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Miricles and Changes: Update on Prayer Request

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  • Lyra Jubb
    Aloha Friends,   One month ago I asked all of you to add my family in your prayers.  A lot has happened over the course of the month and I have been unable
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2009
      Aloha Friends,

      One month ago I asked all of you to add my family in your prayers.  A lot has happened over the course of the month and I have been unable to reply to all of the positive energy you sent to us.

      Thank You All for your warm and beautiful energy.  I wanted to share with you what happened immediately after I asked for your help, but was swept into a whirl-wind of doctors’ visits, illnesses in the family and computer problems with no end. 

      Several hours after I posted the prayer request, my gas tank had three more gallons of gas then it had when I got to the hospital that morning.  I had no money, as is always the case at the end of a month, and so this was very welcome.  Unfortunately, my luck was about to be turned upside-down.  On April 1st I got a flat tire while taking Quinn to school and just barely made it into the parking lot.  Not exactly what I call a good April fool’s joke.  Luckily, the school janitor was pulling in with his mower and had all of the equipment to fix it.  Within the hour, I was able to go on my way and pick JP up from the hospital. 

      The next week I got a tarot reading from my friend, which described the next two months as hellish but passable, as long as I keep my wits about me.  She said that everything that could go wrong would, commenting that I may get a flat tire.  That just happened!  The past four weeks have been really challenging, but not impossible to navigate through.  There has been a lot of 'hurry up and wait' happening though.

      Four weeks later, our internet is finally fixed and the computer works.  My family is in better condition and we are now preparing to make a great move.

      My husband and I have made some really hard decisions which affect our whole family.  We realize that the past seven years here have been a struggle for survival and it seems that everything we have tried to do has failed.  We have had enough with this way of life and hope to start a new beginning on the West Coast.  We will be moving at the end of May and we will be traveling, by van, across America.  Our intention is to check out some of this country's sites before they disappear.

      Planning for the journey ahead, we are packing light and selling non-essentials, downsizing.  We will be camping along the way, and my hope is that we can raise environmental awareness on our two week journey.  My husband is a bit more cautious and would like us to focus on getting to our destination in the allotted time.

      The trailor we will be pulling will be covered with as many magnets as possible, so, if you see us, with green and blue oval and ribbon magnets on a trailor, give us a honk and join the march for sensible progressive environmental evolution.
       Stay tuned as we get closer to departure.  If you, or someone you know, lives in Vermont and is looking for some things, check out our adds on Craig's List.

      Peace, Love, And Light
      Lyra Star Mist Jubb
      "We co-create a beautiful world through our peaceful stewardship of Earth."
      Co-founder of Earth College

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