
    For more of the same type of info, subscribe instructions are at the bottom of the email. The nice little picture won t show up except on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2003
      For more of the same type of info, subscribe instructions are at the bottom
      of the email.
      The nice little picture won't show up except on
      and lunartime@yahoogroups.com
      It says: We live in unprecedented times
      We have the power to destroy our world as we know it
      Cocreate a future of Immeasurable possibilities
      The Future is in Our Hands
      To support those choosing to bring forth a positive life-enhancing future
      for all
      The Foundation for Conscious Evolution has created:

      Gateway to Conscious Evolution

      Put any of these names into a search engine and what you may come up with
      might be a real gem.
      Duane Elgin, Brian Swimme, Peter Russell, Jean Houston, Elisabet Sahtouris,
      Deepak Chopra, Meg Wheatley, Don Beck, Abraham H. Maslow, Teilhard de
      Chardin, Ken Wilber, Global Family, Bela H. Banathy, Matthew Fox,
      Buckminster Fuller, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Paul Ray, Paul and Layne
      Cutright, A.H. Almaas and many more.

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      >To support those choosing to bring forth a positive life-enhancing future
      >for all
      >The Foundation for Conscious Evolution has created:
      >Gateway to Conscious Evolution
      >A Developmental Path to Self and Social Evolution
      >Gateway offers a path, process and learning community to support you in
      >living your choice, and joining with others from around the world doing
      >the same for the shared purpose of cocreating a new world together.
      >Barbara Marx Hubbard serves as your senior guide throughout the 9-month
      >process and introduces you and connects you with many of the great
      >evolutionary thinks and guides of our time.
      >Duane Elgin, Brian Swimme, Peter Russell, Jean Houston, Elisabet
      >Sahtouris, Deepak Chopra, Meg Wheatley, Don Beck, Abraham H. Maslow,
      >Teilhard de Chardin, Ken Wilber, Global Family, Bela H. Banathy, Matthew
      >Fox, Buckminster Fuller, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Paul Ray, Paul and
      >Layne Cutright, A.H. Almaas and many more.
      >Using the power of the internet and other communication technologies,
      >combined with small group interaction and live events, Gateway is designed
      >to inspire, connect and empower those who feel a longing in their heart to
      >do more, to be more, and to contribute more fully to the healing and
      >evolving of our world.
      >For more information click here to take a tour.
      >Click the link below to receive a Special Audio Wisdom Gift-FREE
      >Enroll Now! Our next session begins July 15, 2003
      >Special enrollment price $250.00 US
      >The first 50 people to sign-up will receive a signed copy of
      >Emergence, The Shift from Ego to Essence by Barbara Marx Hubbard
      >If you sign up from The Prophets, you will receive a complimentary video
      >of Barbara Marx Hubbard, a valued member of The Prophets Advisory Council.
      >Some scholarships are available, for information on scholarships e-mail
      >The Enrollment Process is Simple
      >1 - go to our website at http://www.consciousevolution.net
      >2 - click on the enroll now link on the home page
      >3 - if you have not registered on the site before, you will be asked to do
      >so once that is complete, you will arrive at the enrollment page
      >4 - you will be asked for a referral code- please enter TIGFOOGG
      >5 - this will bring up the special enrollment price of $250.00
      >6 - complete the enrollment process by entering your payment information
      >7 - an enrollment confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail
      >Here is what people are saying about the Gateway
      >These are testimonials from people who started the Gateway with our first
      >wave in January 2003.
      >Ginny Wells, Florida
      >"Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Gateway program are a beacon of hope and
      >encouragement in these troubled times."
      >Kathy Walkling - Auroville, INDIA
      >I began this work expecting that there would be some inspiring concepts,
      >maybe some new ideas that would help me along what till now I have
      >experienced as an incremental path of consciously evolving. What I didn't
      >expect is how actually transformative this course would be. The ideas
      >contained within the course, are not especially new to me, however the way
      >they have been synthesized and expressed have an innate power go straight
      >into my heart with such precision and clarity that I often feel like I am
      >digesting material that is actually changing me as it moves through my
      >system. I find now since starting the gateway that I do actually know with
      >absolute certainty (and I never used expressions like absolute certainty
      >before either) that the human species is evolving in consciousness. That a
      >fundamental and radical change in consciousness is possible FOR ME and we
      >are, right now, in the process of creating the map of this inevitable
      >awakening for humanity as a whole. The words that are available to me
      >right now do not really express adequately how deeply inspired i have been
      >by this material. I am profoundly grateful to Barbara and the team who
      >have created this material of the highest order.
      >Paula Estey - Massachusetts
      >Gateway has been the most transformational piece of work that I have
      >undertaken in many years, and I have been working the Spirit for decades.
      >I find the companion book "Emergence" to be essential in adding to the
      >material as well. The Gateway group we have formed is the light of my
      >life--sharing the journey with others has been awesome. I have a new
      >language to describe spiritual unfoldment and a new perception of the
      >process itself. Gateway is both prophetic, forward-thinking and nuts and
      >bolts. Barbara and you, Teresa, are incredible thinkers.
      >Carol Nicholson - Florida
      >For me the Gateway to Conscious Evolution course has been an incredible
      >culmination of everything I'd ever read plus tons more about how we've
      >gotten to where we are, the belief systems throughout our history, the
      >metaphysical, scientific, spiritual, religious, and psychosocial synopsis
      >of every important source all wrapped in a most readable, absorbable,
      >interactive program. I love that we can go to the forums and see what
      >others have written, see their profiles, and communicate directly with
      >those we wish to. But best of all, it gives us the actual tool to create
      >the world we want from now on! It gives each of us a voice to express our
      >vision and add it to those of others. I see the multitude of thought forms
      >going out into the Universe and joining as like attracts like. When the
      >thought forms become big enough, it will be the critical mass and BOOM
      >we'll have taken an evolutionary leap! I'm excited to be on "the leading
      >edge of thought" as humanity creates our new image.
      >Karsten Mangels Brazil
      >Since joining Gateway my life has altered for the better. In my work, I am
      >very close to closing my biggest account ever and I have no doubt that it
      >has to do with me feeling more relaxed and at ease with my life and with
      >life around me. By getting in touch with my essential self I could see and
      >feel that I am not alone on this planet. I am being pulled to follow my
      >way and participate in the evolution of human kind.
      >Pam Meierding - San Diego, CA
      >When I first heard Barbara Marx Hubbard speak about Conscious Evolution at
      >the Awakened World conference, I actually started crying because it so
      >clearly fit with my view of the world; I was amazed that there were other
      >people who felt the same way! Gateway has dramatically altered the way I
      >live my life. To me, part of Conscious Evolution is being conscious of the
      >motivations for every choice that I make so that I am aligned at all times
      >by principles of love, joy and unity. I am the daughter of a scientist,
      >and Gateway's combination of science and spirituality allows me to
      >communicate my views on a variety of levels with diverse people.
      >Sheryl Jai - Hawaii
      >Gateway truly is that . . . it keeps me accessing that higher mind within
      >me that puts new structures in place for the future as well as in my daily
      >life. I am empowered by the movement I and my friends have had by using
      >our global consciousness to provide a gateway into our future that we walk
      >Please REGISTER NOW on MoveOn, below, and VOTE for Dennis Kuchinich TOMORROW .
      >Thank you, and pass this on!
      >Information about other greatmystery.org projects and Prophets Journeys
      >including The Great Rethinking Oxford, The Prophets Sedona and The
      >Prophets Palm Springs is available at http://www.greatmystery.org
      >Thank you all for supporting this work by forwarding it to everyone you know.
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      >"Every man and woman is a star."

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