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7 Soothing Remedies for Kids' Headaches

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  • Dr. Charlotte Reznick PhD
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      7 Soothing Remedies for Kids' Headaches

      "Instead of having headaches, I learned to feel my feelings. My feelings are

      - Jones, age eight

      Ten-year-old Ethan described his headaches as either "pounding cannonballs" on
      the top of his head or "hummungous pliers" gripping his temples. He created a
      character for them: a muscular hard-hat construction worker holding an enormous
      drill in each hand, opening up the top of his head and drilling directly into
      his brain. The intense pain made Ethan weep.

      Headaches are the most common pain kids have and are often associated with high
      levels of pressure and anxiety: 90 percent of all school age children get them,
      while migraines affect 10 percent of kids - too many in my book. Both may be
      caused my specific stressful events, but can be helped - often without

      Pediatricians refer their patients with chronic headaches to me all the time.
      My experience has shown me that a child's imagination can help unravel many of
      the tangled nerves and tight muscles that result in headaches, and at the same
      time, learn tension-taming skills that last a lifetime.

      Positive images have a tremendous impact on pain when children are in a relaxed
      state. Focusing on personal imageries can distract kids from discomfort and
      allow them to let go of the tension in their head. It also gives kids a way to
      explore and express the hidden feelings that cause stress. Although tools of
      the imagination can be used on immediate pain, they work well between bouts of
      distress as part of an overall prevention program.

      Here seven headache-prevention tactics to try. They helped Ethan:

      An ounce of prevention: If your child is prone to migraines, talk to him about
      common triggers: chocolate, caffeine, cheese, and sugar; too little/too much
      sleep; bright lights/loud noises; stress; anger or frustration; too much/too
      little exercise; and barometric pressure changes. Knowing the triggers can help
      with preventioin.

      The power behind the pill: Ask your child to describe how she imagines a
      headache pain-reliever works. Ethan described his Tylenol as a S.W.A.T. team
      that parachuted into his brain to rescue him. Perhaps your child can picture a
      soothing scene to help her - with or without the actual pain medicine.

      Create a headache journal: Have your child note the date, time, and level of
      his headache when he feels pain, along with what he was feeling before the
      headache started. Use the 0 to 10 scale (0 = no pain, 10 = the most). When kids
      start to make the connection between frustration, say, and the onset of their
      headaches, it spurs them to learn new coping techniques (e.g.: relaxing
      breathing, meditation, drawing, dancing, something physical to release stress,
      and more).

      Ask three questions: When a child is suffering, these three questions can help
      reduce or eliminate the pain. Have her do deep balloon breathing (breathing
      slowly two to three inches below the navel), then ask: (1) What color is it?
      (2) What shape is it? (3) How heavy is it? After three to five more slow deep
      breaths, ask her again. Continue to breathe and question in rounds. Her pain
      will likely diminish or disappear within five to ten minutes.

      Read the rest of the tips in the [2]Huffington Post HERE[3].

      *Adapted from The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress
      and Anxiety into Joy and Success.


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      About Dr. Charlotte Reznick
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