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Metagifted Newsletter - Issue 1.1 !!

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  • Wendy
    Welcome to the New Metagifted Newsletter! Issue 1.1 Welcome to the first issue of the Metagifted Newsletter! It s about time! I m Angel Wendy Chapman, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2002
      Welcome to the New Metagifted Newsletter!
      Issue 1.1

      Welcome to the first issue of the Metagifted Newsletter! It's about time!
      I'm Angel Wendy Chapman, the Director and Creator of Metagifted Education
      Resource Organization, www.metagifted.org. We are dedicated to providing
      high quality education and services for and about indigo children, indigo
      adults, and families of indigos! Come check out our site and the many
      articles on indigos and giftedness! This newsletter will give you
      some inspiration, some indigo news, and also inform you about our upcoming
      classes, events and website news. ENJOY!
      ~Angel Wendy


      * Enlightening Thought
      * Upcoming Metagifted classes:
      Shamballa Intro Online- 3/6
      Attunement Schedule
      Indigo Adult (live - MA)- 3/7
      Indigo Family (live - MA)- 3/9
      Kundalini Intro - 3/11
      * Indigo News:
      Evidence of Intelligence Rising over time
      * New services:
      Kundalini Activations and Counseling
      Easy Pay - Shopping cart buttons for services!
      Tarot - New rates and deck options
      Quantity Discounts for healings and consultations
      * Indigo News:
      Yes! Your Autistic Child could be Indigo!


      ENLIGHTENING THOUGHT (affirmation) -

      I am here for a reason. My spirit knows my purpose for being
      here and is constantly guiding me to achieve it.

      ~by Wendy H. Chapman



      ONLINE - Shamballa Intro. Class, March 6th, 9pm EST online on AIM or AOL -
      Special Rate now - $10 pp or $15 per couple donation requested, but FREE
      if you decide to register. Come find out what Shamballa is, how it differs
      from Reiki and what it can do for you. Sample distance healing session as
      part of class.

      More info and shopping cart button to register/pay -

      March Attunements
      3rd, 8th, 9th, 11th (Day of Power), 20th Easter Sunday, 25-28th (Full
      Moon), 31st (Easter)

      April Attunements
      4th, 9th, 17, 24-28th (Full Moon)

      Shamballa level 1 and 2 includes energy clearing, attunements, encoding
      in your light body of the first 3 symbols, activation of Merkaba,
      activation of halo and 3rd eye, activation of Mahatma. Training includes
      how to use the symbols, meaning and purpose of activations, merkaba
      training, and distance healing methods. Fee is $200 pp or $360 for

      Shamballa can help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and
      spiritually, easing pain of almost any kind and accelerating spiritual
      advancement as well in both giver and receiver. Clients remain fully
      clothed and lie down or sit during the session. It is a non-invasive
      technique which uses only light touch and is often done without direct
      touching at all.


      IN-PERSON INDIGO CLASSES - Massachusetts

      I am presenting Indigo classes at Open Doors in Braintree, MA:
      Please contact them to register -

      Thursday, March 7, 7:15-9:30, Open Doors in Braintree, MA, Cost $25

      Saturday, March 9, 3-5 pm, Open Doors in Braintree, MA, $40 per
      parent/child. Please bring children 5+ yrs old.



      Check this out - indeed kids are getting smarter - at least according to
      IQ tests (not the most valid indicator, but hey.. still interesting)

      The Flynn Effect

      "In his study of IQ tests scores for different populations over the past
      sixty years, James R. Flynn discovered that IQ scores increased from one
      generation to the next for all of the countries for which data existed
      (Flynn, 1994). This interesting phenomena has been called "the Flynn
      Effect." Many of the questions about Why this effect occurs have not yet
      been answered by researchers. This site attempts to explain the issues
      involved in a way that will better help you to understand the Flynn
      Effect. It also provides some valuable references for further inquiry if
      you are interested."




      Intro, Activations, Training, Counseling, Clearing

      Introductory Session - What is Kundalini and how do I use it - $25 online
      Next class is March 11th 7 pm EST. Held on AIM/AOL.

      Activations offered same dates as Shamballa attunements or by appointment.
      Adults Only. Please go here for more info and rates -


      EASY PAY!-
      We have added a Shopping Cart and add-to-cart buttons for nearly all our
      services! This makes it easy to pay with credit card for our services.
      If you'd rather you can always mail a check to me at
      Wendy Chapman, 18-B Chadwick Circle, Nashua, NH 03062



      I've changed rates on tarot readings for online, phone, and in-person.
      Holistic Whole Body Reading and Celtic Cross readings are
      $25 via email,
      $30 via online chat
      $40 via phone.

      I channeled the Holistic Whole Body Reading which uses three decks to
      represent the Physical, Emotional/Mental, and Spiritual bodies and covers
      Past/Present/Future on each. I use Shamballa to connect with you and
      pull the cards with your energy. It is amazing how accurate these
      readings are! Find our for yourself! See http://www.metagifted.org/services/tarot/
      for more info and easy-pay!

      I also have a couple new really nice decks - Russian Gypsy Oracle, Healing
      with the Fairies (Doreen Virtue) and The Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud. You
      can choose a reading with any of my decks!



      Quantity Discounts Now Available for mutiple sessions of indigo
      consultations - http://www.metagifted.org/services/consultationIndigos/

      Quantity Discounts Now Available for multiple sesions of shamballa
      healings. http://www.metagifted.org/services/shamballaHealing/
      Also - chose if you want scheduled ones that you can meditate in synch. or
      unscheduled ones for lower rates!


      SPRING IS NEARLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
      The faeries are getting excited!
      Vernal Equinox is March 20th! St. Patty's Day AND Easter are this month,



      Wendy is still seeking a laptop - powerbook computer. Please help? Even an
      old one that can hold AOL that will let me access email while on the road
      would be what she needs! A donation would be awesome, but she's willing to
      trade services for this or would be happy with a loan. She needs it for
      2-3 weeks in April. If you think you can help or need more details, please
      email me - Director@.... Thank you!



      Yes, your autistic child can be an indigo! Most of the autistic children
      are indigos or crystals. More crystals are autistic than indigos, but some
      indigos are, too. I was given this information at what I felt was an
      authentic channeling session more than a year ago. The channeler was Dr.
      Kevin Ross Emery and the entity was Wei Chi, I think. He was a Tibetan
      healer who lived more than 5000 yrs ago.

      Yes, I feel autistic indigos/crystal children closed down because the
      energy of the planet is too intense. It's like they have done a sudden
      energy shield (SHIELDS UP, RED ALERT!) but it is closed TIGHT and they
      will need a lot of love and healing to come out and to filter that
      shielding so they can interact with people safely. I think they can,
      though! We need to give them a lot of love! I believe Shamballa can help
      them open up!

      Wendy H. Chapman, Dir., MA Ed. Psy., SRMT Director@...
      Metagifted Education Resource Organization www.metagifted.org
      (\o/) Indigo Counseling & Consultations (\o/)
      /_\ Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing /_\
      A donation will help this cause! Please support Metagifted.Org. Thanks!
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