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Q&A With Best of You Today - Downloads Are Here! Deepest Discounts Ever for CDs

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  • Dr. Charlotte Reznick PhD
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      Q&A With Best of You Today

      Best of You Today is a fabulous highly read website, providing cutting age
      articles from health and nutrition, to self-growth, fitness, and being a
      conscious mom. They recently interviewed me for a two-part series on using
      imagery with kids. I've pulled some of the Q&A below and you can read more from
      the links provided.

      Q: In your opinion, what are the biggest issues facing children and parents

      A: From my experience working with kids over the years, the biggest issues
      facing families are the effects of stress and their resulting pressures and
      worries on both kids' and their parents' peace of mind and emotional happiness.
      The stress may come from peer pressure, disquiet at home, loss of family
      income, parental divorce, sibling rivalry... the list is long and continues.
      The American Psychological Association's annual study on stress now asks kids
      how stressed they are compared to the year before. Not surprising it's
      increasing, though many parents aren't aware of its extent. I get calls from
      parents every week asking me to help their kids with symptoms of stress:
      trouble sleeping, headaches, stomachaches, anger, anxiety, and more. They
      affect all areas of their life: school, friends, family. The fact is, we all
      experience stress - it's how we handle it that makes a difference. Imagery and
      the Nine Tools discussed in my book offer a positive way of coping.

      Q: Please tell us about a particular instance where guided imagery helped a
      child make a profound transformation.

      A: One child in particular has touched me; imagery was able to make a profound
      change in his life. I share part of his story because it concerns the most
      common stress related pain children experience - headaches, which 90% of school
      age children experience.

      At ten years old, Ethan had been having headaches since he was seven. He feared
      he might have a brain tumor, although CAT scan results were normal. He was
      taking medicine, but his pediatrician didn't want him to rely on medication,
      nor was it always effective. And Ethan wanted to get a handle on the stresses
      that might be contributing to his frequent headaches. In a bad month, he could
      miss a week of school.

      Ethan described some of his headaches as pounding cannonballs; others felt like
      "humungous pliers" griping his temples. His fearful imagination created a
      character for his headaches, a muscular hard-hat construction worker wearing a
      T-shirt announcing he's a "Bad Guy." He held an enormous drill in each hand and
      opened the top of Ethan's head, drilling directly into the brain. The intense
      pain often made Ethan weep, "I wish I was dead."

      Using the Nine Tools, we turned his fear-based images into positive ones that
      could help him. He found a "Wise Guy" in the form of a SWAT team paratrooper
      dropping Tylenol into his brain, coming to his rescue. That brought some relief
      and he imagined the trooper helping even without the Tylenol.

      Talking to Body Parts helped Ethan realize what might set off a headache. He
      discovered his Anger, which as "like fire exploding," and Worry, a "dark blue
      mouse" frantically scurrying in his head. The visual connections between his
      headaches and anger, stress, and frustration motivated him to practice the
      Balloon Breath on a regular basis to quiet things down. He often pictured the
      pain melting out of his head, sending it's energy into the air and

      Within months, Ethan's headaches decreased considerably. He didn't need as much
      medication and managed to attend school regularly. He even made a list of
      healthy habits for other headache sufferers that you can read about in [2]The
      Power of Your Child's Imagination.

      Q: What is the added value of combining artistic expression with imagery?

      A: The arts have been shown over time and research that they do more than
      communicate and entertain; they soothe our souls, clarify our thinking, and
      even soften our body's stress responses. Applied to the imagery experience,
      artistic expression can act like a booster pack, enhancing the healing that
      imagery inspires. When you add the creative arts, the richness of imagination
      becomes three-dimensional. Music deepens relaxation and concentration, while
      drawing and writing offers alternate ways "in" to the private world. The
      ability to express on paper the truth of a child's heart and mind makes those
      images concrete and more powerful. A child's art creations can also give a
      clearer sense of his inner struggle, an insight that can help guide him toward
      each next step.

      Q: What encouragement and advice can you offer parents who want to start using
      your guided imagery techniques with their children?
      A: Have fun. Set aside imagine time. Make it a game. Make it about what
      matters. Find out what's important to your child and start there. Follow the
      process. Practice on yourself. Be patient; learning new skills takes a bit of

      There are six more Q&As in our interview. Please enjoy and feel free to comment
      on the links below.


      Dr. Charlotte Media Alert...

      You can find the full interview with Best of You Today in the top two articles
      here, along with another recent article where I've been invited to share my

      [3]Change Kids' Bleak Outlook of Life with This Technique (Best of You Today)

      [4]Help Your Child Conquer Emotional Stress and Anxiety With Guided Imagery
      (Best of You Today)

      [5]How to Nurture Creativity in Kids (American Profile)


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      About Dr. Charlotte Reznick
      Charlotte Reznick PhD specializes in helping children and adolescents develop
      the emotional skills necessary for a happy and successful life. She is a
      licensed educational psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of
      Psychology at UCLA. Dr. Charlotte is the creator of Imagery For Kids^TM:
      Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment and is the author/
      producer of several therapeutic CDs for children, teens, and parents. An
      international workshop leader on the healing power of children's imagination,
      she maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, California. Visit



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      Bring [18]The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and
      Anxiety into Joy and Success
      to you!

      I'm passionate about helping kids develop self-love and learn self-healing
      techniques for life's challenges.

      I'd be delighted to come to your school or organization - anywhere in the
      world. Let me share how Nine Imagination Tools can transform stress and anxiety
      into joy and success for the lives of the children and teens you care about.

      Write me directly and tell me your needs at

      Dr. Reznick can help; call (310) 889-7859 for more information.
      Imagery For Kids | 11911 San Vicente Blvd. | Suite 240 - Brentwood | Los
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      Counseling Services, Guided Imagery, and Meditation Training offered to clients
      living in: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills,
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      Encino, Sherman Oaks, Topanga Beach and Topanga Canyon, Ocean Park, Hancock
      Park, West Hollywood.

      Consultation, Workshops, Trainings and Speaking Offered Worldwide: U.S.,
      Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa.

      All Content Copyright ©2010 Charlotte Reznick PhD, All rights reserved.


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