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Families and Grace this Holiday Season

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  • Dr. Charlotte Reznick PhD
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      Dear Community,
      Families and Grace this Holiday Season
      A mom and her 17-year-old son hugged and couldn’t let go. Tears were
      streaming down both their faces. They had been estranged from each other
      the past two years and came to see me because they wanted to reconnect.
      They terribly missed their past loving relationship, but so much had
      transpired they didn’t know how to repair their rift. We talked about
      what the concept of Grace meant to them. Ideas of letting go of hurt,
      resentments, and anger without effort – and starting afresh came out.
      Although they didn’t want to minimize what needed to be said, the
      possibility of such a miracle during this holiday season touched their
      hearts and helped them openly communicate. The years of deep love took
      priority and reconnected them once again. Both realized that whatever had
      happened between them, they loved each other and that was most important.
      Everything else could be worked out.
      Whatever is going on in your homes during this holiday season, here’s a
      guided journey you can take together or on your own to deepen your family
      connection and allow Grace into your lives. It’s adapted from Chapter 12,
      “Can’t We All Just Get Along” in The Power of Your Child’s
      Imagination* – and is my Gift to you today. -
      Read more

      Thank you all for your wonderful support!
      At this time of year I count my blessings and want to thank you all for
      your wonderful support in the launch of my heart-felt book. Your kind
      words, amazing stories, and consistent purchasing of The Power of Your
      Child's Imagination has truly helped my dream of transforming the lives of
      children a reality. Please keep spreading the word and I invite you to post
      reviews on Amazon Barnes & Noble on line. I believe person by person, heart
      by heart we can help all children.

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      to teach children to fish… for the food of the soul, of the growing Self,
      with the tools of imagination. If you'd like to transform the lives of
      children that you care about, if you’d like to help them access their
      innate wisdom and intuition… then join us. (A small $10 love donation
      will go to Agape).
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      With Love and Light,
      Dr. Charlotte

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      Welcome Home!
      About Dr. Charlotte Reznick
      Charlotte Reznick PhD specializes in helping children and adolescents
      develop the emotional skills necessary for a happy and successful life. She
      is a licensed educational psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of
      Psychology at UCLA. Dr. Charlotte is the creator of Imagery For KidsTM:
      Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment and is the
      author/producer of the several therapeutic CDs for children, teens, and
      parents. An international workshop leader on the healing power of
      children's imagination, she maintains a private practice in Los Angeles,
      California. Visit [http://www.ImageryForKids.com] www.ImageryForKids.com

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