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The Love and Compassion of a three year old.

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  • Lyra Jubb
    The Love and Compassion of a three year old. Many of us wonder if we are being ideal role models of our children. Are we teaching them the right values and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2006
      The Love and Compassion of a three year old.

      Many of us wonder if we are being ideal role models of our children.
      Are we teaching them the right values and etiquette? Are we teaching
      them to care for others and not be selfish?

      When a child is young, it is natural for them to be selfish. This is
      being aware of the self. The world is their playground and they want
      to see and explore everything, no matter what the danger or how much
      of a distraction they may be. When it comes to playing with other
      children, friends are made and alliances are founded. While everyone
      is having a great time, it is difficult to recognize when some
      children are left out.

      On a November afternoon, while waiting for our three and a half year
      old to say good-bye to his friends at school, his teacher approached
      us. She protested that Quinn is the most loving child she has ever
      met. Then she explained what Quinn had done that was so amazing.
      There is a large yard at the back of the daycare center Quinn goes to.
      On this particular afternoon, Quinn and some friends were playing in
      the sand box together. At some point Tommy, another friend, was about
      15 feet away, crying. Now, remember, children playing often have
      tunnel vision. So, there were about three or so friends playing in
      the sand box and Tommy was crying a short distance away.

      All of a sudden, Quinn says to his friends, "Hold on. I will be right
      back. I'm going to see what is wrong with Tommy." He gets out of the
      sand box and walks over to Tommy. "Tommy, are you OK? It's all
      right. You can come play with us." Quinn leads Tommy over to the
      sand box and the other friends move over to make room for everyone to

      The other boys had not recognized Tommy's anguish until Quinn stopped
      what he was doing to find out. They were all just playing and doing
      what boys do. Where did Quinn learn to be so compassionate?
      A week prior to this incident, we had all been on a family trip across
      the country. We attended an event where there were other children and
      adults. Quinn quickly made friends with the children and adults
      alike. Over the next few days, Quinn and his friends were playing,
      running and jumping all over the place. There was one boy Quinn's age
      that played with him the most and, often times, alone.

      Two days prior to event closing, Quinn was playing with his father and
      some other children and this boy, Oscar, was crying. Quinn's father
      asked Quinn to wait a moment so that he could find out what was wrong.
      Oscar did not like it that Quinn wanted to play with other children
      and he felt left out. Quinn's father invited Oscar to join the
      others. Oscar happily joined the games and everyone was happy. Even
      though Oscar wanted Quinn to play with him by himself, he was happy to
      be included.

      Children are aware of what their parents do and they emulate our
      behavior, often instantaneously. We are role models and, when we
      express Love and Compassion for others, that is what our children will
      express. It doesn't matter how young or old your children may be, it
      is never too late to be an ideal role model for them. There is no
      such thing as perfection, just the consciousness of mind to express
      Love and Compassion to your fellow neighbors, acquaintances, family,
      and friends. This is what creates peace and happiness.

      Peace, Love and Light,
      Lyra Star Mist Jubb
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