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FWD:Live & Learn Unschooling Conference

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  • Karen Eck
    From: Dorene Graham Subject: [indigovillage] FWD:Live & Learn Unschooling Conference Reply-To: indigovillage@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2002
      From: "Dorene Graham" <dorenegraham@...>
      Subject: [indigovillage] FWD:Live & Learn Unschooling Conference
      Reply-To: indigovillage@yahoogroups.com

      Hello All,
      Thought some of you might be interested in the following.
      Have a great day!
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      From: Kbcdlovejo@... [mailto:Kbcdlovejo@...]
      Subject: Live & Learn Unschooling Conference

      School's Out Support's
      Live & Learn Unschooling Conference

      The Early Bird Deadline for registration is right around the corner!
      Please get your registration to us by 15 August 2002---in time to take
      advantage of this special rate!

      This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn how learning happens,
      to erase any doubts about unschooling,
      and to have a great time with other unschoolers from around the country!

      Don't miss it!

      Be inspired by Sandra Dodd, Anne Ohman, Joyce Fetteroll, Lisa Bugg,
      Ned Vare & Luz Shosie, Fiona Hutchison and others!

      Fun for the whole family!
      All presentations, funshops, and activities will be open to all
      ages---No Age Descrimination!

      Payments will be accepted by Check, Money Order, or PayPal.
      Don't hesitate! Fill out your form today!

      Click here to go directly to the form!
      Schools Out <http://schoolsoutsupport.org/form.html>

      And don't forget the hotel registration either!
      Clarion Town House <http://schoolsoutsupport.org/clarion.html> Deadline
      for the conference rate and availability is 15 September 2002.

      Kelly Lovejoy, Coordinator
      Schools Out Support
      Fax: 803-776-7006

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