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Kathryn Perry at the Indigo Nation Conference September 27th in Richardson, TX

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  • Karen Eck
    I got this in my email today, so I am forwarding it. That s all I know about the event. I did meet Kathryn Perry on a trip to Texas and she is very special
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2008
      I got this in my email today, so I am forwarding it.
      That's all I know about the event.
      I did meet Kathryn Perry on a trip to Texas and
      she is very special person that comes with my highest recommendations.
      For questions send to the email address below.

      >Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 19:35:06 +0200
      >From: "Asara.com Newsletter" <info@...>
      >Subject: Kathryn Perry at the Indigo Nation
      >Conference September 27th in Richardson, TX
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      >Humanity101 Presents:
      >Indigo Nation Conference
      >September 27th, 2008
      >Wide Awake? Visit Lonna's blog at
      >Lonna Bartley
      >(972) 998-8532
      >Humanity101 Presents:
      >Indigo Nation Conference
      >Be a Part of a Conscious Evolution!
      >sponsored by: Center for Spiritual Living, MoveStudio and Messages of Joy
      >* Are you ready to take your life to the next level of fulfillment?
      >* Are you desiring to let go of the blocks that
      >keep you from manifesting the success you desire?
      >* Are you looking for more fulfilling relationships?
      >* Would you like to tap into your intuition in a greater way?
      >* Are you desiring inspiration and empowerment
      >so you can take your life to the next level?
      >* Would you like to meet with other like-minded
      >people and start a conscious evolution?
      >Unique Conference with a Variety of Speakers
      >September 27th from 8:30 am-7:30 pm
      >At Center for Spiritual Living
      >4801 Spring Valley Rd., Suite 115, Dallas, TX 75244
      >West of Tollway off Spring Valley between Inwood and Welch
      >Ecstatic Dance and Yoga Movement Experiences for
      >Body, Mind and Spirit provided by MoveStudio.
      >Seating EXTREMELY LIMITED...
      >This event also features a children's program
      >for the first 40 kids 10-16 which includes
      >meditation, movement, and various teachers
      >focusing on helping your child know that he/she
      >is here for a special purpose with special
      >gifts. They will embrace their own uniqueness
      >with a greater appreciation for the
      >opportunities that life will bring them to
      >express themselves in greater ways! Youth 17+ may attend the adult program.
      >You MUST Pre-Register for this event on-line at:
      >Cost is $199.00 until August 31st; afterwards $249
      >Don't wait register today!
      >You will not be allowed to register at the door!
      >The day will open and close with a Channeled
      >Visualization by Lonna Bartley and music with
      >Deb Chamberlain! Lonna was guided to put this
      >day together to empower attendees to move
      >forward in their lives in a powerful way---as
      >the conscious co-creative beings they are! Come
      >be inspired! Leave ready to move forward in your life in a more powerful way!
      >Speakers and Topics for the Main Sessions include:
      >Conscious Co-Creation! Huh? You think I Created THIS???
      >By Lonna Bartley
      >Come learn about the Ascension process--the
      >stages of our soul's growth. Learn quickly where
      >you are and how to move through the process more
      >quickly! Enjoy a channeled visualization to
      >bring in frequencies that will assist you in
      >shifting right now! Come to understand how you
      >developed your ego or the mask you wear and
      >created enough lessons to last a life-time! In
      >addition you will get to experience New
      >Consciousness Energy Healing to remove the
      >beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving
      >you! Leave transformed as you realize the only
      >limitation you have is the belief that you are limited!
      >Reawakening Your Power Within
      >By Nancy Emery
      >We are all born with an innate knowing of who we
      >really are, and in the human experience we make
      >decisions throughout our life to hide that
      >knowing and the deep power within. Many people
      >don't understand what true power is. It is
      >remembering who we really are, loving our true
      >selves, living in a state of non-judgment, and
      >in that, living from the heart. When we find
      >power within, we live in a state of flow and
      >ease. Our job here on earth, is not about what
      >we do in life, but it is about living from our
      >heart and the power of our higher self. By
      >clearing the old beliefs about ourselves that we
      >have derived from not only our family, but also
      >school, our peers, our jobs, and the community,
      >we empower ourselves and others. Nancy will take
      >you on a journey that will help you to find that
      >power deep within and in that space she will
      >help you on your path to growth and enlightenment.
      >Becoming the Indigo You Were Always Meant to Be
      >By Vicki High
      >Whether it's navigating the world around you or
      >discovering what gifts you possess, as an
      >"Indigo", you have a purpose which is important
      >to the world. Often the people who are believed
      >to be "Indigo" feel that the burdens of their
      >life purpose seem overwhelming at times. This
      >session will bring an understanding of the
      >variety of gifts available to Indigos and how
      >they can learn to use them successfully to
      >fulfill their dreams and achieve their life
      >purpose. This session outlines proven approaches
      >to become a creator rather than a victim in your
      >life while recovering your power to live
      >passionately and purposefully. This session will
      >also provide tools that help people deal with
      >the issues that come up and provide discussions
      >that help these individuals understand exactly
      >what it is like to be an Indigo. Designed to be
      >entertaining, fun and informative with a little
      >help from the audience, this class provides
      >specific information as we continue to learn from the Indigos themselves.
      >Unleash Your Life: The Art of Living Dangerously
      >By Daniel D'Neuville
      >Based on Daniel's forthcoming book of the same
      >title, he presents an inspiring approach to
      >transforming the blocks and limits in our lives.
      >He says, "We have nothing to become or get
      >better at, but only to artfully live past the
      >edges of our comfort zone to stimulate growth
      >and the full self expression of being passionately alive."
      >For some, just the mere idea of living
      >dangerously creates fear and hesitation, but
      >Living Dangerously is not about doing stupid
      >things like playing in speeding traffic. At the
      >heart of the philosophy is an awakening of the
      >Spirit, through the conscious transformation of
      >the fears that stop and limit us. Mostly these
      >fears live hidden in the background of our day
      >to day, keeping us tied to a realm of
      >mediocrity. We don't live the life that is our
      >full self expression. We are tied up... held back from being who we really are.
      >These fears are expressed through feelings of
      >confusion and procrastination, detours or events
      >that side track us, sickness and injuries.
      >There's a feeling that we have more to give and
      >express, but don't because we "think" we don't
      >know what we want, or what we want to really do.
      >We ignore the guidance from within. When we live
      >life within that narrow comfort zone of past
      >knowing, there is a dullness to life and a quiet
      >sadness or depression that for some reason our
      >life doesn't work like it "should". It is time
      >to Unleash Your Life and express the true you.
      >Oh Wow! So this is How You Practice Compassion
      >By Melody Brooke
      >Over my 20-year career as a Licensed
      >Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family
      >Therapist I have discovered the secret to living
      >a happy, successful life and having the kind of
      >relationships you have dreamed. The Cycles of
      >the Heart model exposes the hidden secrets to
      >the practice of the Spiritual path of
      >Compassion. This new breakthrough model, the
      >Cycles of the Heart, reveals never before
      >discovered secrets to applying Compassion in your everyday life.
      >Wouldn't you like to:
      >* Feel more in control of your emotions?
      >* Know how to respond to stress and conflict?
      >* Understand why people do what they do?
      >* Know how important and valuable a person you really are?
      >* Not feel hurt when people get angry with you?
      >* Feel more connected to the people in your life?
      >As Celia of the Indigo Life Website says: "The
      >Joy and Peace only come when we create them here
      >on the planet. And first we have to learn the
      >lessons of Global Compassion. We have to feel
      >the pain and the trauma as if it were our own,
      >which in fact, it is. And then, we choose to
      >release these illusions and create the Global Peace that we desire."
      >Consider this from the Indigo Ocean Website:
      >"(In regard to current world problems) we are
      >looking at two basic root failures: 1) a lack of
      >a sense of community connectedness and the
      >compassion that comes with that connection; and
      >2) a lack of a sense of inner connectedness to
      >one's true nature and the peacefulness that comes with that connection.."
      >Ask yourself if this is what you want for
      >yourself. You probably already know that
      >compassion is not something that comes naturally
      >or easily to some people. You are smart enough
      >to know that it's up to you to learn what it
      >takes to become free to experience the benefits of a Compassion filled life.
      > From Success to Success - Meet The One Command
      >By Kathryn Perry
      >The One Command® unlocks a power within you so
      >great - activating unused portions of your mind
      >you are propelled into your innate ability to
      >create the life you have always desired. In this
      >lively talk you will learn how to consciously
      >operate in the masterful state of theta and as
      >you issue The One Command®, you stop your old
      >way of thinking in a moment and bring into your
      >essential hard wired subconscious a new
      >understanding of wealth, money, and rich living.
      >Everyone is Psychic
      >Joy Kauf from Messages of Joy, Lewisville, TX
      >We are all born with the ability to be psychic.
      >I will be presenting information that brings you
      >back to your childhood, when we had experiences
      >you have forgotten. We live in a world that
      >taught us these experiences weren't real. We had
      >an overactive imagination. People all over the
      >world are now being tapped on the shoulder to
      >remember these experiences. When we look at our
      >lives today some of us have everything that we
      >want but we still feel like we are missing
      >something. What we are missing is our spiritual
      >connection to God, Spirit, or The Source. In my
      >experience what is waking people up is that
      >their children/Indigos are helping them
      >remember. Experiences their children/Indigos are
      >having are helping them remember their own
      >experiences. This is your child's mission to
      >help you remember, and you are here to help them not forget.
      >True Business, True You
      >By Tina Ferguson
      >Are you looking for more meaning in your career
      >or business? Do you want to be your most
      >authentic self in every area of your life? You
      >can! Part of defining what is true in work is by
      >first determining what is true for you as an
      >individual. In this session, Intuitive and
      >Business Catalyst, Tina Ferguson, shares
      >insights into simple, practical steps you can
      >take to find work that feeds your soul. She will
      >also share stories and examples of others and
      >how they united their true selves with their true soul's calling.
      >Three 'Decisions' You Can Make Today That Will
      >Change The Way You Approach Work
      >How You Can Move From Dreaming About Your Life to Living Your Dream Life
      >Secrets of Those Who Have What They Really Want
      >Why NOW is the Only Time To Act
      >The Fine Art of Loving and Empowering Your Body
      >Barbara Bortchardt
      >We are body, mind and spirit! That cannot be
      >divided! Nor can one thrive without the other
      >two being in sync. As we connect with our Higher
      >Source and we are the very essence of our higher
      >source, we can understand the powerful changes
      >we can manifest in this vehicle called our body.
      >We are marvelously created and our marvelous
      >bodies, which by their very nature and design
      >are producing over 300 billion new cells
      >everyday. Can we influence those cells? You bet
      >we can and we do with every thought every day.
      >Come and experience:
      >The wonder of the human body
      >How your beliefs make your body an incredible healing maniac
      >How to be in touch with your body's wisdom & accessing that inner wisdom
      >Empowering your body to heal itself
      >Eastern wisdom vs. the western model (i.e. Qi Gong vs. muscle building)
      >Emotional release techniques
      >Prayer and Meditation
      >Energy Medicine
      >Sing From Your Soul!
      >By Deb Chamberlin
      >In his new book, "Happier than God", Neale
      >Donald Walsch says, "I want you to promise me
      >that you will sing at least once each day. It
      >will change everything. You cannot sing with a
      >rotten disposition. And you cannot keep a rotten
      >disposition when you sing... Happiness is the
      >highest state of resonance... Singing connects
      >the mind with the heart and the heart with the soul. So sing! I dare you! "
      >Singing isn't just for rock stars, divas or
      >karaoke kings! Singing is one of the most
      >powerful ways for human beings to connect in
      >mind-body-heart-spirit and to be fully present
      >to the moment of now. Sound is vibration, the
      >energy that we hear. The highest vibration is
      >consciousness. When we sing, we are literally resonating with consciousness.
      >Singing is universal. Even if we don't
      >understand the language or lyrics, we know what
      >a singer is feeling as he/she sings. When a
      >singer is fully present, feeling what it is to
      >be human and expressing that in song, we the
      >listeners are free to feel what we feel, without
      >judgment or constraint. Singing bypasses the
      >mind, directly connecting us to the Soul - the Soul of Humanity.
      >Singing can, literally, change the world. But
      >you don't have to be the best singer in the
      >world! You just need to breathe, relax, open
      >your mouth, and allow your humanity and the
      >vibrations of your own voice to fill you up,
      >come through you and out into the world, to
      >resonate and connect with others. Like yoga for
      >the voice, vocal exercises go a long way in
      >expanding your freedom and ability to express
      >exactly what you feel and wish to express. Have
      >fun with Deb as she leads you through simple
      >exercises to warm up your vocal muscles, expand
      >your sound vibrations and connect you with your
      >most powerful vehicle for self-expression! And
      >enjoy Deb's performances throughout the day as
      >she shares songs, both familiar and her own
      >originals, to inspire and unite us in spirit!
      >Break-out Sessions:
      >Celebrating Your Body Spirit
      >Nothing connects you with yourself and others like playing and having fun
      >By Melody Brooke
      >InterPlay allows us to playfully attend to what
      >is happening in our bodies in response to
      >ourselves, our stories, contact with others and
      >with our world. Through the Interplay method we
      >find our center in a playful, safe environment
      >as we tell stories, laugh, move, play, sing and
      >connect. Deepening your connection with your
      >body and with other bodies frees your "body
      >spirit" to express in ways you have never
      >imagined possible. Interplay allows a gradual
      >discovery of your creativity, your spirit, and
      >yourself! You have fun and little by little let
      >go of the stress you have built up in your life. Come Play with Us!
      >Lessons from Walking On Fire
      >By Daniel D'Neuville
      >When the subject of walking on fire comes up, or
      >more accurately a bed of 1200 degree red hot
      >coals, a lot of people ask me... "Why would
      >anyone want to do that?" The question always
      >stuns me a little because I have always asked,
      >"Why wouldn't you want to walk on fire?" "Why
      >wouldn't you want to experience an aspect of
      >yourself that is awesome and transcends the
      >everyday?" "How often do you do something
      >considered on the edge of impossible" This
      >breakout session will present the lessons
      >contained within the firewalking experience and
      >how they can be applied to all areas of your
      >life. While not a practical job skill, walking
      >on fire is a physical metaphor for over-coming
      >fear and limitation and living life of deliberate intention.
      >You will discover:
      >the dynamics of manifesting
      >why fear is not real
      >how you are intuitively guided... always
      >how to rewrite the beliefs that limit you
      >and accept how powerful you really are
      >True Talents & Soul Gifts (3 hours)
      >Provided by Tina Ferguson
      >When you were born, wrapped up in that tiny
      >little seed you came from was an amazing
      >assortment of talents, soul gifts, and soul
      >wisdom. If you are searching for your purpose,
      >this is the session to attend to learn what your
      >God-given talents are and how they work with
      >your soul gifts. In this session, Soul
      >Intuitive, Tina Ferguson, shares insights from
      >Heaven and Earth as she works with you with the
      >StrengthsFinder Assessment and provides
      >on-the-spot readings to determine what your soul gifts are.
      >How Your Soul Co-creates in the Physical
      >Easy Ways to Honor Your Soul
      >How to Uncover What You Really Want to Do With Your Life
      >How to Honor the Divine Within and Create the Life You Want
      >Experience Yoga
      >Provided by MoveStudio
      >When something has been around for thousands of
      >years, it's not a fad! The ancient practice of
      >yoga is an experiential path of self-discovery
      >and holistic health. It is a transformational
      >life practice that can help people of all ages
      >improve physical fitness, flexibility, range of
      >motion and balance, as well as mental clarity,
      >stress management, self-understanding, and
      >overall well-being. All ages welcome!
      >Experience Ecstatic Dance
      >Provided by MoveStudio
      >Dance the way your body wants to, without
      >choreography or judgment! Get out of your head
      >and into your body, discovering the innate body
      >wisdom you possess. Ecstatic Dance is an
      >authentic, spontaneous, expressive, meditative
      >movement practice (and a great self-directed
      >dance workout!) inspired by various freedance
      >practices (5Rhythms(TM), Contemplative Dance,
      >Dance Meditation, Soul Motion(TM), etc.). Go
      >beyond the limits of your habitual movement
      >patterns and explore your unique inner dance. No
      >experience needed, just a willingness to move
      >and be moved! If you love to dance but not the
      >club atmosphere, this is for you. It's about
      >putting your soul in motion and giving yourself
      >permission to dance without holding back. All ages welcome!
      >SINGING MASTER CLASS with Deb Chamberlin
      >In this 60-minute Master Class with top East
      >Coast Vocal Coach, Deb Chamberlin, you will
      >learn & practice various breathing & vocal
      >exercises which you can use for: warming up,
      >increasing & smoothing out your vocal range,
      >gaining vocal ease & freedom, building strength
      >and stamina & more. Following the technique
      >work, Deb will work with at least 3 volunteers
      >who wish to expand their power and presence in
      >song performance. As much as the volunteers will
      >learn, it is even more powerful to observe this
      >coaching process. These techniques and
      >principles can also be applied to public
      >speaking, performance and all genres of singing.
      >You will leave this workshop with a new
      >relationship to singing and performing - one of
      >freedom, joy and full self-expression. (Those
      >who wish to volunteer can bring a song on cd
      >that they already know, karaoke version
      >preferred; or, they can sing a song a cappella.)
      >Cost: $20 (min. of 5 people for the class)
      >About the Presenters:
      >Lonna Bartley
      >Lonna teaches Oneness, how to align with your
      >higher self and live a multi-sensory life fully
      >connected to the spiritual realm. She is
      >intuitive, empathic healer with profound
      >soul-level insight. Lonna's soul purpose is to
      >help you align with the light of God and to
      >remove those things that keep you from
      >experiencing and expressing Love Wildly for
      >yourself! For it is from knowing yourself as a
      >being of Love and that place of fullness that
      >you can create the Love you want to see in the world!
      >Lonna teaches New Consciousness Energy Healing
      >which can miraculously change your life. Lonna
      >is the founder of
      >where you can receive her ezine. She is the host
      >of her own internet radio show and she
      >interviews visionaries who are using their gifts
      >to bring more light into the world. You can
      >listen to her on
      >Lonna is the mother of a beautiful, intuitive 10
      >year-old daughter, Mandy. She lives in Carrollton, TX.
      >Barbara Borchardt
      >Barbara began her journey into alternative
      >medicine in 1991 when her critically ill husband
      >was diagnosed with Lyme disease to which western
      >medicine had no answers other than "you're
      >getting older." He was 36 and now is fully
      >recovered now! Barbara is a licensed
      >Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and is
      >always seeking the best, most effective ways to
      >gently move your body into balance (which is the
      >place where your body can heal itself). With a
      >strong background in nutritional therapies, she
      >specializes in pain relief, infertility and
      >women's issues, chronic illness,
      >emotional/spiritual balance and health/life
      >coaching. "My passion is teaching you how to
      >make simple adjustments with life altering benefits."
      >Melody Brooke
      >After a childhood of abuse and neglect and two
      >failed marriages I decided there had to be a
      >better way. Counselors and self-help books
      >agreed that it was my parent's and husband's
      >fault. Applying this new knowledge widened the
      >gulf between them. It didn't take much of this
      >before I KNEW there had to be a better way. With
      >three kids to take care of, I needed to find it
      >fast. Well, it took a dozen years to grasp how
      >alike we really are, and more importantly, how
      >to bridge the gap between us when all seems
      >lost. My mode of working with clients evolved
      >from understanding the distortions my clients
      >used to survive in a scary world. My techniques
      >transformed their lives and allowed many of them
      >to return to the workplace for the first time in
      >decades. The results are just as remarkable when
      >applied to couples, families, and even in the
      >workplace. What I love about sharing these tools
      >with "normal" people is the ripple effect it has
      >on their children, spouses, parents, and
      >co-workers. I am now happily married and have
      >five children enjoying the ripple effect in my own life.
      >I am a licensed professional counselor and
      >marriage and family therapist. I've been in
      >practice for 20 years. I have two books and a
      >workbook. My first book, "Cycles of the Heart: A
      >way out of the egocentrism of everyday life"
      >gives the details of my model clearly with lots
      >of technical explanation. This month, my latest
      >book, "Oh, WOW This changes everything" has been released.
      >My blog, at:
      >helps you understand the many ways the Cycles affect every aspect of our lives.
      >Deb Chamberlin
      >Deb has been a top vocal coach in NYC & the
      >South Jersey / Philadelphia are for over 24
      >years, teaching beginners to major label
      >recording artists. She recently created a new
      >video & audio voice lesson series, making her
      >technique available worldwide through the
      >internet. As a singer-songwriter, Deb has
      >released 2 original cd's ("Secrets of My
      >Universe" 2002, and "I am She" 2007) on ESAH
      >Music. Her voice has been heard up & down the
      >East Coast on TV & Radio, performing her
      >original songs as well as commercial jingles.
      >Also a Life Coach & Teen Mentor, Deb is
      >Co-Founder / Co-Director of the "Changing Our
      >World (COW) Project, a non-profit for teens who
      >are "Changing Our World" through creative arts
      >projects. Visit
      >to view the award-winning music video,
      >co-written by Deb. Mother of a beautiful
      >12-year-old daughter and married to her music
      >partner of 20 years, Deb is committed to
      >creating a world where freedom, self-expression
      >and joy abound. Visit:
      >& www.myspace.com/debchamberlin
      >Daniel D'Neuville
      >(DAY-NO-vee) is a peak performance coach and
      >researcher, working with individuals and
      >organizations through one on one consultations,
      >workshops and seminars to Unleash their unique
      >and often under-expressed possibilities and
      >potential. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro
      >Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Master
      >Hypnotist, and expert in personal and
      >organizational performance strategies. With over
      >25 years of investigating the dimensions of
      >inner space, Daniel presents a very practical
      >yet spiritual approach to being all that you can
      >be. <http://t.ymlp62.com/ujyakaumearaubjqaoajmyu/click.php>www.dneuville.com
      >Nancy Emery
      >Nancy Emery currently lives in Hawaii where she
      >swims with the dolphins and is very connected to
      >the dolphin energy. She is a Family Nurse
      >Practitioner with more than 30 years of
      >experience in the medical field that includes
      >emergency, mental health, family practice,
      >refugee health, and drug and alcohol treatment.
      >A strong belief in the importance of empowering
      >people to be healthy in mind, body and spirit,
      >she specializes in transforming lives using
      >heart centered guided imagery along with the
      >modalities of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic
      >Drainage Therapy, detoxing, and energetic and
      >intuitive medicine. Throughout her career, Nancy
      >has taught a variety of classes to both medical
      >professionals and people of all walks of life.
      >She is available for private sessions either in
      >person or by phone. (808)
      >Tina Ferguson
      >a.k.a. The Queen of Dreams, Intuitive, Business
      >& Life Catalyst, Soul Coach, and Royal
      >Cheerleader for All Dreamers Intuitive from age
      >3 when she had an amazing experience with an
      >angel and Jesus, Tina has experienced an
      >adventurous intuitive path. She has built a
      >successful marketing and business strategy
      >company, served as a marketing and business
      >strategist for multi-million dollar companies.
      >She has created award-winning programs that have
      >generated millions of dollars in revenue, and
      >has been featured in publications such as the
      >American Marketing Association's Focus
      >Newsletter, Dallas Business Journal, Forbes.com,
      >and others. Her intuitive work has appeared
      >around the world and is the host of Queen of
      >Dreams Radio - AskIntuition.com's Guides &
      >Guidance. She specializes in helping move people
      >and companies quickly along their path. From
      >exponentially increasing revenue to identifying
      >major blocks, Tina's divine gifts work well with
      >her innate and experiential talents. As an
      >internationally recognized psychic-medium, she
      >is honored to use her gifts to serve the Creator
      >of All That Is and the creator in you. She lives
      >with her son and husband, and their angel dog,
      >Rico, a big bundle of English Mastiff Love, in Plano, Texas.
      >Vicki L. High
      >Heart 2 Heart Connections: Miracles All Around US
      >Vicki L. High is an entertaining trainer,
      >author, healing practitioner and Indigo. She
      >served as Mayor of her community for 5 years, is
      >a business owner and corporate trainer. Her
      >contributions include business operations,
      >healthcare alternatives, professional
      >development and project management. As the world
      >of healing unfolded around her, she became
      >amazed and intrigued. She began to participate
      >and witness miracles and incredible experiences
      >while conducting healing sessions and seminars
      >throughout the country. Her book, Heart 2 Heart
      >Connections: Miracles All Around Us details the
      >stories that changed her life. She has just
      >completed her second book, One Woman's Journey:
      >Finding the Treasure. In 2000, she became a
      >Reiki Master Teacher, Reconnective healing
      >practitioner and appeared as a guest on the
      >Oprah Winfrey she with Gary Zukav. What she
      >discovered transformed into Heart 2 Heart
      >Healing. The beauty of this simple, yet
      >effective gift is that anyone can do it. Her
      >passion is helping people discover their own
      >healing gift and tap into the extraordinary
      >personal power that we have as human and
      >spiritual beings. Her mission and purpose in
      >life is to teach people about their own present
      >wrapped up and stored in the corner with only
      >your name on it. Only you can open the gift and
      >you need it to do what you came here to do.
      >Joy Kauf
      >Messages of Joy
      >I opened Messages of Joy on December 1, 2005. I
      >previously worked in Corporate America for over
      >20 years. I decided it was time to begin living
      >my dream and keep a promise I made to my dearest
      >friend and teacher Mike Gambino and channel of
      >St. Jerome. Since a small child I saw spirits,
      >ghost, and the unseen world. I had no one to
      >share this with since I felt like I was the only
      >one who saw them. I went on a personal spiritual
      >search to find the answers to the questions I
      >had and met Mike. He was able to help me resolve
      >that I was not alone and that the world I saw
      >really existed. Since my early 20's I have
      >studied Metaphysics and envisioned a place where
      >likeminded people can gather, communicate,
      >share, and learn from each other. My objective
      >was to open a place where Spirit, Angels, and
      >Guides will bring together those who want to
      >discuss and help support each other on their spiritual path.
      >My personal mission is to help to Children of
      >Now and their parents. At Messages of Joy we are
      >here to help answer those questions that parents
      >have. We are here to give guidance and assist
      >you with your unanswered questions. We are here
      >to help you develop your own spiritual
      >abilities. We have taught kids and parents, all
      >types of energy healing modalities as well as spiritual workshops.
      >My personal definition of Metaphysics is; how
      >you build your personal relationship with God.
      >What did you come to earth to contribute? I
      >believe God, The Source, Spirit, or (whatever
      >term you are personally comfortable with) gave
      >us everything we need to heal, and live our life
      >fully. I am a Certified Reiki, Theta, and
      >Galactic Healing Practitioner and a Certified
      >Galactic Healing Teacher. I am a certified Tarot
      >Reader, Spiritual Counselor, and Channel. I have
      >many spirit guides I work with which are Native
      >American, Ascended Masters, and Archangels. Here
      >are the ones I work with the most. My Native
      >American Guides are Sun Eagle and The Guardian.
      >The Archangels I work with are Michael and
      >Metatron. The Ascended Masters I work with is my
      >elder brother Master/Teacher Jesus the Christ
      >and The Blue Mother. I have been blessed to work
      >with so many amazing people who have touched my
      >life in a deep way on my spiritual path. Here
      >are the people I have studied with to date.
      >Energy Healing and Spiritual Teachers:
      >Mike Gambino - Channel of St. Jerome with his Messages of Joy
      >Roe Bear - Spiritual Workshops, Shamanism, and Reiki Level 1 and 2
      >Antoinette Moltzan( International Teacher and Author) - The Course in Light
      >Alyce Payne - Theta Healing both Level 1 and Advanced
      >Susan Paige (International Author and Teacher) - Raindrop Technique
      >Joseph Benton - Esoteric Energy Healing
      >Shelley Kaehr PhD. (Author and Teacher) - Galactic Healing
      >Rev. Lynette Leckie-Clark (International Author,
      >Channel and Teacher and Michael Clark
      >(International Healer) - Who I am forever
      >blessed to have had them cross my path and run
      >The Kuthumi School of Wisdom Headquartered in
      >Australia, with Internet Courses Available.
      >The Many Folks who come into Messages of Joy we
      >learn from each other every day.
      >Kathryn Perry
      >Kathryn has been on the healing path for over 20
      >years and is a partner with Asara Lovejoy in
      >bringing The One Command® and the Commanding
      >Wealth® Seminars to the world. Her background
      >includes Hypnotherapy, Nuero-Linguistic Training
      >(NLP), The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),
      >Shamanic journeys and is an active
      >Thetahealing(TM) teacher. It is Kathryn's unique
      >ability to see the solution within the problem,
      >along with her years of training, warmth, humor
      >and compassion that has made her a successful,
      >teacher, presenter, mentor and counselor.
      >Since 2000, MoveStudio has been helping people
      >move with more joy and ease and providing a
      >unique alternative to traditional fitness
      >facilities, yoga centers and dance studios.
      >MoveStudio also proudly serves as a community
      >gathering place, with a number of special
      >events, community Dance Jams, workshops, Sacred
      >Sounds Concerts and festivals throughout the
      >year. The studio is for ages 15 and up. Visit
      >for more info.
      >For More Information go to
      >Humanity101, 4701 Charles Place Suite 2621, Plano, TX 75093, USA

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