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Earthschooling Inspirations - October 2009

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    Can t see this newsletter clearly in your e-mail? Link to the online version here.
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      Can't see this newsletter clearly in your e-mail? Link to the online
      version here.
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      Earthschooling Inspirations October 2009 Vol 9, Issue 08
      [Burr Oak Girl]
      Dear Earthschoolers,

      This little clothespin doll above was made with some of the lovely Burr
      Oak Acorns that fall in our front yard every Autumn. If you would like
      some of these acorns please let my daughters, Sofi and Mosi know - they
      are doing the gathering and shipping this year from: Earthsessions

      The Live Chats for Earthschooling members have been so popular I decided
      to invite some guests to chat with us and open the guest chats to
      non-members as well. I am very excited about the first four topics and
      speakers we have coming up! You can read all about it at the website:

      Live Chats at Earthschooling

      Blessings & Health,
      Live Consulting Chats for Earthschooling Members

      Our second live chat, "Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar in Waldorf
      Education" was a great success. It was really fun to chat with other
      parents and to talk about how to introduce language to our children at
      different ages. As always the session was not just all about me giving
      out advice and answering questions - there were some amazing ideas and
      contributions from experienced members as well! This chat is now
      available as a downloadable PDF from the member website. Our next live
      chat will be on September 25th on the topic of "The Temperaments in
      Relationships and Education". To get prepared for the next live chat you
      can read my article about the temperaments in the summer edition of
      Lilipoh magazine.
      October Earthschooling Verses Sample
      Note: An MP3 is included with this song and all verses for
      Earthschooling members to help you with pronunciation and with tunes of
      any songs you may be unfamiliar with.

      Bubbles (Blow Bubbles with this song)

      Out in the garden when work was done
      I blew bubbles in the sun.

      I blew a bubble huge as can be.
      It hung in the air for all to see.

      Into my bubble
      I looked and found
      A Shining land that was rainbow round

      It looked like a world
      Meant for no one but fairies
      They'd keep little farms there
      With cows, chicks and dairies
      Woods where the pixies
      Could picnic for pleasure
      And hide near the rainbows
      Their crocks of strange treasure

      Countries were marked there
      Plain as could be
      Green for a country
      Blue for the sea
      Purple for heather
      Sunshine like gold
      Bubble-land weather
      Could never be cold.

      And then came a bee
      All furry and fat
      Before I could think
      What would he be at
      My beautiful bubble
      He brushed with his wing
      And all that was left
      Was a damp little ring!

      New for Earthschooling Members

      Do you want to be able to find everything you need for Waldorf Inspired
      homeschooling in one place instead of wandering around the internet and
      checking on tens of different groups and websites? You can do this now
      by becoming a forum member at:
      Earthschooling Forum
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      Lifetime Member
      enrichment.weebly.com%2Flessons.html&id=preview> (all Lifetime members
      get a life of free forum membership if they sign up before October 1st -
      I am extending the deadline).

      Or would you just like to peak at/sample the new website? Everyone who
      orders one month of lesson plans
      enrichment.weebly.com%2Flessons.html&id=preview> gets one month of free
      access to the new website!

      The new member website is providing endless resources to members on the
      topic of Waldorf, Earthschooling, Steiner and more. The new website
      includes information on what you need for each age and what to expect,
      video tutorials, MP3s for the entire year, yoga movement cards,
      organizational videos and files. I add new material to the website every
      week based on member requests so that you never HAVE to leave the
      website to get what you need. Of course you can if you want to and I
      love getting inspired from so many different people too, but there is a
      big difference between "having to" be split between many resources and
      choosing to! I have even included some outside links on the new website
      if you choose to use other resources but you can rest assured that
      everything you need will be in one place here so you don't have to spend
      a lot of time wandering on those busy days.

      This is what one member had to say about the new website:

      "Have to say, the various options with the new website just keep getting
      better...how convenient it all is now, most everything right at hand in
      one place."

      New additions this week -

      * Form Drawing Basics for Grades 1-3
      * Form Drawing lessons for Grades 1-3 for October
      * Free Registration for the Upcoming Live Chats
      * A Dye Chart
      * More Steiner Excerpts and Quotes
      * A List of Supplies you Need for Each Grade & Resources
      * Study Groups for Each Age/Grade
      * Many more FAQs (New ones posted daily)
      * More Glossary Entries (look up what some Waldorf terms mean)

      And these are just "what's new". The website has so many things already!

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      automatic delete or they do not check them. Other e-mails are lost -
      either ones you sent to me or ones I sent to you. I want you to know
      that I spend hours (yes, hours LOL) each day answering your e-mails and
      questions and I treat each e-mail with special care. If you have not
      heard back from me please know that I did not ignore you - your e-mail
      was lost coming to me or mine was lost going back to you. Please try
      contacting me via Facebook (link in the right hand column) or
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      from friends, family and clients. - THANKS!
      Articles This Month Live Earthschooling Chats
      4> New Member Forum
      6> New Waldorf Channel Show!
      18> September Story of the Month
      Please share this newsletter with your other Yahoogroups, friends and
      family! Every month I share a free story, a free verse, news about
      Waldorf happenings, BLOG posts, & sometimes favorite books. Links to the
      Waldorf consulting board, inspiring articles, our shop, the Waldorf
      Channel and more can all be found in one place here as well! See past
      issues at:
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      humor.blogspot.com%2F&id=preview> Client Feedback
      Every day I receive wonderful letters from people who are using my
      E-books, E-videos and Earthschooling materials. I treasure each of these
      letters and save them all to read again and again.
      To read more feedback and letters LINK HERE
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      Quick Links Waldorf Consulting Board
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      3669QQftidZ2QQtZkm&id=preview> Homeschooling E-books
      Iridology & Healing Charts
      tidZ2QQtZkm&id=preview> Waldorf Consulting Board News Be sure to
      check out our consulting board and the consulting board FAQs for answers
      to your questions from experts in the feild: These experts are now only
      available to members of www.Earthschooling.com
      More Connections There <http://your.website.address.here/?id=preview>
      are so many opportunities to connect to what we are doing at
      thschooling.com%2F&id=preview> and to connect with other parents. Link
      to some of the links below and join us at these additional forums for a
      more holistic experience: EarthSchooling Updates & information can
      also be found on: Kristie on Facebook
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      .com%2FHerbnHomecom&id=preview> MySpace Waldorf
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      kedin.com%2Fin%2Fherbnhome&id=preview> Live Chat Guests for
      I am excited to introduce you to our live chat guests and topics for the
      rest of 2009. If you would like to sign up to attend one of these live
      chats you can do so at: Earthschooling Live Chats

      [Kristie Burns] September 25th, 11AM CST - The Temperaments in Teaching
      with Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND of www.Earthschooling.com

      Join Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND, an expert in temperaments and
      typology, to discuss how to most effectively teach and relate to your
      child according to their temperament. You can read one of her recent
      articles on the temperaments in the summer issue of Lilipoh magazine.
      Each participant will receive instruction on how to type their child and
      the difference between different temperaments will also be discussed.
      Become a forum or Earthschooling member today and receive an invite to
      this chat.

      [Chris Cade] October 2nd, 10AM PST - Inspiration for Parents -
      Unconditional Parenting, How to Stay Inspired and Using Stories in
      with Chris Cade of http://www.spiritual-short-stories.com/

      Chris Cade has been inspiring millions of people daily through his
      website Spiritual Short Stories. Many Earthschooling and Waldorf parents
      subscribe to his newsletter and are already familiar with his work. I
      know that a number of Waldorf teachers and parents use stories from his
      website for their daily "inner work" meditation as well as for Main
      Lessons or story time. Chris will join us for an hour on October 2nd to
      answer questions and share wisdom about "Unconditional Parenting",
      stories in parenting and how he stays inspired as a parent. Chris is the
      visionary behind world's #1 Spiritual Story site online. In April, Chris
      asked to be laid off so that he could follow his dreams to empower
      people worldwide with his network of spiritual websites, the Inscribe
      Your Life program, and his upcoming printed book "Think Without the

      [Sarah Lyngra] November 20th, 11am CST - Teaching Piano with Waldorf
      with Sarah Lyngra of http://www.yellowcatpublishing.com/

      Sarah Lyngra has been teaching piano using her own unique method of
      storytelling, colors and movement since 1990. Her books are now sold on
      Amazon and are popular among many teachers - even outside the Waldorf
      community. She will join us on November 20th to answer questions about
      her unique method of piano teaching and to talk about how you can
      introduce your child to music in some very unique and creative new ways.

      [Jennifer Tan] December - Handiwork in Waldorf Education
      with Jennifer Tan of Gosh Yarn It!

      Jennifer Tan enjoys teaching spinning, crochet, Tunisian crochet,
      knitting, cro-hook, felting, natural dyeing and scrumbling. She
      homeschools her three children using Waldorf methods. She is an expert
      in many areas of handiwork and will be available during our December
      live chat to answer your questions about handiwork. She has been
      featured on DIY and HGTV's "Uncommon Threads" and runs a popular blog
      where she chronicles her homeschooling adventures with her husband and
      October Story of the Month

      A Spiritual Halloween Tale
      By Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

      This story is based on the "Halloween" tradition in the hills of
      Lebanon, the tradition of all Saints Day around the world (as an
      alternative to Halloween) and other stories of the Saint Barbara, which
      vary largely according to, whom is telling them! This story provides an
      alternate "vision" for Halloween for those people who seek more
      spiritual meaning for the holiday instead of the commercial meaning that
      is now given. This is one of four possible Halloween stories included in
      the Earthschooling curriculum. This story is suitable for people of all
      religions - even those who have a more spiritual or earth-based outlook
      on spirituality and do not belong to a religious group. This universal
      story suited our International class very well!

      How this Story Came About: Is it true?
      Legends and stories are never "true" and mine is probably as true as any
      other. I have created this legend from a combination of a story I was
      told by word of mouth, legends that vary in telling within the church
      version of the same story and some additions I made myself that reflect
      the way Halloween is celebrated today (to keep it all in one tidy
      package as a story). I have highlighted in red the original Lebanese
      version and in blue the Christian version. All else is my creation or
      elaboration. Call it "historical fiction". As you can see from reading
      about the Saints, that is what most of it is anyway. There is no one
      story - they are all different in some way! The same goes for Halloween.
      If you tried to find the one "true" version of the story you would
      search forever and ever as even versions that seem similar are changed
      from book to book and Internet site to Internet site.

      As far as the origin of the holiday, through my hours of research I have
      found many a story and claim of origin but it seems the truth is that
      the holiday originated in many places for many different reasons and
      that today many cultures try to combine all these reasons or they just
      simply celebrate it in a very generic and commercial way using only the
      symbols of the holiday (ghosts, witches, pumpkins) but none of the
      spiritual meaning. The Druids, Romans and the Catholic Church among
      others celebrated this holiday. In each instance it had a spiritual
      meaning and usually involves a pumpkin or gourd or some evil spirit. It
      is only today that the holiday is celebrated without any positive
      spiritual overtones. If you want copies of some of the Druid or Roman
      stories look them up on the Internet or ask me.

      Saint Barbara

      A long time ago in the region of what is now Turkey there lived a woman
      of great beauty called Barbara. Her father prayed to wooden idols and
      many gods and so did she. (Much like the ancient Romans, like the movie
      Hercules or like in the movie The Road to ElDorado.) Some people even
      whispered that she must be a goddess because she was so beautiful. One
      man even wanted to make a statue of her and put it in the temple.

      Her father became concerned at all the attention she was getting so one
      day he led her away from her home in the village and locked her up in a
      castle in the hills on the outskirts of the village. He came every day
      after that to give her only food and drink but he never let anyone visit

      Day after day she gazed out the window and said to herself "I wish I
      could get out of here and see my friends." But she was not allowed. So
      she made friends with the birds and the squirrels that came to her
      castle. She would share her bread with them and learned the songs of the
      birds and learned to love the land that they lived in.

      When her animal friends did not come she often gazed out upon the
      countryside to see the beauty of nature - the sunsets, the green grass,
      the flowers and the fruit trees. She was struck by the thought that
      someone very great must have made these things and that the wooden
      statues her father prayed to could not have made them. Her heart was
      filled with joy at the wonder of the view out her window and the beauty
      of the earth. So she asked her animal friends "Who made the trees?" she
      asked the squirrel. The squirrel just chattered and scrambled down the
      tree. "Who made the sky you fly in?" she asked the bird and the bird
      just flapped his wings and soared through the sky.

      But just then the bird turned into a bright light and she saw a glow in
      the sky outside her window. The light seemed to hover like the bird
      above the tree and she did not hear anything but felt that it spoke to
      her. It said, "The creator has made these things."

      Every day after that she was visited by her friend, the angelic bird,
      and he told her many things about the earth and the sun and the heavens
      and who made them.

      Meanwhile her father did start to feel sorry for her and let her out of
      the castle to see people every once in a while. Whenever he let her out
      she would tell people about her bird friend in the castle and the things
      he told her and they would all shake their heads, "yes, yes, my dear."
      She spoke so quickly that they could not figure out what she was saying.
      "The poor girl, "they said, "she has gone crazy from all those years in
      the castle."

      Her father felt even more sorry for her now for he felt he had brought
      all this upon her. So as a gift to his only daughter he built a
      beautiful bathhouse to bathe in. It had two large stain glass windows,
      which let in the most beautiful light that shimmered and danced on the
      waters of the stone bath in the center of the room. The room filled with
      the rainbows and colored light was her favorite place to sit and think
      for in this room she was filled with light herself and bathed in not
      only the water, but the warmth of the sun and the brilliant rainbows
      that filled the room.

      Usually I provide the entire story here but I have run out of room this
      month - you can make up your own end to the story or you can see the
      rest of the story in the October lesson plans at:
      www.Earthschooling.com. The main value I wanted to convey with this
      sample is that you can create your own stories and traditions for
      holidays if the ones that are already there don't resonate with you.
      Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND
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