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Fwd: New HEG and EEG biofeedback combination special

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  • Karen Eck
    If your child has a learning or behavior problem, if you have put them on prescription drugs because of this, know that there is another option. Brain
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2002
      If your child has a learning or behavior problem,
      if you have put them on prescription drugs because of this,
      know that there is another option.
      Brain training.
      There are many ways to train new neural pathways in the brain
      for permanent improvement of many "conditions."

      One method is Brain Gym,
      which uses prescribed physical exercise.
      You can call them to see if there is a
      therapist near you.

      Another exciting method is EEG biofeedback.
      It can be quite costly to go to a therapist for 60 to 100 sessions.
      Dr. Bate discovered this is so simple,
      easy to learn, has never done any real harm to anyone,
      is not regulated in any state,
      that he began selling and leasing units to parents
      for use at home. And now for the latest update!

      Please tell him that I referred you.
      Thank you,

      >Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:21:28 -0400
      >From: drbate <drbate@...>
      >Reply-To: drbate@...
      >Subject: New HEG and EEG biofeedback combination special
      >Many people on this list are waiting for the combination of
      >HEG and EEG biofeedback from BrainMaster. This combination
      >shows great promise for the higher end of the ADD-Autism
      >continuum, and brain damage, stroke, and epilepsy. From the
      >research to date, it appears to almost halve the number of
      >sessions of biofeedback required.
      >For more details see:
      >I have started my testing along with several other
      >researchers on the new alpha (first cut new design)
      >software. We expect to complete this initial phase in a
      >month or so, and start widespread beta (second phase of
      >software testing) testing by August. I hope that that will
      >be completely finished and the finished product will be
      >available by September/October.
      >The expected pricing will be:
      >$1225 for the BrainMaster unit (no change for the new
      >$1150 for the BioComp Heg unit (uses the BM unit).
      >This adds up to $2375 for lease deposit or sale. In order
      >to get a better idea of just how many are "waiting", I'm
      >offering a special now. If you purchase (not lease) a
      >BrainMaster unit now, I'll offer a $175 discount ($1050
      >including my velcro beanie and supplementary instruction
      >manual and free shipping).
      >The new unit will be modified and ready for HEG, and the
      >beta software will be sent as soon as available. You can
      >purchase the HEG unit at the above price as well, and you
      >will be able to train at least a month or two before the
      >final software comes out (you will get that as well at no
      >charge). FYI, the beta software usually works very well,
      >and very small modifications, if any, are made after that to
      >the final version.
      >Incidentally, there are a couple of simple brain driven
      >video games included in this package at no charge to help
      >with motivation. Not quite up to the Attention Trainer, but
      >a good improvement.
      >An additional factor is that you will be able to start the
      >EEG biofeedback right now, and be very competent in use when
      >the HEG beta software package becomes available.
      >For those who are waiting to lease this combination, I offer
      >the following. If you send me an initial deposit of $100,
      >you'll be put on the waiting list, and are guaranteed to get
      >a unit on the first order. You will also be given all the
      >software updates, and the opportunity to get the beta
      >version first and use the HEG combination before the
      >finalization of the software. There is no discount on this
      >offer, and the final amount of deposit required will be as
      >stated above. I expect the lease fee to be $300 for the
      >first month, and $10 per day after that.
      >This is not spam, and if you wish to be taken off this
      >list, please click on your REPLY icon, and type the word
      >"REMOVE" in the subject line. I have no wish to annoy
      >Phil Bate PhD

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