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Suicide/Psychosis/Seizures compliments of SSRI Meds - Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft

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  • Karen Eck
    Its time the public becomes informed. Tell Aunt Nancy and Cousin Jim. The government and your doctor ain t gonna do it. So tell your doctor too! Karen ...
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      Its time the public becomes informed.
      Tell Aunt Nancy and Cousin Jim.
      The government and your doctor ain't gonna do it.
      So tell your doctor too!

      From: "DAWN RIDER" <israelswarrior@...>
      To: SSRI-Crusaders@yahoogroups.com, SSRI-Research@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Please Mark Your Calendar Now For This Very Important Conference!
      Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 15:52:12 -0600

      Extant Medical Legal Seminars, LLC
      SSRI Meds - Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft

      Suicide, Psychosis and Seizures

      A Scientific Symposium

      The anti-depressant SSRI Medications has been on the market for many years. During that time, increasing awareness of Neuropsychiatric and central nervous system toxic effects of SSRI Medications have come to light. These adverse events now include psychosis, seizures, and suicide acts. Pharmaceutical companies, which do not acknowledge causation, continue to market SSRI Medications.


      The purpose of this scientific conference is to explore issues in SSRI Medications toxicity, and the associated pharmaceutical research, development and marketing practices. Areas to be discussed include:
      • Basic review of psychiatric illnesses
      • Basic pharmacotherapy of psychiatric illnesses
      • Clinical Research supporting the claims of SSRI safety and efficacy
      • Selection of Appropriate patient populations for study
      • Separating neuro-psychiatric adverse events of medication from underlying psychopathology -
      • Separating an AE from underlying illness - what to ask
      • Adverse Event Profiles
      • FDA/ Regulatory History - important documents
      • Testing issues
      • Warning issues
      • Causation - general and specific
      A highly qualified and experienced faculty has been assembled for this landmark conference, including:

      - James Thomas O'Donnell, Pharm.D. - Clinical Pharmacology
      - Larry Shields, MD - Neurology
      - Donald H. Marks, MD, PhD - Internal Medicine and Microbiology
      - Psychiatry
      - Suicidology
      - Plaintiff Counsel
      - Patient(s) and their families who experienced SSRI adverse events
      - Representatives from clinical research, medical affairs and other departments from Pharmaceutical Companies which market SSRI medications

      Conference Location:

      Las Vegas, Nevada (tentative)

      Conference Dates:

      Friday to Saturday, October 4-5, 2002  (Tentative)


      07:30 AM Registration

      Continental breakfast provided

      8 AM Intro Remarks

      8:15 AM Clinical Pharmacology of SSRI medications

      9:00 AM Clinical Development of SSRI medications
      invited pharmaceutical industry representative or alternative

      9:45 AM Break (coffee provided)

      10:00 AM Treatment of depression

      10:45 AM Neuro-psychiatric adverse events of SSRI medications

      11:30 AM Depression and suicide, separating natural process from adverse event.

      12:15 PM Lunch

      1:15 PM Regulatory History of SSRI medications
      DH Marks and invited industry representatives

      2:00 PM AE reports
      O'Donnell and invited industry representatives

      2:45 PM Legal issues
      plaintiff counsel

      3:30 PM Break

      3:45 PM AE from SSRI medications - a patient perspective

      4:30 PM Screening and Identifying Potential Clients
      Larry Shields, MD

      5:15 PM to 7 PM Reception


      Continental breakfast provided

      8 AM Intro Remarks

      8:15 AM to 10 AM Clinical study design
      Panel discussion

      10 AM to noon - open discussion from patients and family of patients who have experienced adverse events from SSRI medications

      12 - 1:15 PM Lunch

      1:15 - 2:30PM panel discussion open for questions from attendees

      Each presentation will last less than 45 minutes. Discussion and questions will follow each presentation to the total of 45 minutes.

      Course materials: Every attendee will receive a complete copy of all presentation material.

      Registration for Conferences

      The Avenging Angel
      Please sign the petitions at:
      Please report all adverse drug reactions to:

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