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  • Robert Swanson
    What is really important is that we remember who won the superbowl game. Most of the beauty currently on earth developed over the last 250 million years. Will
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2001
      What is really important is that we remember who won the superbowl game.
      Most of the beauty currently on earth developed over the last 250 million
      years. Will we remember what that used to be like?

      This feeling I have is discouraging. Malaise. Probably that is a big reason
      people avoid consciousness of consequences. Paul Harvey news today announced
      further spread of disease (mad cow & hoof and mouth) through various herds.
      Also, he noted matter of fact the fast climate change occuring. Denial has
      its way until it is too late. Then we get to surrender to fate and still get
      to sit on our butts and do nothing.

      Consequence consiousness is a midbrain-limbic-frontotemporal function.
      Disturb this midbrain function and behavior turns primitive. Activity is
      driven by spontaneous inclinations. Even pain is no longer a deterent to
      repeating a behavior. With humans no longer fully developing their midbrain
      we devolve ourselves away from consequence consciousness. It means nothing
      to waste an afternoon watching men butt heads on tv while bulldosers finish
      off the last of the life support system.

      A PBS show noted our cutting of forests into segments begins the domino
      effect. As one aspect lacks support in an ecosystem, being cut off, it falls
      taking that piece of forrest with it. Then tumble the forrests as a whole.
      The world's sixth mass extinction is well under way. No hope was offered for
      stopping the dominos.

      I remember this feeling of malaise in eigth grade taking an ecology class.
      We were shown the principles of existance and shown that man does not follow
      these principles. My relational-midbrain was not so dumbed down that I could
      not relate. My life has been ecologically conservative since then. Should
      more children learn the principles of existance? Sure. But that is not the
      real answer.

      Midbrain function is damaged through lack of experiences, exposure to fear
      and anger, and chemical abuse (also sugar and backlit screens). If this is
      not corrected it does little good telling an individual how they should
      relate to anything... they are not listening. Surely you have all
      experienced the frustration of trying.

      The Sudbury method, the Heartlight values, and Indigo objectives are broad
      scope measures to develop abilities. These develop the midbrain and
      relationship and consequence consciousness. A wholistic approach avoids the
      intellectual training that divides the human brain and personality into
      dominos. The way to interrupt the world dominos falling is to stop the
      collapse of the individual. Not ony that, but there is an opportunity to be
      a happy person even if no football game is on tonight and the fridge is out
      of beer.

      There is an interesting correlation to brain development and the substance
      of CWG books. In both we are asked to be happy and to be congruent in
      thought, word and action (or thought, feeling, action). Our midbrain
      relating using words and feelings is to be accurate with regard to thoughts
      and actions. Action is from the reptilian brain, and thought, pure thought,
      is the neocortex. Natural brain development completes the brain stem and
      then raises that function into the midbrain. The midbrain development is
      completed and then accumulated functions are incorporated into the neocortex
      as powers to create. The three brains then function as one creator. CWG
      notes Who we truly are -- creators. We create ouselves, and from that create
      where we live. This is our responsibility to take, or not.


      sources: Joseph Pearce materials, and "Contrasting Functions of Limbic and
      Neocortical Systems of the Brain and Their Relevance to Psychophysiological
      Aspects of Medicine, by Paul D. MacLean
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