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Raising a Child Who Loves to Read - 7 Steps Starting With Babies

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  • Dr. Charlotte Reznick PhD
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      Raising a Child Who Loves to Read:

      7 Steps Starting With Babies

      How do you feel about the importance of our children not only learning to
      read, but loving to read? My esteemed colleague, Dr. J. Richard Gentry, is an
      expert in childhood literacy and has some of the keys to both. Dr. Gentry is a
      former university professor and school teacher, with more than 30 years of
      experience working with beginning readers. He is author of Raising Confident
      Readers: How to Teach Your Child to Read and Write - From Baby to Age 7. I am
      delighted to share his article with you and look forward to your thoughts.

      Guest article by Dr. J. Richard Gentry, author of Raising Confident Readers

      Raising a Child Who Loves to Read:

      7 Steps Starting With Babies

      Your baby or toddler can read, and you should be your child's first reading
      teacher. Baby/toddler reading is not well understood scientifically. There are
      almost no studies of 2- and 3-year-old readers, though 32,000 successful
      parents are sharing their successes online. Many "experts" don't believe a
      baby's joyful, informal, literacy-building interactions with parents is as
      valid as the kind of formal instruction used with 6-year-old nonreaders at
      school. But babies' brains are different from their 6-year-old counterparts -
      they are likely right-brain learners from birth to age 3, with the capacity to
      pick up reading much like they pick up multiple languages, easily and without
      formal instruction.

      1. Use rhyming activities.

      Recite and read nursery rhymes. Put your face close to hers, perhaps tickle her
      tummy and smile when the rhyme arrives. Jack and Jill went up the (pause)...
      hill. Such activities activate the Broca area of the baby's brain, important
      for beginning reading and phonetic awareness.

      2. Use "finger spelling."

      Finger spelling uses a tangible object (the hand) and physical movement
      (holding up fingers) to signal the number of sounds or "phonemes," in a word.
      For example, say the word "rat." Put your thumb and say the sound "r." Then
      hold out your pointer finger and say the second sound of "a." Then put out your
      next finger and say the sound "t." This activates the parieto-temporal area of
      your baby's brain, the part that pulls words apart and puts them back together

      3. Read aloud daily.

      Read favorite books over and over. Repetition provides more words and richer
      grammar for your child to hear so your baby lays down more elaborate circuits
      than if you just talked to her. It also stimulates memorization. Soon she'll be
      saying the words before you do. Let baby turn the pages, touch the book, even
      "experience" the book in her mouth. Walk around, make noises, and act out the
      characters to make reading a multisensory learning experience. Read a few
      minutes at least twice a day. Stop reading when your baby gets restless.

      4. Turn reading into a conversation.

      Your baby needs face-to-face contact so he can see your lips as you speak and
      watch your smiles and expressions. Listen for his coos, body movements, smiles,
      and lip movement - and then respond back. In essence, you are having a happy
      conversation with your child while engaging with print.

      5. Find age-appropriate books.

      The best books for age 0-2 are: wordless picture books; nursery rhyme books;
      books you can chant; books you can sing; pattern books (easy-to-read books with
      predictable, repeated patterns of text); board books (sturdy cardboard books
      that withstand baby handling); soft cloth books; storybooks; information books;
      and books with textured illustrations for touching.

      6. Read with enthusiasm.

      By turning reading into a lively, fun activity, you are activating her social,
      hearing, emotional, and linguistic systems all at once. Your baby will
      associate reading time with fun and happy time.

      7. Don't relegate reading to books alone.

      By six months of age, you can label a few objects in the baby's nursery and
      introduce an activity called "Reading Around Baby's Room." Research shows that
      babies may understand words five months before they can speak them, and that
      five-month-old's can recognize and remember a visual stimulus for up to two
      weeks after seeing it. Write 5-10 words like chair, box, red, hat, and Spot on
      5x7 cards and tape them to the object or pet photo. Once your baby starts to
      show interest in the activity, gradually add more words.

      More on confident readers [2]here.


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      How to Teach Your Child to Read and Write from Baby to Age 7

      Dr. J. Richard Gentry

      Early childhood literary expert Dr. J. Richard Gentry has written a critically
      acclaimed book for parents on how to teach very young children to read, which
      also documents the many benefits, including higher IQ and a 32-million-word
      advantage over their peers who did not get this early exposure. In Raising
      Confident Readers: How to Teach Your Child to Read and Write from Baby to Age
      7, Dr. Gentry says not only do babies and toddlers love to engage in fun
      interactive literacy activities with their parents, but their brains are
      uniquely suited to learning how to read. It's during infancy when many of the
      neural pathways establishing language proficiency are formed.

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      About Dr. Charlotte Reznick
      Charlotte Reznick PhD specializes in helping children and adolescents develop
      the emotional skills necessary for a happy and successful life. She is a
      licensed educational psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of
      Psychology at UCLA. Dr. Charlotte is the creator of Imagery For Kids^TM:
      Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment and is the author/
      producer of several therapeutic CDs for children, teens, and parents. An
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