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Daily Dose - Children's drugs get a check-up

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  • Karen Eck
    From: WC Douglass Subject: Daily Dose - Children s drugs get a check-up Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 10:04:14 -0400 To make sure you
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      From: "WC Douglass" <realhealth@...>
      Subject: Daily Dose - Children's drugs get a check-up
      Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 10:04:14 -0400
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      October 01, 2007
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      Dear Friend,

      I grumble about the incompetence of today's
      parents a lot. It's no secret that I think
      new-fangled "diseases" such as ADD and ADHD are
      nothing more than kids being kids ­ and parents
      NOT being parents. I shudder to think that the
      future of this great nation is going to be
      largely in the hands of children who were
      diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and have
      been dependent on drugs nearly from infancy.

      Something I haven't spilled much ink over ­ but
      that is equally deserving of ridicule, in my eyes
      ­ is the absurd action of sedating children with
      OTC cold and allergy drugs. It's a whole new
      level of irresponsibility and selfishness on the
      part of parents, caregivers, and anyone else who
      thinks children should come with an on/off switch.

      Newsflash: It doesn't work that way.

      Still, that hasn't stopped a portion of the
      population from drugging (yes, drugging ­ let's
      call a spade a spade) children with allergy or
      cold medicines whenever it was convenient. But if
      the ethical concerns weren't strong enough to
      make these people think twice, maybe the safety concerns will.

      The sedation issue has brought about the
      long-overdue examination of certain cough and
      cold medicines for children THAT WERE NEVER
      ADEQUATELY TESTED in children. It's a dirty
      little secret, but now pediatricians and health
      officials are finally bringing it to light.

      Brand names that have become the standard
      treatment for children ­ drugs such as Toddler's
      Dimetapp, Triaminic Infant, and Little Colds ­
      were placed on the market before the FDA
      tightened its premarket testing standards. The
      main compound in Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is
      under inspection for the same reasons.

      This will likely come as a shock to most parents.
      After all, the drug companies are allowed to
      market the cough medicines for children ­ even
      though no studies have been done showing that they're safe OR effective!

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      Despite their claims of safety, common cough and
      cold medicines can have serious side effects and
      have been associated with adult diseases like
      arrhythmias, high blood pressure, and stroke. In
      fact, they cause serious health issues in
      thousands of children every year. The CDC found
      that in 2004 and 2005, over 1,500 children under
      2 years old had to be taken to the hospital after
      taking a common cough and cold medicine. Three of them died.

      And in Maryland alone (where the petition to
      review the safety and efficacy of cough and cold
      medicines originated), 900 children under 4 years
      old overdosed on these medications in 2004, and
      in the last five years such drugs have been linked to four deaths.

      Manufacturers claim that the drugs are safe when
      they're used on the proper age group (6 years old
      and up) and with the proper dosage. But do they
      even know what constitutes proper dosage?
      According to Dr. Charles Gangley, the director of
      the FDA's office of nonprescription drug
      products, most dosages listed on these labels are
      no more than EDUCATED GUESSES. He said, "We have
      no data on these agents of what's a safe and effective dose in children."

      My advice: We're talking about children here,
      infants and toddlers. So first things first:
      Let's worry about SAFETY first and get to effective from there.

      Keeping an eye on the FDA "watchdogs,"

      William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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