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Harmonization/Weaving the Web of Consciousness

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    Harmonizing Philosophy The universe is a composite of energy that we experience in the polarized fashion of positive and negative. At any one time the sum of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2001


      The universe is a composite of energy that we experience in the polarized fashion of positive and negative. At
      any one time the sum of all the energy in the universe is zero as the positive and negative forces must always
      balance each other out. This is the universal law of balance. As such, though it may be true that at some time
      the negative energy may out number the positive, comparatively each individual positive force will be stronger
      than each individual negative force, creating the balance.

      The goal of the universe since it was first manifested has been to return to a natural state balance without
      polarities. To do this each of its infinite manifestations must do away with polarities and choose to exist in
      natural balance. Toward this end, the greatest achievement for any individual would be to bring themselves into
      natural balance, thus harmonizing their life with the universal objective.


      As a microcosm of the universe, the planet earth is a composite of energies as well. Throughout history, different
      cultures around the world have studied these energies and their many transformations. In the ancient Chinese
      tradition, which has come to be referred to as Taoism, these energies are characterized by five elements: water,
      wood, fire, earth, metal. These elements are then polarized as yang and yin.

      It is through the many combinations of these polarized elements the various phenomena of time and space are
      possible. Their representations in or energetic world take on both physical and metaphysical properties which
      through their interactions create our experiences. The many phases of these interactions have been the subject
      of Taoist study for thousands of years.

      Four Pillars

      Through their studies of nature, the Taoists were able to devise a way by which to determine an individual's
      elemental composition when they are born birth. This system is called Tzu Ping, or the Four Pillars. With a strong
      understanding of the elements and their phases, the four pillars can be analyzed along with the natural energy
      patterns of the universe, providing a map of the individuals energetic life. This map may then be used as a
      guide to help that individual arrive at balance.

      Emotional Map

      Two maps of the same region often give different information about the area in question. One might offer
      topographical information while the other might provide road information. The same is true of the four pillars.
      They can be analyzed to provide maps about the many different aspects of an individual, from their personal
      fortune to their medical health. It is believed however, that the emotional aspect revealed in the chart, is the root
      of all of the other aspects. By using the four pillars to bring the emotional state into balance, all other aspects of
      life can in turn fall into place. As such the harmonizing technique utilizes an emotional map of the four pillars for


      Harmonizing is a technique, which I have developed, that connects an individual with their emotional energy
      through the four pillars. It begins by getting the individual to tune into how the five elements manifest within
      their present composition. This allows me to create an empathic link with the person, taking on their emotional
      composition as my own. I then act as a bridge connecting the individual to the four pillars. These two things, the
      individual and their four pillars, then harmonize within me. From this perspective, I can then provide an in depth
      analysis of their emotional map. Lastly the individual is tuned into those elemental aspects of themselves which
      need healing, providing options to help guide them toward balance.

      Weaving the Web of Consciousness

      As more and more people begin their quest for balance something extraordinary begins occurring in the collective
      consciousness of this world; the consciousness begins shifting toward harmonizing itself with the universal
      objective of balance. No longer bound by the limitations of duality and polarities, progress begins. A person
      harmonized with their emotional composition, armed with their emotional map and on a path leading to guidance
      is more powerful than any force that can be devised in one of the polarities.

      "Weaving the Web of Consciousness" is a project that aims to bring more people in the collective consciousness
      to the focus of balance. Beginning in June 2001, I will be traveling first in North America harmonizing those who
      desire balance with their emotional maps. This service will be offered free of charge as the importance of this
      task is more important than the money which can be made. The travels will be entirely of my expense however,
      and so tips and donations will be accepted to help continue the process. These will not be workshops or seminars
      but individual consultations; I will come to you personally.

      If you would like to be included in this process please send an email to korga@... with "Harmonizing" in
      the subject line. Within the text please include the following information:
      Date of Birth
      Time of Birth
      Place of Birth
      Days Which You Will be Available (the more the better)
      Nearest Major City to You
      Contact Number

      Because I will be on the road I will not be able to respond as quickly as I may like to. Please do not become
      discouraged if you do not hear back from me immediately. In all cases however I will try to give a few days notice
      before my arrival in your area.

      Please forward this information on to others whom you know would be interested. My goal is to do one thousand
      sessions, after which I will stop for a short period to set up a web site by which these people can network, before
      continuing the project overseas.

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