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Brain Gym? Re: holistic therapies

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  • Karen Eck
    At 08:46 AM 06-09-02, Dr. Bate on the ADD_ADHD@yahoogroups.com list, wrote in response to a doctor who says speed type ... Dr. Bate, (For people with limited
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2002
      At 08:46 AM 06-09-02, Dr. Bate
      on the ADD_ADHD@yahoogroups.com list,
      wrote in response to a doctor who says "speed" type
      medication is the only choice for treating ADD/ADHD:

      >Your crackerjack doctor evidently doesn't know about EEG
      >biofeedback. Check it out at:
      >It's a much better choice than anything else today.

      Dr. Bate,
      (For people with limited finances,
      there's a link to a $9 book, below)
      What about Brain Gym,
      training new neural pathways in the brain
      through physical exercise --
      maybe get outside, ground with the earth,
      getting away from the machines,
      and screens, and electromagnetic fields?
      It does give people another choice!
      And it helps adults function better
      at work or in sports!
      has a directory of practitioners,
      available by calling the number below.
      (this therapist is in NYC, Manhattan)
      I've been told its best to find an
      applied kinesiologist near you,
      and that can be done by calling
      1-800-356-2109 --
      and getting a specific set of exercises,
      from a practitioner, for your particular problems,
      and that it is quite affordable -- Dr. Bate
      do you have any knowledge about this?

      This is what I've learned:
      There can be noticeable results after the first session.
      I have a friend that used this method with
      groups of ADD/ADHD kids,
      and helped everyone of them -- he tried to take
      the program to the schools -- and guess what?
      Absolutely NO interest!
      Parents unite! We must re-educate the
      educators and health providers of our children!
      One of the most important things is to make sure
      children CRAWL before they walk!

      Oh and also, there's a little book that can help,
      for people lacking finances, it is $9 called
      Brain Gym : Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning (Orange) by Paul E.
      Dennison, Gail E. Dennison
      There's an index in the back where you can look up task specific exercises
      to help shift from reading, to math, etc.

      If you click through this link and buy anything, I do get a few dimes to
      help support my public educational efforts.
      A review.
      It really works!, October 13, 2000 Reviewer: Nancy G. (see more about me)
      from Keaau, Hi USA As an educator I have searched for techniques to help
      children extend their attention and stay focused. The exercises in this
      little orange book really work. I have recommended it to other teachers who
      agree wholeheartedly. Give it a try (and get a copy of the book for parents
      and educators that explains why it works so well!) (This web quote was
      cleaned by emailStripper, available for free from
      The Teacher's Edition is available for $16.95.

      Also, I just found:
      Smart Moves : Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head by Carla Hannaford, $11.17
      Ingram How is the body involved in learning from infancy right through
      adulthood? Physical activity is crucial. A neuroscientist explains why and
      gives simple physical exercises that can increase anyone's learning power
      immediately. It explores brain development, neurological effects of TV,
      nutrition, stress, and causes of the growing plague of learning disabilities

      A review.
      Exceptional, February 12, 2002 Reviewer: jumpy1 from New York, NY United
      States Books on education and/or how to overcome learning disabilities and
      hyper-active mental states are not hard to come by. But many do not provide
      proven, accessible no-cost methods for achieving immediate, verifiable
      results, such as one finds in this indispensable tome. There couldn't be an
      easier way to learn about and use the most innovative and useful concepts
      in education today, than reading this book. Through simple physical
      exercises (developed by Dr. Paul and Gail Dennison with a team of
      researchers), Ms. Hannaford, who is a neurophysiologist, proves that mental
      processes are accessed via physcial movements and can be significantly
      improved with little or no difficulty.

      I originally began using these exercises for myself as a professional
      violinist, to improve concentration, relaxation in performance and just
      general handling of stress on stage. It was so helpful I showed it to my
      adult amateur students and they learned new music far more rapidly than
      would be normal for their level of skill. Over the past 13 years I have
      taught these exercises to actors, musicians, doctors, teachers, writers,
      etc. in New York and have gotten consistent results. The best part of it
      is, each exercise takes only a few minutes or for some, a few seconds. They
      don't cost any money (unless you want to take a class or see a specialist)
      and I can do them backstage or in the bathroom or anywhere, really. It's
      terrific. If you're interested in brain development in children, especially
      babies, I also recommend "How to Teach Your Baby to be Physically Superb"
      by Glenn Doman. Enjoy!

      I love to go exploring on Amazon.com. It gives you lists of related book
      titles and authors --
      and really expands my mind about what's out there to help people!


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