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  • Wendy Chapman
    Hello!!! You are invited to join the Metagifted group at Yahoo! Groups, an email group service. To join, send an email to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6 3:15 PM
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      You are invited to join the Metagifted group at Yahoo! Groups, an email
      group service. To join, send an email to
      metagifted-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Just put "subscribe" in the body.

      Please take a moment to review this message. The purpose of this group is
      to raise awareness about giftedness of all types, from academic to
      spiritual. Meta means 'beyond' or 'a knowing about', so Metagifted is
      knowing about or beyond giftedness. Metagifted also means a person who is
      metaphysically gifted or spiritually intelligent. They may have psychic
      skills, intuition, precognitive dreams, or natural healing skills. Indigo
      Children are often both gifted and metagifted, so if you have an Indigo or
      are one, this is a group for you!

      This list is for sharing of information about gifted or metagifted persons
      including oneself and children, teaching and parenting techniques, Indigo
      comments and questions, Shamballa and Reiki questions and information
      sharing. The purpose of this list is to provide a method of communicating
      with people with similar issues and ideas and to further awareness of the
      topics of giftedness, metagiftedness and Indigo children.

      We are all here to support each other! I want to provide resources to help
      us connect to one another to welcome the new energy and the new children.

      Group is open to anyone but mostly of interest to parents and teachers,
      and children and adults who are Indigo, gifted, and/or metagifted.

      You are also welcome subscribe to another list with the same content
      posted by the moderator, but different subscribers - and hence probably
      different threads - by writing to majordomo@... and put in the
      body the text (without the quotes) "subscribe metagifted-list".

      To start sending messages to members of this group,
      simply send email to Metagifted@yahoogroups.com

      If you do not wish to belong to Metagifted at any point, you may
      unsubscribe by sending an email to Metagifted-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

      You may also visit the Yahoo! Groups web site to modify your
      subscriptions: http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups

      You can tell us about products that directly relate to these topics, but
      any unrelated spam will result in immediate removal of the spammer from
      the list.

      Finally, if you have problems signing up, please send me an email and let
      me know and I'll sign you up directly.


      Moderator of Metagifted Yahoo group
      and Director of Metagifted Ed. Resource Organization
      ~Wendy Chapman
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