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Heartlight Schools of America

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  • Karen Eck
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2001

      Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 15:26:44 EST
      Subject: Fwd: Indigo Parents
      To: CONSCIOUSONE@...

      Dear Parents,
      It is a pleasure to speak to you. My name is Terry Marques,  I am an
      interested participant in Alternative Schooling for our children. I am an
      indigo, and  have been blessed with & raised 4 indigos, who are now ages 27,
      25, & 21 & 18. I am a Certified Holistic Practitioner, I channel healing
      through touch, words & color. Motherhood & family unity have always been my
      first priority. From my children, I learned to heal & teach. I learned that
      they choose my husband & I to help pave the way for them.  Which brings me to
      this day & time with a special request.
      Along this journey, I have discovered that our children are not getting the
      education they deserve, or the guidance. Along with many others who are
      intersted in taking a stand  for the children, (who are really highly evolved
      souls sent here to bring heaven to us  or earth,) I ask for your support in
      joining us to form a love alliance for all
      by supporting growth and change in the field of education. We are announcing
      the creation of The Heartlight Schools of America. We are in need of
      teachers, principals, aides, organic food service, holistic nurses, board of
      directors, secretaries, sub contractors ect.. for the following areas: Mt.
      Airy, Maryland, Ashland, Oregon, and Northern Virginia.  We are greatly in
      need of funding. If you or anyone you know are interested in helping in
      anyway, please contact:

      Terry Marques, Maryland 301 829-3141 email: consciosone@...
      Laura Lankers, Virginia   703 827-0619 email: lankers@...
      Heartlight School in Ashland, Oregon www.heartlightschool.com

      Our schools emphasis are based on: Unconditional love, Honesty,
      Responsibility & Awareness.
      Our curriculum will be based on Values. Below is a list of courses to be
      offered but not limited too:

      Understanding Power
      Peaceful Conflict Resolution
      Elements of Loving Relationships
      Personhood & Self Creation
      Body, Mind & Spirit: How They Function
      Engaging Creativity
      Celebrating Self and Valuing Others
      Joyous Sexual Expression
      Diversities & Similarities
      Ethical Economics
      Creative Consciousness & Mind Power
      Awareness & Wakefulness
      Honesty & Responsibilty
      Visibility & Transparency
      Science & Spirituality

      This curriculum is based on Conversation with God Book 2, page 127. Our
      school will celebrate the spirit of the child. We are looking forward to
      sharing the excitement
      with our parents & children. The children will tell us what they need if we
      just listen.
      Please join us in the celebration of the grandest version of the greatest
      vision in
      education. It will transform our world.
      Thank you for your time & consideration.

      Love & Light
      Terry Marques
      "Partners in World Healing"
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