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  • Lisa
    GLOBAL AWAKENING January 5, 2007 Written by: Lisa Bellini Edited by: Denise Venitelli September, 2006 embarked a new transitional period for those of Indigo
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      January 5, 2007
      Written by: Lisa Bellini
      Edited by: Denise Venitelli

      September, 2006 embarked a new transitional period for those of
      Indigo Energy. This period is being referred to as a Global
      Awakening Period. In the past, this transition began around 37 years
      of age for individuals. Now; however, it is different; the Global
      Awakening Period can happen at any age. I find intriguing the number
      of emails and phone calls that I receive daily from those of you
      transitioning. The youngest person I work with is Tyler, who is 12
      years old and his mother, Jennifer, who is 27 years old.

      Jennifer is going through all of the ascension symptoms, meanwhile,
      Tyler, who is an Indigo Child with many gifts was having many
      problems in school. These children are able to pick up negative
      energy and see the aura their teachers, which creates anxiety in
      school. For further information, please refer to the book, The
      Indigo Children, written by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

      The Awakening Period of the Indigo's can last many years, which may
      be disruptive to their lives, their relationships with themselves and
      others. Indigo's are not only children. They are The Children of
      the Light and are extremely sensitive people. These people have had
      the ability to pick up other's thoughts, energy and vibrational
      frequencies. The children are extremely energetic, creative and
      intuitive. Many of these children have been classified as learning
      disabled, emotionally disabled or they have been diagnosed with
      Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) with or without Hyperactivity,
      Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), or Autistic Spectrum Disorder
      (ASD). A majority of our children may not need medication; there are
      learning modalities, creative therapies and tools as well as shifting
      nutritional and dietary guidelines which may help to enhance the
      special gifts and talents these children have been born with. "We
      want to shift the consciousness from the belief that these children /
      people are disabled / challenged to the awareness that our
      children/people are tremendously intuitive and gifted. We just need
      to find creative ways of tapping their intelligence, their
      creativity, their intuition, their gifts in order to enhance their
      abilities allowing them to grow to their fullest potential
      emotionally, intellectually, mindfully in addition to spiritually",
      as quoted by Denise Venitelli, LCSW.

      Some of the changes we go through are depression, anxiety, panic
      attacks, increased sensitivity as well as a deep sense of loss,
      despair and loneliness. Generally, we do not want to reach out, seek
      help or want to talk to anyone because we feel misunderstood. During
      this time period, one may become lost in their early memories,
      reliving their prior experiences, dwelling on the choices they have
      made. They scroll through their memories as if it is a movie on a
      screen, or as if they are reading a book. "While this is happening,
      we tend to create discord and disharmony among family and friends
      because we are in so much pain and stuck in reactivity. I found that
      working through the stories and processing the emotions has allowed
      me to accept responsibility for my feelings and how I frame them.
      Now my experiences flow as a story, without the emotional charge
      which allows me to be in charge of my life rather then a victim of
      it" quoted by Denise Venitelli, LCSW. Lisa realized, as do many,
      that they had to go within to heal themselves in order to heal
      themselves externally; hence the concept of within and without.
      Therefore, living in the present rather then the past is critical for
      this awakening to ensue. As outlined in the movie, "The Secret",
      they talk about the Law of Attraction and creating one's reality
      based on their thoughts. Unfortunately so many people are taking
      anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications today, which may not be
      needed, with the understanding that this is all part of the

      I, Lisa Bellini, went through all of those emotions; feeling
      worthless, abandoned and very alone. I went through this for
      approximately 4 years. I was affected emotionally, physically and
      spiritually. I was afflicted with medical illnesses which rendered
      me house-bound. I was not able to participate in the normal
      activities of daily living. Later I realized I was
      experiencing "Growing Pains" on the physical, emotional and spiritual
      levels because I was expanding energetically. This occurs during the
      transitional phase. I was extremely tired and had body aches. My
      body temperature fluctuated from the sweats to the chills. I had
      sharp pains in my chest and thought I was having a heart attack.
      Simultaneously a friend of mine, Vivian, was experiencing similar
      symptomatology. While I did not go to the hospital, she did. After
      five days of medical testing, the doctors found nothing abnormal.
      This feeling verified for us, that medically there was nothing wrong
      with us; it was our heart chakra opening. However, if you are
      experiencing chest pains and/or symptamatology that are out of the
      norm for you, please seek medical attention in order to rule out
      medical complications.

      Also, during this time, I gained increased intuition and was able to
      pick up on others' energy and thoughts. While I always had been
      gifted; my abilities had increased with much more intensity. This
      gave me an uneasy feeling, as it does most that have experienced the
      same. I didn't leave my home. Thousands of people have become
      hermits. This time frame not only affected me, it also affected my
      family and friends as I was unable to participate in daily
      gatherings, family functions, etc.

      I am an Indigo Elder, a forerunner, and am going through the Global
      Awakening Period. I have gone through the Ascension and help others
      who are opening to it. I am also an Advocate for the Indigo Children
      and assist Indigo Adults in the coordination of groups, retreats and
      gatherings in order to raise consciousness and awareness. I also
      provide private spiritual counseling and have created Essential
      Blends for Pain, ADHD and many others, which have helped many
      people. If I have not yet created a Blend, I have the ability to
      create one, upon your request, for your specific needs. Each Blend
      is Blessed with Pure Love, Light and Intent and charged for 72 hours.

      I have also channeled and developed a new and empowering and healing
      modality called the Crystal Pyramid Technique. This modality heals
      the person's mind, body and spirit while raising your individual
      vibrational energy. I have helped many adults with their own
      Ascension process through the Crystal Pyramid Technique as well as
      the Oil Blends. This technique gives the individual the tools needed
      to remove spiritual blocks, release past issues and vibrate at their
      highest level to connect with there higher self.

      Through my foundation, I am also bringing together a number of Light
      Workers to create a team of people all over the world. Only together
      are we able to create change. For further information, please contact
      Lisa at 908-852-9019.
      Love and Light
      Lisa Bellini
      Copyright © 2006

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