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PLEASE Sign the Petition for Christopher Pittman!

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  • Karen Eck
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2006
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      >Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 01:47:22 EDT
      >Subject: [drugawareness] PLEASE Sign the Petition for Christopher Pittman!
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      >The last show I did with Barbara Simpson on Coast to Coast radio, the first
      >part of December of 2001, was on the case of young Christopher Pittman. Then
      >12, Chris had just shot his grandparents in South Carolina and burned the
      >house down. Although it had not yet been publicly announced it was
      >clear to me
      >from the turn of events that one of these antidepressants were behind this
      >tragedy and I immediately went to work to contact Chris's family,
      >friends, and
      >attorney. This was also evident to Barbara after doing numerous shows with me
      >on these drugs, and she contacted me wanting to do a show about it. She was
      >concerned that Chris and his family needed answers and she knew I was the one
      >who generally gave those answers to these families. Of course I let Barbara
      >know that action had already begun in that direction. And without
      >the official
      >confirmation of what we already knew in our hearts Barbara and I did a four
      >hour radio show on this case and the issue of antidepressant medications and
      >within days any blanks on names of medications and length on them had been
      >filled in by the mainstream press.
      >Not long after that I got a call from and began working closely with a
      >friend of the Pittman family, the coroner in charge of handling
      >things for the
      >funeral for Christopher's grandparents - Watson Wright. We had MANY long
      >conversations after that first call. Watson was one of the best
      >darned coroner's in
      >the country and had the awards and positions to prove it. He sent me hard
      >copies of all the articles on Christopher's case - he had saved them all. He
      >wanted to help in anyway he could. He knew that is what Joy and Joy Pittman
      >would have wanted him to do for their grandson. He knew Christopher had not
      >committed this crime out of choice. He had wanted to come with us to
      >Washington to
      >testify to the FDA about the dangers of these drugs and what he has had to
      >witness as a coroner because of the drugs. Watson was a wonderful man and
      >still owner of the Pittman's dog when he died this past year. The
      >world suffered
      >a great loss in his passing.
      >Several years later Andy Vickery, one of the best darned attorneys in this
      >country - especially when it comes to SSRI antidepressants, let me know that
      >he wanted to handle an SSRI criminal case. My response was "Great, I am glad
      >to hear that!" And the next thing out of my mouth was encouragement to make
      >Christopher's case the one he decided to try. In the end
      >Christopher's case was
      >the case he picked to take to court. That the case went the way it did
      >during trial is only evidence of how completely illegal it should be
      >that these
      >drug companies assist the prosecutors to the extent they do. Of
      >course they do
      >that in order to insure their drugs are not found guilty in any case because
      >an individual taking their drug is found innocent of a crime he committed
      >while under it's influence. It is negative press and affects marketing
      >drastically as well as leading to additional wrongful death suits.
      >I am telling you all of this so that you know full well how involved I have
      >been in Christopher's case and how many hours I have devoted in support in
      >every possible way. Now I am asking you to do the same by signing
      >his petition
      >yourself, if you have not yet done so, and ask you to PLEASE pass it on to
      >others asking them to do the same. It needs to be done quickly as there is a
      >court date set in early October and the desire, as you will read below, is to
      >have that petition ready to present before that date.
      >You can find the petition online at _www.drugawareness.org_
      >(<http://www.drugawareness.org>http://www.drugawareness.org) on the
      >front left hand side of the page or go directly to the
      >petition at this address:
      >Thank you on behalf of Christopher and his family and all of those of us who
      >love him. And know that this will help all of the other hundreds of children
      >in Christopher's position. There have been so many . . . and they continue
      >to come in so quickly. For instance we recently had another 12 year old boy
      >kill his sister and the 10 year old boy who shot his doctor/father
      >is going to
      >court in Houston any day now.
      >Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D.,
      >Executive Director, International Coalition For Drug Awareness
      >Website: _www.drugawareness.org_
      >Author: Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? - Our Serotonin Nightmare
      >& CD or audio tape on safe withdrawal: "Help! I Can't Get
      >Off My Antidepressant!"
      >Order Number: 800-280-0730
      >Christopher Pittman's oral arguments will be coming up in October. The hope
      >is to give the bill and petition to Andy Vickery in turn to give to the South
      >Carolina Supreme Court. By doing this it will show the justices that there
      >is indeed a consensus out here wanting juvenile justice reform and
      >new laws in
      >place for involuntary intoxication on mediations for kids like Chris.
      >Chris is the poster child for what Teenscreen can do to their children. His
      >petition desperately needs more signatures if the courts are ever going to
      >take change serious.
      >I strongly believe that South Carolina may just be the state that will
      >change amendments on the medicated drug intoxication issue, because
      >of Chris . . .
      >if people truly believe that these drugs do this to adults and children ,
      >why would they not support a petition that may help make change in the laws
      >once a person commits a crime while on an SSRI?
      >Can you please help me with this Chris is running out of time. I would like
      >to ask if you could pass this on to those that may be able to help as they
      >did with the teenscreen petition that has already toped 11,000, this is what
      >Christopher's petition honestly needs to show.
      >I am sure with you asking we can gain much more support for Chris as well
      >as Andy when he presents the oral arguments.
      >Anything that you can do will be greatly appreciated by me, JJFC and
      >Christopher and his family.
      >Also when the date is set, Andy has given the ok for a rally after the
      >arguments, I hope that you will consider coming as well as many
      >others. I will
      >send you all the information as soon as a date is set by the courts.
      >Again I thank you for any help that you can give.
      >Janet Sisk/JJFC
      >Justice for Juveniles
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