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Giving and Receiving at Holiday Time

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  • Dr. Charlotte Reznick PhD
    [1] DEAR COMMUNITY, Giving and Receiving at Holiday Time From Me to You ... I m so grateful to all the families I ve had the privilege to work with this year,
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      Giving and Receiving at Holiday Time

      From Me to You ...

      I'm so grateful to all the families I've had the privilege to work with this
      year, and to you my readers who have touched my heart with stories of how the
      Nine Tools have ignited the power of children's imaginations to help them live
      happier lives. As a token of my appreciation to all of you, I'd like to Gift
      you with the possibility of deep relaxation. Right now. For you - and for the
      children and teens in your life.

      Here's a short and relaxing 6 minute white light meditation that's great for
      any age... from you, to your teen, to your 5 year old. Just go [2]here and
      click, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and be transported to a world
      of inner peace. A safe sanctuary that can lift your spirits and create the
      space for a new perspective in this moment. .

      I also want to share two organizations that are dear to me and for which I'm on
      the Board of Advisors, They both are dedicated to helping children. And need
      your help... today.

      From us to...
      Children Mending Hearts

      Children Mending Hearts is an amazing group of people who are dedicated to
      helping children globally. The purpose of Children Mending Hearts (CMH) is to
      give children worldwide the power to find and use their voices through creative
      expression. CMH conducts workshops in the arts in America with local homeless
      children's organizations, and internationally with NGO's supporting children in
      conflict areas.

      The goal is to approach emotional and intellectual poverty and conflict
      resolution in a new way and to change the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk
      children in America and abroad.

      Through a team of arts and cultural specialists who conduct workshops including
      painting, photography, music, dance, and drama, these kids experience the joy
      of childhood. Children Mending Hearts programs help expand the individual
      potential in these young people by strengthening their minds through creative
      stimulation and helping them grow into better global citizens.

      "73% of at-risk kids in arts programs are less likely to have discipline
      problems and FOUR times more likely to be on the Honor Roll."

      Let the children speak for themselves. Take a look at this moving video.
      [3]Click here.

      [4]Read more about Children Mending Hearts then Please Give what you can

      From us to...
      The Wildwoods Foundation

      The Wildwoods Foundation is a wonderful organization that builds community by
      exploring nature. They believe that some of the best learning is hands-on and
      collaborative, using real-world projects. The Wildwoods Foundation provides
      fun-filled outdoor programming for young people to help them acquire a sense of
      stewardship for the natural environment, responsibility for their role in the
      community, and the tools to achieve emotional well-being.

      Wildwoods Foundation programs have been set up to help schools, families, and

      Their flagship program Full Circle is an academically integrated nature-based
      community-building program for at-risk elementary school classes. Starting with
      the dynamic relationships that exist in an ecosystem as the introduction, Full
      Circle uses ecology as a springboard to help children understand the importance
      of those same dynamics in their own community: Interdependence, Diversity, and

      Here's a short video that gives you a peak into this worthy organization:
      [6]Click here.

      Let the children speak for themselves in their fantastic Web of the World slide
      show: [7]Click here.

      Read more about one 5th grade class experience [8]here and all over the site,
      then... Please Give what you can [9]here.


      From you to the kids & parents you care about...
      The Gift of Deep Relaxation and Self-Love
      If there is any more giving left in your pocket... then consider giving the
      gift of helping kids and parents learn to be happier and healthier.

      Holiday Gift Packs for Kids and Parents (25% Discount)

      Kids Gift Pack: Empower your child with easy, effective, and creative skills
      for thriving in our challenging world. Tap into the positive power of your
      child's imagination and access their natural strength and confidence. Choose
      any combination of 2 or more CDs. An added bonus is the "LIsten to your
      heart..." heart lovey - helps reduce stress just by holding it.
      [10]Learn More and Order Here.
      [11]Listen to audio samples
      Parents Gift Pack: Contains the LA Times best selling book, The Power of Your
      Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success,
      sharing secrets to empower children to reach their potential and create happy
      lives, plus The Cave of Great Wisdom Parent Support CD, lovingly created and
      especially designed for parents to be guided to a sanctuary of inner peace. The
      "Listen to your heart...." heart lovey is an added bonus stress reducer.[12]
      [13]Listen to audio samples
      [14]Learn more and Order here

      From Me to You...

      Receive 80+ Free Downloadable Gifts Plus Deep Discounts on CDs

      Read The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety
      into Joy and Success (Perigee/Penguin).

      [15]Order here and follow the simple steps to receive 80+ free down-loadable
      gifts and discounts on CDs.


      With love and light,
      Dr. Charlotte

      Featured Teacher


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      Christine Louise Hohlbaum

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      to the mall this holiday season?

      Chirstine Louise Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time
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      Why is there power in slow? It is scientificially proven that slow is faster
      and fast is merely exhausting. Christine's 101 principles will help you
      establish a more positive relationship with time so you can have more of it. If
      you want to live in a state of time abundance versus time starvation, The Power
      of Slow is for you. And of couurse all your friends too.

      Learn more, order the book, and receive free gifts today.

      [16]Find out more and order here.

      About Dr. Charlotte Reznick
      Charlotte Reznick PhD specializes in helping children and adolescents develop
      the emotional skills necessary for a happy and successful life. She is a
      licensed educational psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of
      Psychology at UCLA. Dr. Charlotte is the creator of Imagery For Kids^TM:
      Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment and is the author/
      producer of several therapeutic CDs for children, teens, and parents. An
      international workshop leader on the healing power of children's imagination,
      she maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, California. Visit


      I want to help more. Please let me know how I can. How has reading The Power
      of Your Child's Imagination has affected the children in your life?

      Share your stories on how the Nine Imagination Tools have helped you, your
      family, your clients. Please send any questions about applying the Nine
      Tools... or anything at all.

      I'd be so appreciative if you would like to write a 5* review on [18]Amazon.com
      or[19] Barnesand Nobel.com

      Please tell your friends and colleagues about The Power of Your Child's
      Imagination. Let's get everyone learning about the nine tools for deep
      relaxation, self-love and respect, intuition, compassion for others, and so
      much more.

      And remember, I'm available to come to your school or organization to help you
      empower the kids and teens you care about.
      DianeCarter7@... or 818/634-6696 or
      Dr. Charlotte directly DrReznick@...


      Dec. 3
      Radio Interview
      SiriusXM Satellite Radio
      Doctor Radio Channel
      "About Our Kids"
      Host Dr. Alexandra Barzvi
      9:00-10:00 am (East)
      [20](Link to show)

      Dec. 8
      Radio Interview
      Mom's the Word
      Holiday Stress Busters
      KLZ 560 AM (Denver, CO)
      Hosts Maura Ridder & Maureen Brown
      2:00-2:10 pm (Pacific)
      3:00-3:10 pm (Mtn)
      5:00-5:10 pm (East)
      [21](Link to show)

      Dec. 10
      Radio Interview
      The Karel Show
      Green 960 (San Francisco)
      KRXA 540AM (Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz)
      KYNS (San Luis Obispo)
      KJRB (Spokane)
      5:00-5:20 pm (Pacific)
      8:00-8:20 pm (East)
      Host Karel
      [22](Link to show)

      Dec. 22
      Radio Interview
      WQTB (Warick, NY)
      Frank Truatt Morning Show
      Host Frank Truatt
      4:05-4:15 am (Pacific)
      7:05-7:15 am (East)
      [23](Link to show)

      Check[24] Book Launch page for continued updates this month.

      COMING IN 2011

      Jan. 11
      School Presentation
      Turning Point School
      8:30-1:00 am
      Culver City, CA

      Jan. 12
      School Presentation
      Roosevelt Elem. School
      7:00-8:00 pm
      Santa Monica, CA

      Feb. 17
      Parenting Tune Up Teleseries
      "Handling Sleep Issues"
      9:00-10:00 am (Pacific)
      12:00-19:00 pm (East)
      (Link coming soon)

      March 2
      Awakened Relationships
      5:00-6:00 pm (Pacific)
      8:00-9:00 pm (East)
      Host Iris Benrubi
      (Link coming soon)

      April 8
      Workshop at Conference
      California Psychological Assn.
      Annual Convention
      Hilton San Diego - Mission Bay
      11:00 am - 12:30 pm
      San Diego, CA
      [25](Link to conference)

      Dr. Reznick can help; call (310) 889-7859 for more information.
      Imagery For Kids | 11911 San Vicente Blvd. | Suite 240 - Brentwood | Los
      Angeles, CA 90049

      Counseling Services, Guided Imagery, and Meditation Training offered to clients
      living in: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills,
      Beverly Glen, Culver City, Brentwood, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista,
      Encino, Sherman Oaks, Topanga Beach and Topanga Canyon, Ocean Park, Hancock
      Park, West Hollywood.

      Consultation, Workshops, Trainings and Speaking Offered Worldwide: U.S.,
      Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa.

      All Content Copyright ©2010 Charlotte Reznick PhD, All rights reserved.


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