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Prosperity and abundance

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  • Patels
    Hi, it s Chris again. I sent you an email yesterday about the free teleclass Karen Curry had about Prosperity and Abundance. Were you on the call? Today Karen
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2007
      Hi, it's Chris again.

      I sent you an email yesterday about the free teleclass Karen Curry had
      about Prosperity and Abundance. Were you on the call?

      Today Karen sent me an email I want to share with you, because I really
      and honestly believe that this course will change your life if you want
      to, just as it did change mine.

      Go ahead and read, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.



      "Starting off with over $80,000.00 in debts...a single mother of four
      tells how she went from bankruptcy to earning a six-figure income simply
      by daydreaming her way to success."

      And how you can too!

      Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're probably tired of hype.

      Frankly, I'm kind of tired of writing it. I have a nice 15-point sales
      copywriting checklist in front of me and it just isn't inspiring me today.

      Today, I want to write to you from my heart.

      It's true. I really was a bankrupt mother of four with over $80,000.00
      in debt. And being deeply in debt and is not an experience I want
      anyone to ever have to go through. It was embarrassing, humiliating and
      very scary.

      I know what it feels like to be totally stuck and trapped in your life.
      Let's face it, when you are hurting financially, it doesn't always seem
      like you have a lot of options.

      You have to work to make money.

      You have to do the work that you know how to do.

      The people you care about in your life are depending on you to make
      everything work out.

      And you can't let them down.

      Even if you're not in debt, you probably feel responsible to make good
      work choices that provide an income for your family or yourself.

      And for most of us, good work choices really means compromising and
      giving up your dreams.

      I'm going to tell you something that might shock you, surprise you and
      knock your socks off.

      You CAN make good money, be responsible and STILL make your dreams come

      In fact, in my upcoming 8-week teleclass, Prosperity Boot Camp, I will
      SHOW you that having dreams and actively daydreaming is an important
      skill that can help you catapult your prosperity to the next level.

      ==>Click Here For Prosperity Boot Camp

      Here's the deal. I do earn a six-figure income. And I do it by
      daydreaming. Every morning I spend 30 minutes curled up in my nice,
      warm bed deliberately daydreaming about my day and my life.

      Everything in my life right now is here because I dreamed it into reality.

      I know it sounds goofy and weird. But it works. And I will even give
      you scientific data to show you that millionaires daydream in a big way.

      What do you spend your time dreaming about?

      Bills? Debts? How you'll never earn enough?

      Are your dreams coming true?

      Of course, I don't just lay in bed dreaming about my success all day.
      There are many other prosperity strategies that I have mastered after
      years of studying and taking courses.

      I want to share everything I know with you.


      Because your prosperity is extremely important to me. You see, I
      believe that we have a Divine Birthright to be prosperous. We are
      supposed to be joyful and rich.

      But we live in a world where suffering and poverty are the predominant
      experiences. Most wars are really caused by collective lack mentality
      and a fear that there are not enough resources.

      I grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. I have seen enough war and violence to
      last me many lifetimes. I desire peace on this planet.

      Every day I listen to people who are hurting in their lives because they
      don't have enough money or love or a good life. Many of my clients feel
      defeated by life and struggle from day to day.

      I love my clients. I want you all to prosper wildly!

      And, more personally, I have four children. This world we live in
      impacts them deeply. The other morning I woke up and my two daughters
      were sitting on my bed. "Oooohh, Mommy", the cooed, "We just saw a show
      on television about orphaned babies in Dafur. Can we adopt a couple of

      When I told them no they crushed. For days they walked around with the
      image of starving and dying children in their minds.

      My youngest daughter has even dedicated a website to homeless people (<a

      I love that my kids are so big-hearted but I wish they didn't have to
      worry about this stuff anymore.

      I want my kids to live in an abundant, peaceful world.

      I know how much it hurts to be stuck in financial, work or even
      emotional circumstances that are unfulfilling, draining and
      frightening. I want you to be free. I want you to be joyful.

      I want you to be lavishly abundant!

      That's why I created Prosperity Boot Camp. You deserve to know exactly
      how to set yourself free and claim your abundant birthright.

      You deserve to make all the money you dream of, have the love you desire
      and work you love.

      You deserve to understand and know on a deep, deep level that you are
      fully supported, deeply loved and magnificently powerful. You are an
      Unlimited Child of the Universe.

      I urge you to go ahead and make a stand for your prosperity and pay the
      full tuition of $333.00 today and start class today. (Prosperity Boot
      Camp starts March 1 and meets every Thursday evening from 8:00-9:00 p.m.
      Central time zone until April 12.)

      ==>Click Here To Register For Prosperity Boot

      If you sign up today you will receive a free 30-minute private
      consultation with me and we will work together to get you "un-stuck" and
      moving quickly in the direction of your prosperity (and your dreams!)

      I believe in this class so strongly that I offer you a 150% guarantee.
      If, after a year of implementing the prosperity techniques you will
      learn in Prosperity Boot Camp, you don't make more money doing work you
      love, I will refund your tuition plus 50%.

      You've got nothing to lose but pain and suffering.

      Are you ready to daydream your way into the life of your dreams?

      You can do this.

      I guarantee it.


      p.s. All the classes are recorded. If you miss a class you can easily
      make it up.

      But, you'll do everything within your power to be in class. It's just
      too important to put this off any longer. Make your dreams come true.
      Not your nightmares.

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