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Live H2O United by Love

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    Hello and Many Blessings, I have been a member of the Indigo groups for many years now.? I do not write very often but love to keep up with the e-mails. I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2009
      Hello and Many Blessings,

      I have been a member of the Indigo groups for many years now.? I do not write very often but love to keep up with the e-mails.

      I am involved with planning a wonderful event, and feel that this is a great place to share it.? It is called Live H2O United by Love.? It is part of a global event started by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and based on much of Dr. Emoto's research with water and our thoughts.? It is going to be a three day event?focused on Love.? The main focus ont he first day (Friday) will be on education, the second day on music (though music will be playing through out the weekend) and the third day on prayer, ending with everyone holding hands in front of the ocean in Long Beach praying over the water, and connecting with the other venues from around the world.? There has?been some research done that suggestes that 528hz is the vibration of love, many of the musicians will be tuning their instruments to 528hz (you can find more info about this on the web site below.).??The Long Beach venue will be one of 9 locations that will be recorded and streamed live on the internet for the whole weekend.? ?Please visit the web site for more information about this wonderful event www.LiveH2OUnitedbyLove.com .?

      I am helping the plan the venue in Long Beach CA.? Along with helping with the overall planning, I will be presenting my children's program The Children of Today & "Free to Be ME" Journeys of Empowerment www.TheChildrenofToday.com , I am also?planning the children's area for this event that takes place June 19-21st 2009.?

      I am sharing this today to see if anyone is interested in getting involved with this event.? There are many levels of possible involvement.? One is to help with the planning of this event, all areas are open for volunteers, we meet weekly for planning and have a weekly conference call.? Another possibility is if you are a speaker, musician, entertainer or vendor and would like to share your gifts/talents/services/products for this event I would love to hear from you.?

      There will be 3 stages at this event that will be having on going entertainment through the whole weekend, up to the prayer.? There is one main stage, a side platform and a platform in the children's area.?

      I am looking for adults and children for the platform in the children's area and for children/family related vendors.? I am really looking for conscious minded/inspirational presenters and vendors.?If you feel an alignment with what we are doing (you can read all about it on the web site www.LiveH2OUnitedbyLove.com ) please contact me and I can give you more information and tell you how you can get involved.? If you know someone who would be perfect for this event please pass them the information even if it is not in the children's area.? I can pass them to the appropriate committee head.? And if you are interested in being involved but not local, you might want to check the web site to see if there is?an event?happening by you.?
      This is such an amazing opportunity, it is much more than just an event, it is what it stands for,................which I believe is all about Shifting Consciousness and giving us an opportunity to model that which we want to see in the world.? It is a great time for this healing!

      I look forward to hearing from anyone interested!? And to?this amazing event!!
      Many Blessings
      Carolyn Kaufman, founder
      The Children of Today & "Free to Be ME"

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