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Recession-Proof Your Life!

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  • Patels
    Hi guys, I have not posted in a while, but I always share the work of my friend, Karen Curry with you! I know that she changes the planet with her teachings,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2008
      Hi guys,

      I have not posted in a while, but I always share the work of my friend,
      Karen Curry with you!
      I know that she changes the planet with her teachings, one person at a
      time, and I know that all of you on the list are about changing the
      planet to make it a better place for everyone!

      For me that's a perfect fit, and so I invite you to read what Karen says
      in her email and I send my love with that message, and the knowingness
      that whoever was meant to find Karen and her work, will send their love
      back to me for sharing that email. If you know someone who might be
      interested in Karen's work, please feel free to forward that email.

      Thank you !




      Reading the news can be kind of scary sometimes.

      You may have been following the news. It seems that we are experiencing
      an economic recession.

      Buckle your seatbelt. I am going to share some information with you
      that might challenge your thinking a bit. Okay?

      We're not in a recession.

      We're not experiencing financial woes.

      We're not going to have to tighten our belts.

      The economy is just perfect.

      If we believe it is.

      Our life is controlled by what we think. Our life experience is created
      by our thoughts and our emotions.

      Think about this. I read the news every day. Yes, there has been talk
      of economic woes. Yes, the word for 2007 was "subprime". Yes, we are
      seeing some financial changes.

      But, I swear, just three weeks ago, no one was using the "R" word. And
      then everyone started saying the "R" word and within a week and a half
      we were experiencing a full-blown recession complete with tax refunds
      and economic stimulus plans!

      (And I am NOT complaining about the tax credits!!!!! Wooo Hooo!)

      In Prosperity Bootcamp I teach about the Law of Focused Success. The
      Law of Focused Success states:

      "Where you put your energy and attention is where you get results."

      I love that we are focusing on solutions to enhance the economy. I love
      that we are creating an economic stimulus plan. I LOVE to focus my
      attention on these things.

      As an observer of people, though, I find it interesting to see how the
      media (and the stock market) are focusing on the "recession". I think
      that if our collective intention is to create a nice big economic
      downturn, then putting our attention on the recession is a great way to
      make it bigger!

      I also know that many of the richest people in the world have made
      fortunes during economic down times.

      And they got rich during hard times because they focused on
      opportunities and possibilities instead of problems.

      Mindset is the key to creating prosperity under any circumstance.

      A new session of Prosperity Boot Camp starts this Thursday at 8pm
      Central. This 8-week teleseminar teaches you exactly how to create what
      you desire in your life, no matter what your current circumstances.
      (Even when we seem to be experiencing a "recession".)

      If you are worried about the economy or you are afraid that your life
      will be affected by the big "R", do yourself a favor and
      "recession-proof" your life by taking Prosperity Bootcamp.

      Your most creative moment is NOW. And, regardless of what is happening
      to you right now, a simple change in focus can dramatically change your

      (By the way, this class is also for you if you are experiencing a
      temporary "recession" in your love life, spiritual life or health, too!!!!

      To Register For Prosperity Boot Camp Click The Link below:


      BONUS: If you register for Prosperity Boot Camp this week, you will
      receive an extra special bonus. My friend, holistic accountant, Meira
      Findel, is offering all Prosperity Boot Camp students a FREE personal
      income tax return filing ($100.00) value.

      In addition, when your register for Prosperity Boot Camp, you can take
      Meira's teleclass, "Tax Savings for the Self-Employed" starting on
      February 6, for free.

      I will pay your tuition. It's my way of helping you make the most of
      the work you do.

      To Register For Prosperity Boot Camp Click The Link Below:


      I look forward to seeing you in class! Here's to healthy profits, great
      love, abundant health, deep spiritual wealth and wisdom!!

      Wooo Hooo!



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