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Re: None of This Will Matter if . . .

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  • Karen Eck
    Dear Karen, The links you mention in your article do not work.......... can you check them ? Hi, if the links didn t come through for you, there were 3 unique
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      Dear Karen,
      The links you mention in your article do not
      work.......... can you check them ?

      Hi, if the links didn't come through for you, there were 3 unique links.

      Watch the movie trailer
      Read the rest of the article
      Barbra Gilman's Conscious Parenting site

      >Raising Healthy, Vibrant Children and People;
      >But None of This Will Matter if . . .
      >I was going to devote this month’s column to
      >outlining a plethora of facts that will help you
      >sort out the issues contributing to the health
      >and other problems that are increasingly
      >devastating families around the world, so that
      >you can dramatically increase you and your
      >children’s chances of living a healthy and
      >vibrant life. And I’m still going to do that, in
      >Part 2, except in a much more condensed fashion,
      >and from a different slant. First though . . .
      >Ring, ring!
      >Today my phone rang with a plea for assistance
      >in gathering donations to help facilitate an
      >explosive wake up call in this United States of
      >America. Otherwise a very valuable and expensive
      >floodlight of a movie dedicated to the
      >enlightenment of the citizens of “America” and
      >the world could sputter and fade from its
      >potential brilliant splendor into a weak little
      >candlelight blowing in the wind. I think it’s
      >time for another “big bang” . . . a global big
      >bang. I’ll help. Hopefully I’ll be one of the
      >last little sparks needed to start off the chain
      >reaction to power this quantum leap of planetary consciousness.
      >In the physical world where I live most of the
      >people are still mostly asleep. I’m faced with
      >the saddening specter of it every day of my
      >life. Take for instance in just the food and
      >nutrition department: 90% of American adults and
      >children daily gulp down the likes of 32 or more
      >ounces of acid-in–your-veins soda pop, treats
      >laced with low-calorie artificial sweeteners and
      >endocrine-disrupting soy protein, fully still
      >believing in the long ago disproved “cholesterol
      >hoax”, and then moving on to consume the true
      >culprit in the rising rate of heart disease and
      >some learning and behavior problems,
      >artificially colored and flavored junk food
      >loaded with stuff like “enriched” white flour,
      >high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and
      >a long list of multi-syllabic unpronounceables.
      >Then, in between gulps, if I’m ever so brash as
      >to point out the folly of eating like this, I’m
      >often told, in essence, that “they” wouldn’t
      >poison our food supply. And that is pretty much
      >the mantra right down the line, for this 90% of
      >Americans. “They” wouldn’t do “that” to us.
      >Don’t believe all that whacky stuff you read on the internet!
      >Readers of Children of the New Earth and the other 10%
      >Now, I don’t want to buy into those global
      >divide and conquer tactics – as all of are here
      >playing our part in this great Earth drama. I
      >don’t believe that 90% of people are “wrong” –
      >it’s just that they’ve been lied to and tricked.
      >I know. I grew-up to be one of the duped. But
      >then, one day, someone shared a bit of the Truth
      >with me. There is another world of people out
      >there, and because our numbers have been so
      >dispersed and are so small, we’ve been delighted
      >to find a common gathering place in cyberspace –
      >in internet discussion groups, mailing lists,
      >blogs and in pointing each other to truth web
      >sites. I think this is a rapidly growing group
      >of people as the balance begins to shift. I
      >suspect that here at Children of the New Earth
      >Magazine Online I’ll mainly be yakking at the
      >choir – that 99% of those coming to this
      >magazine for information are in various stages
      >of waking up from the hypnotic spells cast upon
      >us by The Planetary Powers That Be (TPPTB). I
      >myself received about six email copies of or
      >links to “The Letter” before today’s
      >direction-changing phone call, but this topic
      >I’m about to move on to can engender a lot of
      >fear, so I quietly closed the emails and went on
      >with all the other safer topics pressing on me
      >for my time and attention. Then ring, ring, back
      >it came again, by phone this time, and I was
      >engaged in a conversation about actually helping
      >with this fearsome thing! OK! OK, I’ll help spread the word because . . .
      >None of this will matter if . . .
      >If a certain small group of very powerful people
      >(TPPTB) have their way, nothing that I was
      >planning on sharing with you in this month’s
      >column will matter. Nothing. You will have no options.
      >It is now the day after and that ring of the
      >phone echoes through my soul like the ringing of
      >an alarm clock destined to help save millions
      >more people from a one way ticket to hell on
      >earth – if only like a tuning fork, it can set
      >off the ringing of a lot more alarms around the
      >world, but especially in “America” where so many
      >have been lulled into believing our freedoms are
      >forever cast in stone because our Constitution
      >and Bill of Rights says so. Since when do crooks
      >and global raiders care about what a piece of
      >paper says? If you have already given your
      >monetary donation to this cause and even spread
      >the word a little, I hope my words will inspire
      >you to do more – a lot more! The email begins:
      >“Oh, my God, I had no idea!” That’s what the
      >audience is saying as they walk out of Aaron
      >Russo’s new film,
      ><http://www.freedomtofascism.com/>America: From
      >Freedom to Fascism (watch trailer). Their voices
      >are hushed. Some faces are pale and wet with
      >tears, sick at what they’ve discovered. Many are
      >red, angry to learn for the first time that they
      >have been robbed­their country, their rights,
      >and their very future have been stolen from them
      >and their children.
      >Getting over the shock.
      >I hope you clicked on that last link and watched
      >the trailer. OK, right! If this information has
      >escaped your attention or belief up until this
      >time, these are sickening,
      >knock-you-on-your-butt-for-a-few-days kinds of
      >revelations. I don’t like to do this kind of
      >stuff to people. It hurts – and horribly so. But
      >I’ve decided it is necessary, or we and our
      >children all might soon be living in the “Global
      >Gulag.” This plan of Global Domination has been
      >in the works since humankind first inhabited the
      >earth. If you look at the work of those who have
      >traced it back, it goes back, back, way back.
      >Years ago when someone first presented TPPTB
      >Plan to me, it was so outrageously Draconian
      >that I had to push it away, say it wasn’t so,
      >pray that it wasn’t so, and try to forget it.
      >That’s a normal reaction and if you are in the
      >midst of one such right now, just take some time
      >and don’t push it away, but FEEL it, so you can
      >process it and flow through it to the other
      >side. Let me tell you, once something has been
      >heard, try as you might to reject it, it cannot
      >be UNheard. I eventually kept looking for more
      >information and I was knocked for a loop time
      >and time again. But each time, more determined
      >to get up and do something about it.
      >Let that light shine in
      >Information is light and what more do you need
      >to stop the would-be bank robbers from making a
      >hit on the local bank? When the information of
      >what they are planning to do hits the light of
      >day, the heist is off. So don’t worry. Pick
      >yourself up, dust yourself off. We are entering
      >the Age of Light! If you can handle a little
      >more light, here’s a follow-up email from the
      >phone caller, Barbra Gilman of Upstate New York
      >who offers
      >Parenting classes and facilitator training:
      >Hi Karen,
      >It was great speaking with you yesterday, and I
      >just wanted to let you know that Aaron Russo,
      >(the film that we spoke about -
      ><http://www.freedomtofascism.com/>America: From
      >Freedom to Fascism) will be on Carol Davis' call
      >(I don't know if you're familiar with
      >her weekly call, everything outside the box
      >very interesting) May 5th, 9 p.m. Eastern time,
      >the telephone number is 212-990-8000, the pin
      >number is 6552# and you press *6 to mute. If
      >you are sending anything out to your people it
      >would be a good idea to include that information.
      >Saviors of the world?
      >Have the New Children come to save the world,
      >with their parents as their mentors? I think so.
      >I sure hope so. I’ve long said the Indigos have
      >come in to help bust all systems. Every system
      >on our planet has been corrupted by TPPTB. TPPTB
      >infiltrate and cause division and infighting
      >wherever humans gather to create good things.
      >They cause every war, for they make ten times
      >the profit over their expenses to provide
      >munitions and supplies to both sides. From
      >politics and government to education and
      >religion, the very rich elite have gained the
      >power to control the entire earth. All the
      >systems are set up to control us in some way –
      >then along come the Indigos and they won’t play
      >the game. They see through the charade.
      >Ask and you shall receive!
      >Our beautiful earth, this prime bit of galactic
      >real estate, and all creatures traveling with
      >her through space are in desperate need of
      >saving. It is time to save ourselves! I recently
      >read somewhere that it was my generation, the
      >baby boomers, whose mission it was to save the
      >world, but too many became caught up in drug use
      >and wasted lives. Now we’re down to wire. Our
      >New Children will have no future, and none of
      >the things I write about in the rest of this
      >column will matter one iota when we are all
      >slaves living in a global fascist state. Its
      >wake up time and I do believe in divine order,
      >timing and intervention. Ask and you shall
      >receive. Ring, Ring! “Hi Barbra. OK, yes, I saw
      >that information – very scary – I don’t like to
      >scare people! Well, OK, living in fascist
      >America sounds scarier. OK, I’ll help get out
      >the word.” I have no doubt that with a few major
      >donors and lots of minor ones $52,920 for a half
      >page ad in the New York Times will be no
      >problem! Let’s do it!
      >in two theatres in New York, then open in a few
      >theatres in Los Angeles, then Chicago, then take
      >it to two hundred theatres nation wide, and then 500, and then…
      >Surely some of you know a few good people with
      >the funds and desire to help make the future
      >world a better place for our children. Will you
      >help find these people? Thank you!
      >The Master Key - Love not Fear
      >Please stay out of fear. When you go into a
      >fearful mode, you are only creating and
      >attracting to you that which you fear. So when
      >you feel the fear creeping in, you have a
      >choice. Choose love. Think of love. Be love,
      >taste, smell, feel love. Think of the vision of
      >the world you want to create for your children
      >to inherit. Together we are going to make this
      >happen. Though it is essential to wake up to how
      >the few are creating our current world, don’t
      >stay stuck there. The last thing TPPTB want you
      >to know is how to create the world we want!
      >Think it, picture it, color it, write it. Then
      >FEEL it with all the feeling power you can
      >muster up, what it is like to be that world! The
      >stronger you can feel that this world exists
      >now, the more quickly it will manifest. Now
      >let’s look at some ways to help keep the body
      >healthy and vibrant, free from disease and malady of every type.
      >Continued in Part 2 posting May 1 in the Ask
      >Karen Eck column in the free section of
      >of the New Earth Magazine Online
      >Get the Toxins Out--Everything in your body will work better
      >Simple, easy, tasteless, get NCD drops--http://www.mywaiora.com/101981
      >Find out everything you want to know about
      >indigo kids, crystal children, rainbows, starseeds and more at
      >of the New Earth Magazine Online
      >Books, Posters, Affirmations, Bagua Map, Rainbow
      >Fun, Budda Board, Relaxation CDs for Children, Teens, and Adults
      >target="_top">Books by Lori Lite>Indigo Dreams - Resources for Indigo Children

      Get the Toxins Out--Everything in your body will work better
      Simple, easy, tasteless, get NCD drops--http://www.mywaiora.com/101981

      Find out everything you want to know about indigo
      kids, crystal children, rainbows, starseeds and more at
      of the New Earth Magazine Online

      Books, Posters, Affirmations, Bagua Map, Rainbow
      Fun, Budda Board, Relaxation CDs for Children, Teens, and Adults
      target="_top">Books by Lori Lite>Indigo Dreams - Resources for Indigo Children

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