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A New Lightworker Group

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  • Karen Eck
    A new yahoo group was born today. One with a vision of Oneness and busting the old systems, to create the space in which the New Heaven/New Earth will be born.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
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      A new yahoo group was born today.
      One with a vision of Oneness and busting the old systems,
      to create the space in which the New Heaven/New Earth will be born.
      Easy way to join is to send a blank email to
      Its best to check in the yahoo front door,
      if you have not done so, so you can read the archives.
      Instructions for doing that are at the end of this email.
      Please direct any questions or comments to
      the founder, Anni, MerFaeriel@...
      Love is who we are,

      The EarthRainbow Village!

      This is the e-group formed to discuss the vast array of topics included in
      the compilations sent out via the web by Jean Hudon of Earth Rainbow
      Network (ERN). Our intention is to provide a forum for the international
      community which has embraced the unique vision informing all of Jean's
      varied collections. A vision of Oneness -- of the basic, undeniable
      interconnectivity and interdependence of all humankind with all other
      lifeforms and elements sharing the sentient, Conscious body and heart-mind
      of our exquisite blue Planet - Gaia, our Mother. A vision that encompasses
      many levels of awareness and effort - from personal transformation to
      global awakening. And one that presumes personal acceptance of
      responsibility, commitment and a geo-activism that may be spiritual, or
      socio-political, or both!

      As Lightworkers, we accept our assignment as systems busters. We may
      expect therefore, to see many discussions here on the innumerable
      deceptions and hidden ways of darkness that manifest in our government,
      economic and other institutionalised entities - and on all the day to day
      developments, as the forces of negativity swing into high gear for their
      last stand, before the approach of the New Dawn. We will uncover the
      occult means by which government, multinational corporations, media and
      marketing rob humanity of liberties, individuality, free will, the impulse
      to question and challenge, and the ability to perceive deception for what
      it is. And, we will analyse how unconscious, reactive human activities
      result in geopolitical tension and trauma, which in turn are reflected in
      geomagnetic and meteorological stress.

      Together we will examine the clandestine efforts that have long conspired
      to enforce the disparity between the First and the Third Worlds -- and, we
      will weigh methods of closing that gap, from both the inner dimensional and
      physical levels. We will be sharing our ideas, thoughts and visions on any
      subject that impacts global political, economic and environmental Justice,
      as well as the overarching ideal under which these fall -- Global
      Peace. Which will be, in itself, the end result of the free reign of those
      divine qualities so natural to our true Selves -- Love and Compassion.

      Then too, we recognise that we are 'spiritual Beings having a physical
      experience'. Our ability to effect world change is in direct proportion to
      our spiritual power, our conscious reality-creation skills. In order to
      enhance these skills, we may find ourselves networking with tools and
      techniques we each have found to accelerate the processes of clearing and
      transforming our evolving spiritual Selves, and brainstorming together on
      the ways and methods of Service - to others, the Planet and
      All-That-Is. Messages from enlightened human souls, indigenous wisdom, and
      channelings from the Cetaceans, legitimate dimensional entities and other
      sources may be shared in this process.

      If any of the above strikes a chord of excitement and recognition within
      you, please join us! You may discover that you, too, are a member of our
      etheric-cyber Village!

      Love, Joy, Peace and Blessings to All !!

      Anni von Maltzan Group Facilitator

      Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the "Group Vision
      and Purpose" and "Group Guidelines" posts, which are posts #1 and #2, in
      the Messages.

      Newcomers to Yahoo -- You must REGISTER with them first, and Then join
      the Group.

      To Register:

      1. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/

      2. Click on "Register" at top right

      3. Fill out form
      (hint - you don't have to give your real name, birthdate or postal code,
      and in 'Industry' and 'Title', I chose "other"! <g>)

      By "alternate e-mail" they mean whatever screen name you intend to

      Be sure to UN-check the box beneath "specialisation" that authorises
      them to send you offers, promos and all kinds of junk mail -- unless
      you like that sort of thing!

      4. After you click 'continue', you should see a screen that says --
      "Registration Completed.........Welcome"
      and they tell you that they have sent of confirmation letter to your
      'alternate' e-mail address

      hint: UN-check box for "personalised Yahoo Companion Bar'. This is
      for people who take Yahoo mail service.


      5. This screen should say "Yahoo Groups". And in the centre, the headings
      "What is a Group?" and beneath that "Join a Group" with a search box.
      Look over at the left hand column. You should see "Getting Started".
      CLICK on where you see "use your MEMBERSHIP WIZARD"

      6. The next screen should start "When you join a Yahoo Group...."
      Read this, then click "CONTINUE"

      7. You should then have a screen that says "STEP 1"
      "The following e-mail addresses are *Unverified*
      Below that, you will see your e-mail address, and next to it, "(verify)"
      CLICK on (Verify)

      8. This screen will say "Welcome Back! Verify your Yahoo! Password"
      Fill in your Password. CLICK on "CONTINUE"

      9. This screen will tell you to go into your e-mail inbox, find their instant
      post, and CLICK on the "Verification Link" which is included there in
      bold, hyperlinked characters. If your e-mail doesn't accept hyperlinks,
      Copy and paste this code, or manually type it into the space provided
      on this screen.

      10. You will once again get another PASSWORD VERIFICATION screen.
      Type in your password, and CLICK on "Verify".
      This will Activate your account.

      11. There are three more minor "Continue" steps.

      12. To JOIN EarthRainbow Village, copy or type this address into your
      address box --


      CLICK on "Join This Group". You're Here!! ;^D

      If you have any difficulties with this process, please contact me at
      <MerFaeriel@...>, and we'll try to work through it. And, I can
      also subscribe you directly to the Group. However, you need to be
      registered with Yahoo in order to access the extra features of the
      Group -- the Archives, Files, Chat, and Photos. It's a great advantage
      to be able to access the Archives, so I highly recommend making every
      effort to get registered. If your computer crashes, or you inadvertently
      delete your e-mails, power surge or whatever, you can still access the
      Group activity, and reply to posts directly from the webiste. If you want
      to check into the background of a thread, you can find it at a glance, with
      all linked posts. If you remember a post that struck you, but can't remember
      when you read it, you can try looking for it by subject (say, 'African
      or by author, in the Archives "Search".

      Thanks!! Hope to see you all on board soon!!

      Cheers, Anni :º)

      ~http://www.karen-eck.com 541-523-0494 Toll free 888-345-9657~
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