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Stinky Sulfur Award

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  • Karen Eck
    Although I spent years watching ZERO of that mind-control box, the tele-vsion box, with its programming, I ve got sucked back into a little bit the last
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2007
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      Although I spent years watching ZERO of that mind-control box, the
      tele-vsion box, with its "programming," I've got sucked back into a
      little bit the last couple of years. Every time I see this dude on a
      commercial - he get's my biggest negative TV BS reaction. I am so
      pleased to see him get this award and I hope more people will learn
      the truth about high cholesterol - its caused by too much sugar,
      starch and junk food, not the good dietary animal fats [from
      pastured, not grain-fed animals] the human body needs for the
      impulse-conductive myelin sheath of the brain and nervous system. The
      cholesterol found in arterial plaque is there to patch up damage that
      can easily be reversed with enzymes and by eating real old-fashioned
      food packed with natural nutrients - and cut the sugar and starch
      consumption. Get some sunshine while you are at it! Forget the toxic
      chemical sunscreen. And take off those sunglasses as often as you can
      and get 1500 light frequencies hitting the retinas of your eyes. Make
      your room 100% pitch black at night, and turn off the night lights.
      [search http://mercola.com for more info] [also see Naked at Noon

      Eat right + noontime sun = less drugs for most people and better
      mood, health, and longevity.

      http://healthmyths.net/stinky.html [quote]
      Award Recipient - Pfizer Do-Gooder Dr. Robert Jarvik
      If you can't fool all the people all the time, then just fool some
      "experts" and the rest will follow behind. Pfizer knows this. And to
      do it, they bought the "Dracula of medical technology" to fool
      everyone into taking Lipitor for the prevention of heart disease.
      Meet Dr. Robert Jarvik, el numero uno cholesterol-lowering drug
      pusher on your tube. If Jarvik is reading this he'll need that
      translated: the number one drug pusher on your tube. [ Keep reading ]

      Books, Relaxation CDs, Resources for Indigo Children http://tinyurl.com/azehx
      Children of the New Earth Online http://tinyurl.com/asfgm
      PlanetLightworker Online http://tinyurl.com/7zyna

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