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Let's Have a Super School Year

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  • Dr. Charlotte Reznick PhD
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      Special Event . . .
      Mindful Awarenss Research Center (MARC) Workshop at UCLA:
      October 16 (1-5 pm)
      The Healing Power of
      Children's Imagination

      I'm thrilled to invite you to a special event, my workshop at the UCLA Mindful
      Awareness Research Center on October 16th on "The Healing Power of Children's
      Imagination." It'll be a great opportunity to gather with like-minded
      professionals and parents and learn how children can develop their natural
      intuition and resources through nine imagination tools, empowering them to
      thrive in our challenging world.

      You'll walk away knowing how to teach children how to:

      * Love, accept, and appreciate themselves
      * Reduce pain and heal other physical ailments
      * Overcome fears, such as fear of the unknown,
      abandonment, doctors, disasters, and dying
      * Deal with bedtime issues such as insomnia
      and bedwetting
      * Cope with death, divorce, and other losses
      * Handle anger, hurt, and frustration
      * Achieve success at school and in sports
      * Live peacefully with siblings and parents

      If you would like to transform the lives of children that you care about, if
      you'd like to help them access their innate wisdom and intuition... [2]then
      join us[3]!

      [4]Register Now:
      Attendees will receive a copy of The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to
      Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success (Perigee/Penguin, 2009).
      DATE: Saturday, October 16
      TIME: 1:00 - 5:00 PM
      PLACE: UCLA's Neuroscience Research Building
      CEUs available for LCSWs, MFTs, RNs.
      [5]For more info and to register

      Let's have a super school year...

      Take a peak at these two articles for a successful school year:

      Boost Your Child's Brain Power With a Little Imagination

      It's just the beginning of the school year, and already the tests grades are
      pouring in - not always with the best results. We want our kids to be happy
      and successful in school. Yest too many are labeled lazy, slow, or disruptive.
      Does a child you know have a learning style that sometimes gets i the way of
      his success at school? Your child's imagination is a resource that can be used
      to maximize her own individual learning style and boost his brain power and
      overall school performance. Here are 6 imagination tools to try... [6]Read more

      Back-to-School-itis Anyone?

      "I don't want to be bossed around so much," sweet six-year-old Sacha lamented
      when I asked her how she felt about returning to school. Nomally quiet
      nine-year-old Alec stood up, hands over his ears, shouting, "I hate homework!"
      in our recent counseling session. And eleven-year-old Deb drew a picture of her
      "rotting brain," complete with black holes where science and math knowledge
      used to be... Here are 6 tips to relieve back-to-school-itis...[7] Read more

      Back-to-School Gift Packs for Kids and Parents (25% off)

      Give the gift of deep relaxation and self-love to the children and parents in
      your life.

      Kids Gift Pack: Empower your child with easy, effective, and creative skills
      for thriving in our challenging world. Tap into the positive power of your
      child's imagination and access their natural strength and confidence. Choose
      any combination of two CDs (or more). An added bonus is the "Listen to your
      heart..." heart lovey - helps reduce stress just by holding it. [8]Learn More
      and Order Here

      Parent Gift Pack: Contains the LA Times best selling book, The Power of Your
      Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success
      sharing secrets to empower children to reach their potential, plus The Cave of
      Great Wisdom Parent Support CD, lovinging created and especially designed for
      parents to be guided to a sanctuary of inner peace. The "Listen to your
      heart...." heart lovey is an added bonus stress reducer. [9]Learn More and
      Order Here.

      Pleased to report more good news...

      Dr. Charlotte in October Parents Magazine

      Check out the article [10]"Discipline Across Two Households"

      pgs 52-56 (hint... [11]read last paragraph)


      With love and light,
      Dr. Charlotte

      Featured Teacher

      Deepak Chopra

      Following the incredible international success of "Jesus" and "Buddha"...
      Deepak Chorpra now goes boldly beyond the headlines, the controversy, the
      fears, and the confusion, to bring us the third in his series of "teaching
      novels" about the world's great spiritual leaders. Never has there been a more
      suitable story teller than Deepak Chopra, with his Eastern background and
      spiritual wisdom combined with his experience of life and learning in the
      Western world, to tackle such a hot-button topic.

      In "Muhammad" he shows us a man who, against all odds, rose above his humble
      origins as an illiterate orphan... a man who claimed no divinity for himself..
      Get all the details on this refreshingly eye-opening book. You could even win
      signed copies of the entire series.[12] More info and to buy.

      About Dr. Charlotte Reznick
      Charlotte Reznick PhD specializes in helping children and adolescents develop
      the emotional skills necessary for a happy and successful life. She is a
      licensed educational psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of
      Psychology at UCLA. Dr. Charlotte is the creator of Imagery For Kids^TM:
      Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment and is the author/
      producer of several therapeutic CDs for children, teens, and parents. An
      international workshop leader on the healing power of children's imagination,
      she maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, California. Visit



      Sept. 21
      Radio Interview
      Mom's The Word

      KLZ 560AM (Denver)
      Host Maura Ridder & Maureen Brown
      2:00-2:30 pm (Pacific)
      3:00-3:30 pm (Mtn)

      [14](Link to show)

      Sept. 28

      Radio Interview

      Positive Living

      Blog Talk Radio
      Host Patricia Raskin
      9:00-9:30 am (Pacific) 12:00-12:30 pm (East)
      [15](Link to show)

      Oct. 1 & 2
      Radio Interview
      The Jordon Rich Show
      News Radio Boston WBZ 1030AM
      Host Jordon Rich
      10:30-11:00 pm (Pacific)
      1:30-2:00 am (East)
      [16](Link to show)

      Oct. 4
      Radio Interview
      The Way of the Toddler Show
      KKNW 1150 AM & 98.9HD FM/ CBS Radio (Seattle)
      Host Leta Hamilton
      9:00-10:00 am (Pacific)
      [17](Link to show)

      Oct. 7
      Radio Interview
      Grandparenting Today
      WMKV 89.3FM (Cincinnati, OH)
      Host Sue Zimmerman
      10:30-11:00 am (East)
      1:30-2:00 pm (Pacific)
      [18](Link to show)

      Oct. 13
      Radio Interview
      Late Afternoons With Mike Schikman
      WSVA 550AM (VA)
      Host Mike Schikman
      12:10-12:20 pm (Pacific)
      3:10-3:20 pm (East)
      [19](Link to show)

      School Presentation
      Westwood Charter Elementary
      7:00-8:30 pm
      Westwood, CA

      Oct. 16
      Public Training & Workshop
      Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) at UCLA 1:00-5:00 pm
      CEUs available
      Phone: 310/206-7503[20]
      (To enroll)

      COMING IN 2011

      Jan. 11
      School Presentation
      Turning Point School
      8:30-1:00 am
      Culver City, CA

      Dr. Reznick can help; call (310) 889-7859 for more information.
      Imagery For Kids | 11911 San Vicente Blvd. | Suite 240 - Brentwood | Los
      Angeles, CA 90049

      Counseling Services, Guided Imagery, and Meditation Training offered to clients
      living in: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills,
      Beverly Glen, Culver City, Brentwood, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista,
      Encino, Sherman Oaks, Topanga Beach and Topanga Canyon, Ocean Park, Hancock
      Park, West Hollywood.

      Consultation, Workshops, Trainings and Speaking Offered Worldwide: U.S.,
      Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa.

      All Content Copyright ©2010 Charlotte Reznick PhD, All rights reserved.


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