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Family Harmony for Valentine's Day

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  • Charlotte Reznick PhD
     Family Harmony for Valentine s Day Dear Community, Is love is in the air for your family? With Valentine s Day this week, it s a great opportunity to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2007
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      Family Harmony for Valentine's Day

      Dear Community,

      Is love is in the air for your family? With Valentine's Day this
      week, it's a great opportunity to re-evaluate how your family is
      showing they care about each other. Lately, there's been a lot of
      focus with the famlies I work with to develop more positive, loving,
      and harmonious households. How we communicate with each other is key.

      Heart Circle Talks are an easy way to build positive communication
      skills. Set aside some weekly family time to discuss concerns and
      share good feelings. You might pick a topic or just talk about
      "what's up" for each family member. Find a treasured small object
      (or, visit Imagery for Kids to buy a Heart Lovey: Imagery For Kids
      Heart Love) so that the person who is sharing holds the object. Then
      follow these 8 simple rules.

      1. Person holding the object talks.
      2. Pass the object gently to one side when done sharing.
      3. Don't need to share - have the right to skip your turn.
      4. Talk about what you feel. Speak from your heart.
      5. No put downs.
      6. Maintain confidentiality (don't share what is said without
      7. Equal time for all (use a timer if you need to).
      8. Stay in the circle (don't run off) till Heart Talk is finished.

      Adjust the timing, situation, and topic based on your family's needs.
      And let me know how Heart Talks work for your family. Just go to my
      Blog http://imageryforkids.blogspot.com to add comments.

      Dr. Charlotte

      Charlotte Reznick Ph.D.
      Healing children through the
      power of their imagination.

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