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Book Now Available! The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship

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  • Kristie Burns, MH, ND
    The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship by Kristie Burns Now available IN PRINT (Also available as a 240 page
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2010
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      The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship
      by Kristie Burns

      Now available IN PRINT <http://www.lulu.com/content/8647119>
      (Also available as a 240 page e-book)

      Available in June at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble!

      Kristie's extensive knowledge and understanding of the temperaments is
      finally captured in a book! This is the temperament information you have
      been waiting to read and she delivers! Practical, informative and
      extremely helpful for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers. – Donna
      Ashton, The Waldorf Connection, www.TheWaldorfConnection.com

      I have studied the temperaments before but these chapters were a real
      blessing to me as a phlegmatic homeschooling mom of a phlegmatic child
      and a sanguine child. I feel like a light just went on about certain
      challenges we have faced! I have already been talking about this book
      with some close people around me and how just reading it and starting to
      apply some examples you give is really supporting me in my spiritual
      parenting… While understanding the temperaments fully may not be the
      only thing we need as parents, it surely helps us by giving us a
      framework for dealing with challenges that may arise. – Melissa
      Dormoy, founder and creator of KidsMeditationCds.com

      WOW wow wow ! I love the explanations, the examples of real life and
      story at the end. This information is very useful and will help a lot of
      people. My heart is very touched by your book, because I know that a lot
      of adults will be better equipped to parent and children will benefit
      very much by this. So for all the children of the world that by this
      book you will have helped - THANK YOU. I would also add that not only
      will this help parent and child relationships, but all relationships. In
      my reading, I saw some characteristic of adults around me and it helped
      me understand them better also. I only have one question after reading:
      When can we translate this into French? It is so good! - Jacinthe
      Beaudin, Canada

      This is a well done section and the materials covered will be helpful to
      many mothers and teachers. As a mom of 6 children, 2 choleric, I
      especially enjoyed reading my section. As an art/ballet studio owner, I
      will enjoy reading the other sections as well. – Sandy Smith, Mother
      & Ballet Teacher/Studio Owner

      I've learned about different "personal styles" a long time ago in
      business and to this day I think about it in my adult relationships but
      honestly I have never thought about it in my relationships with children
      before--except for my own child's…So now you've got me thinking
      - a lot. - Linda Johnson, Heart of Sailing, www.HeartOfSailing.org - A
      nautical adventure for children with special needs

      Your information about temperament is the best I've found out there and
      I've been sifting the Waldorf and related web on the subject for a
      couple of years now. I'm thrilled you're getting this into book form and
      hope you'll keep on with other materials.– Terrabeth Bivens

      You know I haven't stopped thinking about this, it has really sparked
      something inside of me, can't wait to learn more. Your style is very
      engaging and so easy to understand – Denise Ridgway, UK

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