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Psychic Camps for Children and Teens in San Diego, CA

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  • Tiffany D Moon, DM
    Dear psychics, psychic families, educators and service providers, This evening, I saw two gifted children make a great connection, and I m inspired to move
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2010
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      Dear psychics, psychic families, educators and service providers,

      This evening, I saw two gifted children make a great connection, and I'm inspired to move forward with plans for psychic camps here in San Diego, CA, via Moon Metaphysics.  I'd like to begin with a couple of small, day-camps this spring and summer.

      As I begin to plan logistics, I'd love your input:

      1.  Parents, what types of classes and activities would serve you best?  Would you prefer day classes only, or would some evening classes be acceptable?  Are you available for 2-4-hour day drop-offs and pick-ups?  Are you available to be a chaperon or aid?  Would you be willing to pay a bit more and provide transportation for at least one overnight camping trip?  Would you prefer a single cost that includes materials and meals, or separate fees and options?

      2.  Educators and specialists, do you have materials and courses you would like to share?  Are your materials and offerings for children, parents or both?  Do you offer a group or business rate?  What are your availabilities?  Where are you located (and are you willing to provide your own transportation and housing, or will you require housing)?  NB:  Please send reference materials, CVs, etc. via attachment as a response to this message.

      3.  Location and service providers, what are your group rates, reservation deadlines, and group-number limits?  Do you provide group or business rates?  Would you donate or loan materials (i.e. stones/crystals, hand boilers, Tarot cards, playing cards, books, journals, smudge sticks, music-therapy instruments) in exchange for advertising?  What are your restrictions regarding advertising at your location?  Please send information and forms via attachment as a response to this message.  Alternately, please contact me at the desk number below to FAX.

      Thank you, and I'll look forward to your responses!

      Love and Light,

      Tiffany D Moon, DM

      Tiffany Moon Enterprises:

      Institute of Arts and Letters

      Moon Metaphysics

      The Vegan Life Coach

      Independent Composition





      San Diego, CA

      (858) 683-3603

      Hours of Operation

      Instruction: 10:00AM-8:00PM Sunday-Tuesday

      Administration: 12:00-8:00PM Wednesday

      Special Engagement: By Appointment Only

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