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Politics, DENNIS KUCINICH do we have a winner?;and CONSPIRACY

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  • pudintang ask me again and ill tell you
    Politics, DENNIS KUCINICH do we have a winner?;and CONSPIRACY Politics those who are supposedly empowered by election to develop and enforce policies that will
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2003
      Politics, DENNIS KUCINICH do we have a winner?;and CONSPIRACY

      Politics those who are supposedly empowered by election to develop
      and enforce policies that will shape the individual lifestyles and
      social progress of the nation each citizen is born to.
      Politics makes a mockery and a game of leadership( directing,
      encouraging, enforcing people in better ways of conduct). Instead of
      developing policies and goals that would better A nation, society,
      or individual lives, it plays sides causing divided Government
      Conservative and liberal democrats and republicans. What happened to
      just being an American and supporting a just and fair constitution?
      Where is the balance, how can their be balance or progress when
      politics encourages one-sidedness in the people left who are not to
      fed up with the system to even vote. I vote and keep an ear out for
      candidates that may improve the social condition not just talk about
      it buttering up the minorities for extra votes.
      BUSH well you can see what Bush has done for America,. I'm
      sure he is a good man who's trying but America has better
      candidates. I support our troops but not the leadership that has
      given us such a weak military and intelligence, ANY LIBERATION BY
      U.S. FORCES should take a few days at the most and no U.S.
      casualties, and there should be no enemy casualties either everyone
      should be our allies or respect us to the point of peaceful
      respectful surrender, not dishonor themselves by even thinking of
      fighting a Justified U.N. force Least we OPEN A CAN OF WOUP ASS that
      would cause God to blink.
      We have much to improve in our military technology and peace
      negotiations. Bush's tax cut making the rich richer, believing that
      the rich will use the money to make more jobs not just buy bigger
      houses, yachts, and faster cars. With what's left over give their
      employees better broomsticks. Even if the over 550 BILLION TAX CUT
      causes more jobs they will just be more suck ass jobs that t nobody
      wants and are fed up with it. Americans want better jobs not just
      ability to have one. People do not need jobs they need a boost of
      moral enthusiasm something to reawaken the legendary American SPIRIT.
      Is this America or not?! we can do better! We can elect better!
      Looking at Dennis Kucinich
      http://thespiritoffreedom.com/index.htm (If you have a better
      candidate lesser of the evils or political view post it ) Kucinich
      is a democrat that is rumored may run as an independent He wants to
      end NAFTA which has us bulldoze our crops to by food from other
      countries which use harmful pesticides. His Administration will work
      to end the WTO which will put more jobs in the hands of Americans
      instead of sweat shops around the world. And his supporters are cool
      to The Center for conscious evolution, Institute for Noetic
      sciences, and Unity New thought. Just incase I have misrepresented I
      have posted his links for your own review (MIDDLE)
      Some people think that there is no chance for Democrats or Dennis
      Kucinich as some have said because there are too many red necks who
      cannot even pronounce his name and liberal has been given negative
      stereotype. Stereotypical words like country Red Neck with their
      southern pride and rebel flag As well as Nigg* , gangasta, thug "G"
      for black people in poor getto urban hoods as words rappers use is
      nothing to be proud of these words are stereotype that poor American
      of different races have been forced to live until it became a style.
      Now entertainment presents and markets clothing depressing music
      about hard times and womanizing, and dysfunctional families as a
      norm. poor whites listen to country music idolizing western life(
      they sing songs about being a cow boy but doen't no one want to be a
      cow boy with callouses and saddle sores.) poor blacks listen to rap
      music idolizing hard urban life(they sing songs about living as
      gangsters but no one wants to live a life true gangster of violence
      running from the law) rock, alternative, other music all are about
      the same they tell stories of messed up youths, families, and
      relationships and offer no answer of how to solve social problems
      further warping the minds of the youth trapped in that
      environment. I am nonpartisan I am not a democrat but the history
      of what republican has become is disturbing there is a clear
      difference between a capitalist and an American, Capitalism is
      monarchy's brother, where in monarchy there is one rich king and
      queen, capitalism is about rich families (nobility by income) to
      which people have to marry, brown nose, or work for to sustain an
      economic existence in capitalist America. Where Americans believe
      that freedom is natural born right by constitution, Capitalist
      believe you can have as much freedom as you can afford. Rich
      Americans are not bad folks but rich capitalist don't have a problem
      being rich living of the sweat of the poor they have made, they are
      the remainants of the British that came to America with the pilgrims
      to turn it into Britain and when Britain was conquered (magna
      charta) they went into business for themselves, influencing
      politicians to make laws that favor them or they would hire
      corrupted poor to kill assassinate honest politicians, so
      politicians are afraid to do what's right better for Americans. It
      seems Capitalist favor republican orientation intensifying its
      conservative ways to preserve capitalist tradition of family
      marriage to preserve unjustified often misused power ( don't judge
      its just there way and you would do it too if you were them, what
      wouldn't you do when you think your unstoppable and what won't
      people obsessed with money will do? You are just a bug to those with
      the finances and connections to crush you at their leisure.)
      BUT EVEN GOD IS NOT ABOVE INFLUENCE (prayer) so stay positive and
      try to use positive influence. To convert capitalist into Americans
      and other Americans not to desire to become a capitalist.

      Dennis J. Kucinich issues

      Institute of Noetic Sciences

      The Foundation or Conscious Evolution now The Center for Conscious

      Barbara Marx Hubbard


      Unity New Thought movement

      Kucinich network


      Dennis Action Peace center

      When wasn't politics corrupt? Where special interest wasn't
      involved, where the people as the majority are allowed to vote and
      told they have power over government, but the majority are
      disorganized idiots misinformed, uneducated people that favor
      ignorance is bliss and unconformity. Due to poorly run government
      and education as the most important process of socialization and
      social progress.
      People place a much emphasis on the family which is a primitive
      tribal concept caused by circumstance of having to be born by a
      woman who may choose to bond with an man who impregnated her so the
      child must more than should honor them even if they are persons of
      poor intelligence offensive behavior etc. who had no business
      getting pregnant in the first place to breed their misery upon
      innocent unborn life. This happens in low and high income families
      that you may not like or agree with someone just because they gave
      birth to you. The many who lived orphaned, adopted, single, parent,
      non traditional lives without family to still make a useful
      contribution to society living through the mockery, stereotypes,
      and pity from those brainwashed to believe in family life is proof
      enough that it is simply smart, loving, and connected people
      (mentors) (Role models) that is need in everyone's life more than
      family and A Government and society that understands this.
      If the uneducated fun loving irresponsible majority of low
      brain development, disorganized, depressed and lazy pathetic
      examples of human life (mainly caused by the absence of good
      government), were in control the truth that they refuse to accept
      (denial) is that we would suffer more than we already do, still to
      many favor their own opinion thinking they know better before even
      considering or researching the works of others. Self interest and
      corruption is a point of view from those who feel ignored which they
      greatly are but it is still unprogressive to wallow in self pity.
      Conspiracy is just a grouping of people for a common interest,
      it is when the goal of that group is harmful negative to others
      unaware of the group is when it could be considered a real
      Many groups and organizations begin as something positive and
      socially beneficial but some how becomes more and more self-
      interest, obsessed with their way even when a better way emerges in
      society from someone or some other group.(group think)(conspiracy)
      Everyone who thinks that they have a unique or their own opinion
      exists as a micro conspiracy an agenda waiting for others to agree
      and support them with the potential of becoming a bigger conspiracy
      like a snow ball rolling down hill. It is just as it has always
      been it will take love and intelligence (TACT) to Counteract heal
      the damage of conspiracy and better direct the blind, loyal, and
      obsessed support they have. But some conspiracies orders are
      ancient and are like stones that are better left unturned. Countless
      have mysteriously disappeared or have been martyred for their
      meddling. Know when to back off, your life can be ruined if you care
      to much, just because you care doesn't mean people will like or
      support you, often quite the opposite as I have found out personally.
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