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Dove and NESARA are the Real Deal

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  • Karen Eck
    Hi folks, Today I got another confirmation, from someone who works in higher planes of consciousness, that Dove and NESARA are the REAL DEAL . And that NESARA
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2002
      Hi folks,

      Today I got another confirmation, from someone who works in higher planes
      of consciousness, that Dove and NESARA are the "REAL DEAL". And that NESARA
      will be announced soon. I was also given a process through which to contact
      that higher self knowing myself. Let me know if you are interested in a
      copy of it.

      The more people that spread the word about NESARA -- the sooner the mass
      consciousness will bring it to manifestation and all your credit card and
      car loan debt will be forgiven. The banks will receive payment through the
      NESARA provisions and the people will be freed also from the IRS and, upon
      application, from mortgage debt. So -- spread the word! Listen to Dove in
      the radio archives for a full understanding of how such a wonder can occur.
      Here's the latest message from Dove, and you can subscribe to her daily
      update if you are interested.

      Thank you God, the consciousness of the people is reaching the exponential
      point -- in such a curve the first bit of it goes up very slowly,
      and gradually faster, and faster the curve rises in altitude and then zooms
      almost straight up. We have been waiting a long, long time for this NOW
      time. More and more "lights" are turning on, and the darkness simply dissolves.

      Love is who we are,
      And now -- here is Dove . . . turning on some more lights.
      Pssst . . . spread the word!

      >Subject: [doveofo] NESARA on the March; Gov. Planned Sniper Attacks
      >Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 23:44:05 -0700
      >From: "Dove_of_O" <dove_of_o@...>
      >[doveofo] NESARA on the March; Gov. Planned Sniper Attacks
      >Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,
      >Today I am discussing the CURRENT EVENTS that show us WHY supporting the
      >announcement of the true NESARA law is the MOST important activity any of
      >us can do. This Dove Report is one of my “wake up America” reports about
      >how the dark agenda governments are pursuing their plans of world
      >domination and terrorizing civilians.
      >As I mentioned some days ago, the sniper attacks in Maryland and Virginia
      >and elsewhere are “Bush regime operations”. I’m hearing the snipers are
      >actually U.S. military personnel trained in sniper attacks and are
      >generally working in groups of four ­ some as lookouts and to do the actual
      >shooting and one to drive the getaway vehicle. I’m told the planning and
      >choosing of targets and coordination with and control of the local law
      >enforcement activities are a joint CIA/FBI madmen operation. Below is a
      >press release from www.infowars.com about a document showing how the
      >Pentagon planned to use terrorist actions against Americans:
      >“On April 24, 2001 the Baltimore Sun and ABC News reported on a shocking,
      >declassified Pentagon document, titled Operation Northwoods. In Operation
      >Northwoods the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for HIJACKING
      >JET AIRLINERS, attacking US military bases, blowing up US ships and
      >WOUNDING CIVILIANS in Miami, Florida and Washington, DC USING PARAMILITARY
      >SNIPER TEAMS. Page eight of the formerly Top Secret Pentagon plan stated
      >that “casualty lists in US Newspapers would cause a helpful wave of
      >national indignation.” The opening paragraph in the Baltimore Sun read “US
      >leaders proposed in ’62 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against
      >{See full article below.}
      >I also confirm something else from Alex Jones’ website. The Russian
      >government sent Russian double agents into the Chechnyans rebel groups and
      >the Russian double agents inside the rebel groups were the instigators of
      >the hostage crisis. This is another case of a dark agenda government
      >“causing” the terrorism of their people, just like the Bush regime is doing
      >in the U.S. I have reported for many months that Putin is a dark agenda
      >stooge ­ now we have the proof again. Here’s what Alex Jones says about
      >the Russians:
      >~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      >So-Called Non-Lethal Weapons
      >The Reports All State That the Majority of Hostages That Died Were Killed
      >by the Gas Weapon Used By Russian Special Forces. CNN Reported on Sunday
      >That It Was Still Uncertain Which Type of "Non-Lethal" Gas Had Been Used --
      >a Hallucinogenic Gas or an Aerosolized Form of Valium. Remember -- These
      >Are The Same "Non-Lethal" Weapons Being Proposed for Use in the US for
      >"Crowd Control" and Other Police State Purposes.
      >150 of the Hostages Died from the Gas and 1 from a Gunshot. Still, the
      >Government Used the Gas Because It Was Safer for Its Pampered Special
      >Forces Thugs.
      >The US Is Silent on Russia's Use of Gas, Because the Police State Arsenals
      >of Both Countries Contain the Same Garbage
      >The White House refused to criticize Russian special forces for pumping a
      >mysterious sleeping gas into a theater to end a hostage siege, killing 116
      >Manufactured Crisis?
      >Now Putin Vows to Crush the Rebels, the Police State Intensifies in Russia,
      >and the Russian Military Gets More Power-- Don't Forget, Putin Security
      >Forces Were Caught Bombing 3 Apartment Buildings in '99. Now We Find Out,
      >FSB Knew about the Terrorist Acts Beforehand.
      >Did They Know about Them, or Were They Complicit in Them?
      >Alex Says He Wouldn't Put It Past Putin to Have Dressed Up FSB in Black Ski
      >Masks That Posed as Chechnyans to Create This Crisis. At Zero Hour, the
      >Russian Security Service, Posing as Chechynans Would Have Donned Gas Masks,
      >Then Activating the Gas Bombs So They Could Properly Stage the Crime Scene
      >and Set a Precedent That It's Alright to Kill 150 Innocent People "As Long
      >As You're Fighting the Rebels."
      >~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      >The White Knights have the total solution in the true NESARA law and every
      >single one of us must take action to do all we personally can to make the
      >true NESARA law known and implemented. NESARA will roll out and end up
      >supporting WKs in other countries and dark agenda stooges in leadership
      >positions of other countries will ALSO be removed very soon after the true
      >NESARA law announcement.
      >It CONTINUES to be absolutely TRUE that Bush Jr. and Cheney will be
      >ARRESTED for the 9/11 murders of innocent Americans and removed from office
      >the instant the true NESARA law announcement begins. The resignations of
      >the rest of the illegal Bush regime and Congress WILL BE within MERE HOURS
      >of the true NESARA law’s announcement.
      >I want to thank all of you who have been working to get the word about
      >NESARA out. Many of you are doing wonderful things to get the word about
      >NESARA out into public awareness. I hope to share some of your activities
      >in a Dove Report soon.
      >I heard tonight of some true NESARA law supporters who attended a local
      >John Birch Society meeting. Certainly, many members of the John Birch
      >Society know how corrupt our federal government is. These three NESARA
      >supporters attended the meeting and then stood in the back of the room as
      >people left the meeting and handed out NESARA flyers. One gentleman said
      >he did know about the true NESARA law and was hoping it would be announced
      >soon. There are some people in the John Birch Society who have not heard
      >of the true NESARA law; these people are natural allies because NESARA
      >helps accomplish some of their major goals. NESARA totally restores our
      >U.S. national sovereignty which has been compromised by Congress and the
      >oval office occupants in recent decades. I’m told that Bush Jr.’s cabinet
      >has the biggest number of cabinet members who are known to be supporting
      >the “new world order” of any occupant of the oval office in years.
      >Many of you are doing a great job getting the word out about NESARA.
      >However, someone in Belgium is sending Dove Reports to media contacts and
      >this person is making it look like the emails are coming from Dove but the
      >emails are actually being sent from a Belgium email service; either
      >mirrorpoint3.brutele.be.com or brutele.be (ISP # While I
      >appreciate the effort to get NESARA out to the media, sending an email and
      >making it look like it is coming from dove_of_o@... is NOT a
      >lawful thing to do and could cause BIG problems for everyone concerned.
      >I’m asking this person to stop sending emails which make the sender look
      >like it is Dove, and instead, send the emails from his or her own email
      >To subscribe to the Dove egroup, please send an email to my address:
      >dove_of_o@... with the “Subject: SUBSCRIBE” and I will
      >manually add you to the Dove egroup. If you miss receiving the DAILY Dove
      >Report, you may read it at the following website:
      > (also has Dove Voice Reports).
      >Please allow up to 72 hours for processing of subscribe or unsubscribe
      >If you are getting off aol.com because AOL is interfering with you being
      >able to access the Dove radio interviews, PLEASE send me an email with
      >“Subject: Subscribe” and your NEW email address and remember to include
      >your old aol.com email address so I can add your new email address to the
      >Dove email list. I’ve heard some people using aol.com still cannot access
      >last Friday’s radio interview.
      >Also, there are times when there is interference on the internet with
      >accessing the Four Winds website. If you get a “service unavailable” type
      >of error message, press your REFRESH button on your computer several times
      >until you get through to the www.fourwinds10.com website. My apologies for
      >the delay in yesterday’s Dove Report being posted on the website; the
      >webmaster had some important business he was handling that delayed him
      >getting the report put into the Dove Reports section.
      >I have a favorite news person I want to take a moment to recognize for his
      >OUTSTANDING coverage of TRUTH. Phil Donahue on MSNBC is my NUMBER ONE news
      >person today. I hope to meet Phil someday soon and tell him how much I
      >appreciate his courage and dogged determination to expose the lies and
      >treachery so prevalent in our country today. I admire Phil’s independent
      >thinking and willingness to take on all the “bad guys”. He is a breath of
      >fresh air compared to the cowardly news reporters who all too often spew
      >out Bush gang propaganda and have the nerve to call it “news”. I say a big
      >HURRAY for Phil Donahue and keep up the great reporting of true news,
      >I heard a few minutes ago that the Bush regime are again threatening the
      >White Knight Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and some of our other White
      >Knights. I’m told the dark agenda stooges delivering the threats and
      >others involved in issuing these threats are being REMOVED PERMANENTLY
      >tonight. The Justices to know that YOU are being fully protected and the
      >threats are being removed totally. The heavy hammer of divine justice is
      >falling on those who are threatening our White Knights.
      >I have a radio interview in Seattle coming up and also some other requests
      >from people who want to interview Dove that I am pursuing. I will let you
      >know ahead of time when the dates are firmed up.
      >Let’s get it done, White Knights! Time to lower the boom on the illegal
      >Bush regime now with the true NESARA law announcement!
      >Blessings and Love,
      >Dove of Oneness
      >The Dove Report currently has 9,755 subscribers and is read by over 200,000
      >people worldwide in forums on other websites and published in magazines and
      >journals nationally and internationally.
      >~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      >For Immediate Release: October 23, 2002
      >On April 24, 2001 the Baltimore Sun and ABC News reported on a shocking,
      >declassified Pentagon document, titled Operation Northwoods. In Operation
      >Northwoods the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for hijacking
      >jet airliners, attacking US military bases, blowing up US ships and
      >wounding civilians in Miami, Florida and Washington, DC using paramilitary
      >sniper teams. Page eight of the formerly Top Secret Pentagon plan stated
      >that “casualty lists in US Newspapers would cause a helpful wave of
      >national indignation.” The opening paragraph in the Baltimore Sun read “US
      >leaders proposed in ’62 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against
      >Americans and blame Cuba to create a pretext for invasion.”
      >Forty years after the Northwoods plan was rejected by John F. Kennedy, we
      >see striking similarities between the sniper attacks and the terrorist
      >activities called for in the Northwoods plan. Whereas the Northwoods
      >document planned to create a pretext for war with Cuba, the sniper attacks
      >are being used as a pretext to put military on the streets of America and
      >to push for gun control. Now, White House officials are saying that
      >there’s a good chance that al-Qaeda or Iraq are behind the sniper attacks
      >and are warning the American people to look for similar attacks in other
      >cities, thus creating a timely pretext justifying military action to
      >capture Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil supplies in a war with Iraq.
      >On his Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Documentary Filmmaker Alex Jones
      >has consulted with many law enforcement and military experts, including
      >Colonel Craig Roberts (formerly of US Army Intelligence, a former Marine
      >Corps Sniper and the Best-selling Author of One Shot One Kill) who stated
      >on-air that this operation could only be State-sponsored and was clearly
      >the work of a rogue element from the top levels of global intelligence
      >agencies. On The Alex Jones Show, Roberts said that the MO of the sniper
      >attacks are indicative of a 2-3 man team trained in the Special Forces
      >ambush tactics of reconnaissance, insertion, concealment and successful
      >evasion. According to Jones’ research, the sniper team’s attack profile is
      >consistent with US Special Forces ambush assassination tactics.
      >Best-selling Doubleday Author James Bamford, who broke the Northwoods Story
      >in His Book, Body of Secrets reported on page 82 that, "the plan, which had
      >been written with the approval of the Chairman and every member of the
      >Joint Chiefs of Staff called for innocent people to be shot on American
      >Says Jones, “In Operation Northwoods, we have a declassified US Government
      >document, approved right up to the President, that advocates carrying out
      >terrorism against the American people to terrify them into accepting
      >tyranny. It is now public knowledge that Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to
      >attack Pearl Harbor as a pretext for war and that the Gulf of Tonkin attack
      >that launched the Vietnam War was staged by LBJ. This is all now admitted
      >historical fact, and there is no way to ignore the US government terror
      >plan contained in the Northwoods document. The plan even lists the cities
      >to be targeted, and one of them is DC.”
      >The national media from day one told us that the sniper was a lone gunman.
      >Now politicians are telling us that we must give up our liberties for
      >security, Senator Charles Schumer wants to ban so-called assault rifles and
      >to institute ballistic fingerprinting on all guns as well as on ammunition,
      >the new North American Military Command (NORTHCOM) that was activated
      >October 1, 2002 has been provided with a mission on the ground and in the
      >air over America just weeks after the White House told us that we needed to
      >get rid of Posse Comitatus (Federal law prohibiting US military forces in
      >search in seizure operations of US soil) for our “safety.” Now the
      >Washington Post is reporting that the CIA will be directing local FBI field
      >offices in 56 US cities. Vice President Cheney has publicly threatened
      >Congress not to investigate the 911-Government prior knowledge story. He
      >cryptically made the statement on Meet the Press that Congressional
      >investigations would only cause a larger terrorist attack.
      >“There’s no doubt about it,” says Jones “the US Government is the number
      >one suspect in the sniper attacks.”
      >It is absolutely vital that outlets reading this press release take some
      >time out and go to Alex Jones’ website, www.infowars.com. Jones has an
      >extensive archive containing mainstream media reports proving the claims of
      >this release. The Northwoods Document can be found on infowars.com’s main
      >page, its government prior knowledge page
      >~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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