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  • Karen Eck
    This website is about William Horatio Bates, a medical doctor, and the Bates Method for improving eyesight. Here s a snippet about this non-orthodox method
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2007
      This website is about William Horatio Bates, a medical doctor, and
      the Bates Method for improving eyesight.
      Here's a snippet about this non-orthodox method that was rejected by
      the mainstream medical establishement.

      [quote] Early on, he began noticing that the vision of some patients
      would vary and that some would see better after not having worn their
      properly-prescribed glasses. Investigating the matter, he found that
      patients would see better after resting their eyes. He began taking
      glasses off myopic medical students and eliminating the students'
      need for them. In 1896 he began what was to be many years of
      experimental work, gradually making the discoveries that make up the
      Bates Method as it is known today. He eliminated his presbyopia, a
      condition which was (and is) commonly held to be an inevitable result
      of old age. By 1913, he began treating with his methods patients with
      not only what was recognized as "functional" myopia but also what was
      held to be incurable "organic" myopia, showing those cases to be
      functional as well. Eventually he also treated people with other
      vision disorders and diseases of the eye. Various medical journals of
      the time published his articles about the methods he employed. He
      published his discoveries and methods in his 1920 book and his Better
      Eyesight magazines.

      The things he was observing in his work were not able to be
      understood solely in physical terms, so he examined mental aspects
      associated with myopia and many other vision impairments. He found
      that perfect sight only existed along with complete relaxation, and
      imperfect sight was associated with an inappropriate mental effort.
      Most importantly, he found that relaxation precipitates perfect
      sight, not the other way around, and that by securing mental rest his
      patients would rid themselves of their vision problems.

      However, in doing all this it was necessary for him to reject some
      stringently-held notions concerning sight. Among the statements he
      insisted upon had to do with how refractive errors are practically
      always functional in nature, are often more transient than had been
      believed, and could be cured even in long-standing cases. Despite the
      positive results he obtained with thousands of patients, his methods
      were contrary to the teachings of a hundred years and were condemned
      without trial - and generally still are today. [End quote]

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