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What is an Indigo?

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  • Karen Eck
    More about the various colors at http://www.planetlightworker.com/articles/outboundlight/article1.htm The term indigo children was coined by the Kryon entity
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2002
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      More about the various colors at
      The term "indigo children" was coined by the Kryon entity as channeled by
      Lee Carroll. However, the concept of life color or personal aura color was
      first mentioned by author, Nancy Ann Tappe, in the early eighties, and
      later by authors Barbara Bowers, and Pamala Oslie, all of whom claimed to
      actually be able to observe the life color in people's auras. These colors
      were then correlated with certain personality characteristics that research
      showed the authors to be fairly consistent.

      This is from an "older" indigo on the indigo-children list.
      And he has researched this topic of indigos.
      This is what Kevin found.

      Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:32:35 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Axljesus <axljesus@...>

      Indigo Children did not exist on the earth. No
      one had seen one. Then a woman who has the uncanny
      ability to see the color of base auras, due to a
      genetic mutation (a medically documented one), better
      than anyone else on the entire planet comes along.
      She writes books about the psychological similarities
      within aura colors. Blue auras behave in very similar
      manners, as do Greens, Crystal colored base auras, and
      all the other colors. For a few years, she collects
      information by seeing a color,and then testing and
      analyzing the person, catagorizing, sub-catagorizing,
      and studying ALL the colors.
      One day, she's walking down the street,and she
      sees someone with an Indigo Aura. Now, she's been
      doing this for years, seen thousands and thousands of
      auras, and never once has she seen an Indigo one. It
      belongs to someone who's around 18 years old, the
      year is 1986. She starts looking for Indigos
      everywhere,she is so excited to see this new color.
      She spends a year looking for Indigos, and some
      intersting things occur.
      No one over the age of 20 has an Indigo base
      aura. No matter which country she visits, what
      demographic she explores, the ONLY PEOPLE ON THE
      1987, NO ONE OLDER HAS ONE.
      She documents this, calling the new
      Indigo people, Indigo Children (because of the color
      of their base aura, and the FACT that they are ALL
      YOUNG) and begins to study them. She finds a lot of
      similarities between the Indigos, and MANY differences
      between them and the other colors of base auras. She
      writes all these similarities and differences down.
      Later, because people will do whatever it
      takes to make money, and in the New Age community, no
      one wants to be left out of the latest phenomenon,
      someone else finds her Indigo Children
      information, mixes in a (un)healthy dose of New Age
      Hoopla, and BAM!! Indigo colored auras are
      suddenly very popular, and anyone with an aura claims
      to have one.
      Within a few years, even the Indigos don't
      know the truth of how they were discovered. Add to
      their plight the fact that anyone who can find a way
      to communicate adds their own pathetic ideas to the
      mix of the myth, and you've got Indigo Children coming
      out of the woodworks. Once the parameters have been
      suffeciently blurred, ANYONE can be an Indigo.
      So, now, anyone IS an Indigo Child, and when
      those people who actually ARE Indigos try and tell the
      rest of the wanna-be's that they can be proved to NOT
      be, the wanna-be's fight hard to prove their
      Indigoness. Indigoness,however, cannot be fought for,
      gained, or squeezed out of any other color. Indigos
      did not exist, and now they do. Those other colors
      may be just as bright, but they are NOT the same.
      They cannot be the same. People who ignore the facts
      are WRONG.
      I understand that once the human mind grasps
      hold of some myth and holds it as its belief, that it
      is hard to change that belief.

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