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Another Poison Pediatricians Inject in Babies

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      Subject: [TheOnenessProject] IMVA - Another
      Poison Pediatricians Inject in Babies - March 26, 2006
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      Another Poison Pediatricians Inject in Babies
      Aluminum Hydroxide
      International Medical Veritas Association

      Medically a poison can be any substance applied
      to the body, ingested or developed within the body,
      which causes or may cause disease.

      The word poison was first recorded in
      Middle English in a work composed around 1200. A
      poison is any substance which, when introduced
      into or absorbed by a living organism, destroys
      life or injures health. Poison is defined as any
      substance capable of producing a morbid, noxious
      or deadly effect. A poison is a material that
      inhibits other substances, especially enzymes,
      and the vital biochemical processes they are
      involved in. Enzymes are crucial because every
      chemical change that takes place to repair tissue
      or to assimilate food involves the activity of
      enzymes. Without enzyme activity there is no biological activity, no life.

      1934, aluminum hydroxide has been used as an
      to boost the immune response from vaccines.

      The effects of poisons can be quick or
      extremely slow - building gradually up creating
      low grade debilitation diseases like in chronic
      fatigue syndrome or devastating neurological
      disorders like MS, ALS, and Alzheimer’s disease.
      Though neurodegenerative disorders have several
      pathways in their creation but nothing will burn
      up a neuron faster than mercury. This is also the
      case for aluminum hydroxide, just to a lesser
      extent. Vancouver neuroscientist Dr. Chris Shaw
      just finished his research that shows a link
      between the aluminum hydroxide used in vaccines,
      and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s,
      amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou
      Gehrig’s disease), and Alzheimer’s.[i]

      Autopsy reports on Alzheimer's patients
      found 70% more aluminum in the brain.

      Aluminum is just harmful to life. Aluminum
      is a protoplasmic poison and a deadly, persistent
      neurotoxin. Aluminum is a known toxin that can
      cause encephalitis, bone disease and anemia in
      susceptible people. Though aluminum is less toxic
      than mercury, arsenic, lead or cadmium, it is a
      persistent poison that increases the toxicity of
      other heavy metals. Dr. Shaw found in animal
      studies that aluminum hydroxide shows
      statistically significant increases in anxiety
      (38 percent); memory deficits (41 times the
      errors as in the sample group); and an allergic
      skin reaction (20 percent). Tissue samples after
      the mice were “sacrificed” showed neurological
      cells were dying. Inside the mice’s brains, in a
      part that controls movement, 35 percent of the
      cells were destroying themselves.

      No one in my lab wants to get vaccinated.
      This totally creeped us out. We weren’t out there to poke holes
      in vaccines. But all of a sudden, oh my God­we’ve got neuron death!
      Chris Shaw

      Yet we find Baltimore University of
      Maryland researchers beginning testing bird flu
      vaccines with aluminum hydroxide, a common
      vaccine additive that is “an immune enhancer that
      can help the immune system to respond better,"
      says Dr. James Campbell. The researchers hope the
      addition of aluminum hydroxide, will improve the
      immune response enough that “only” one smaller
      dose will be needed. According to Dr. Anthony
      Fauci, the National Institutes of Health's
      infectious disease chief aluminum hydroxide
      dramatically lowers the amount of vaccine needed.

      A heavy metal has a density at least 5 times that of water and
      cannot be metabolized by the body, therefore accumulating in the body.
      Heavy metal toxicity can cause our mental functions, energy,
      nervous system, kidneys, lungs and other organ functions to decline.

      Yet we have medical and health officials
      endorsing the use of heavy metals in vaccines
      given to little children without any care to the
      downside, to the toxicity, to the poisonous
      nature of such practices. Toxic effects of
      chemical agents are not well understood or
      appreciated by doctors, which amounts to a
      staggering betrayal of the trust we have given
      them. Medicine has struggled pitifully to
      understand the toxicities of individual chemicals
      and has failed in an absolute sense to understand
      the threat that comes when chemicals and metals
      are mixed uncontrollably in the body. It is known
      for instance that aluminum and lead increase the
      toxicities of mercury by a 100 fold yet that does
      not stop doctors from mixing aluminum with
      mercury in children’s vaccines. Crimes against
      humanity, against human decency, against basic
      intelligence, against the basic purpose of
      medicine are committed when poisons are injected into our children.

      Aluminum inhibits Na-K-ATPase and hexokinase
      enzymes into the brain. It blocks the electrical discharge
      of nerve cells, which reduces nervous system activity.

      According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, “Removal
      of thimerosal, even if complete, will not solve
      the problem of autism. It will help tremendously,
      but will not stop the epidemic of autism. Though
      mercury, even in sub toxic doses has been shown
      to strongly activate microglia causing the
      secretion of two powerful excitotoxins, glutamate
      and quinolinic acid, in concentrations that are
      neurotoxic. Aluminum has a similar mode of
      action, though less potent. When combined with
      mercury, there is at least additive toxicity if
      not synergistic toxicity.” Dr Gregory Ellis
      agrees with Blaylock stating that “autism is upon
      us because it’s the outcome of the 50-year
      experiment of dousing every living being with an
      overload of toxic substances, including
      vaccines.”[ii] Speaking of her autistic patients,
      Dr Stephanie Cave said, “You would be amazed at
      the devastation in their chemistries when you get
      down to the cellular level.” She also said, “I
      think in later years we are going to look back at
      aluminum the way we are looking at mercury now.”[iii]

      “Aluminum salts are used as vaccine
      adjuvants based on their ability to improve
      dendritic cell response to presented antigens.
      The aluminum concentration of vaccines varies
      from 0.125 to 0.85 mg/dose, which would produce
      concentrations of approximately 0.7 to 4.5 uM, if
      uniformly distributed in the body water of a
      seven kg infant,” reported Dr. M. Waly at
      Northeastern University, who found that at these
      low concentrations cellular problems are created
      independently and in combination with mercury.[iv]

      Aluminum given to a healthy subject will bring on symptoms of tremors,
      forgetfulness, disorientation, a very dry, or weeping eczema and skin
      rashes, as well as other nerve and brain tissue disorders.
      The symptoms listed of aluminum poisoning go on endlessly.

      Dr. Boyd Haley reported from his laboratory
      experiments that “Aluminum is not nearly as toxic
      to neurons in culture as is thimerosal.” At the
      University of Kentucky he did experiments to
      determine if aluminum would increase the toxicity
      of very low levels of thimerosal. “The results
      were unequivocal: The presence of aluminum
      dramatically increased the rate of neuronal death
      caused by thimerosal. Therefore, the aluminum and
      thimerosal combination found in vaccines produces
      a toxic mixture that cannot be compared to
      situations where thimerosal alone was the toxic exposure.”[v]

      Mercury and aluminum not only are directly toxic to
      brain cells but also over stimulate the brain’s immune system.
      Russel Blaylock

      According to Doctor Hugh Fundenburg if an
      individual receives too many consecutive flu
      shots his/her chance of developing Alzheimer's
      Disease is 10 times greater than if they had one,
      two or no shots.[vi] When asked why, Dr.
      Fudenberg stated that it is due to the mercury
      and aluminum buildup that are in many flu shots
      and in many other childhood vaccines. The gradual
      mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain causes
      eventual cognitive dysfunction.

      Symptoms and Diseases of Aluminum: Flatulence,
      headaches, dry skin, weak and aching muscles,
      senility, spleen pain, stomach pain, liver
      dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, neuromuscular
      disorders, osteomalacia, colitis, anemia,
      Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral
      sclerosis, hemolysis, leukocytosis, porphyria,
      heartburn, memory loss, numbness, paralysis,
      Parkinson's disease, excessive perspiration, leg
      twitching, cavities, colds, behavioral problems, constipation

      The kidneys eliminate Aluminum from the body
      and so people with renal problems are at risk of
      Aluminum toxicity. All infants have reduced renal
      function and may not be able to effectively
      excrete excessive Aluminum. Kidney function is
      low at birth and reaches adult level by 1-2 years
      of age. The presence of Aluminum in a vaccine can
      cause small nodules to develop under the skin of
      some babies. These nodules are usually transient
      in nature and disappear spontaneously after a few
      weeks. In rare cases extreme hypersensitivity to
      Aluminum results in persistent nodules.

      Lead increases the toxicity of mercury
      by a hundred fold, so does aluminum.


      A Chinese student receives treatment at a
      hospital in Lingbi County, East China's Anhui Province,
      March 23, 2006. More than 30 students falls ill
      after measles vaccination at a primary school in the county,
      according to the website of the Xinhua News Agency. [vii]

      More than 3,000 children aged 1-14 in
      Lingbi's Xiangyang Township were vaccinated on
      March 14, 2006 by the county Center for Disease
      Prevention and Control in China. The township
      hospital reported to the county government that
      32 students developed steady high fever after
      vaccination. But a reporter sent by a newspaper
      to schools in Xiangyang found the figure was at
      least 150. Treatment continued for the victims,
      all primary school students, whose fevers were as
      high as 41 degrees Celsius. (105.8 degrees
      Farenheit) More and more we hear of such vaccine
      reactions and sometimes kids do die. The medical
      authorities pretend there is nothing wrong with
      vaccines and act surprised when kids get hurt.
      Most vaccines in the third world contain
      thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum hydroxide.

      Why was poisoning such a popular way of
      offing one's adversaries? Because both the
      methods and the list of poisons themselves were
      numerous, the implementation could be very easy,
      and the action was often difficult to detect – a
      subtly poisoned drink was generally much harder
      to trace to its source than a crossbow bolt in
      the back. Nothing has changed really and in
      modern times and the problems and deaths that
      vaccines containing poisons like mercury and
      aluminum cause are difficult to trace. Most
      poisoning today is not seen as deliberate or done
      on purpose. In fact it is usually done with
      government approval and the applause of society.
      We live in a celebrated society that goes so far
      as to put poisons in children’s toothpaste and
      collectively parents go out and buy it by the
      ton. How long do we expect our children’s mental
      and physical health to hold up under massive
      chemical assault that starts even before they are born?

      Most -- if not all -- chronic infectious diseases are not caused
      by a failure of the immune system, but are a conscious adaptation
      of the immune system to an otherwise lethal heavy metal environment.

      In the early days of medicine doctors such
      as Paracelsus (a Swiss 1500s physician) advocated
      the use of metals, such as mercury and antimony.
      Many schools of medical thought rest on the
      bedrock of Paracelsus and his thinking that “It
      depends only upon the dose whether a poison is a
      poison or not. A lot kills - a little cures.”
      When dealing with an element as dangerous as
      mercury there is little room for error. Actually
      there is no room for error yet we have a massive
      belief in both medicine and dentistry that the
      mercury they use is too little to do harm. With
      dentists using it literally by the ton we really
      need to wonder about their thinking. Most of the
      thinking that comes out of the dental area seems
      to be a reflection of the massive mercury
      poisoning they are suffering from. You would
      think they would be at least concerned about
      their own health but their brains are so damaged
      by the constant exposure to mercury, which
      combined with the cultish conditioning in dental
      school, we end up with a profession that has a lot of apologies to make.

      The synergism of toxic metals is well known
      to everyone except doctors and dentists who do
      not want to know about this subject for it
      endangers their very way of life and professional
      practice, not to speak about their
      self-images. With so much use of poison in
      the world one could easily come to think that
      some groups of people are actually trying to
      poison the human race. And though mind boggling
      to think or believe this, we find this is the
      case. A careful examination shows that there are
      many companies and people who are in for
      fantastic profit and power and collectively we
      could call this pharmaceutical terrorism, medical
      insanity, and genocide all rolled into one. In
      reality there are no words that can truly
      describe the agony of being that is created, the
      death and destruction and the personal hells on
      earth that millions, even billions of people are being forced to live through.

      What sort of consciousness does it take to continue
      deliberately poisoning ourselves and our families?
      What sort of consciousness does it take to manufacture
      these poisons and sell them? And what kind of
      consciousness lives with the illusion that it’s safe
      to use them in our medicines, dental fillings, and vaccines?

      Some people make a big fuss about which
      poison to protest and get the government to stop
      using. When it comes to drugs and vaccines it is
      best to stay away from poisons that hurt our
      kids. Almost ninety percent of the public support
      the poisoning of children, they let their
      pediatricians get away with horrors against their
      children. The medical establishment has led the
      general public to swallow hook line and sinker
      that the best thing is to poison the kids.

      A national panel of scientists reported on March 22, 2006
      that the federal government is allowing too much fluoride
      in drinking water, which leaves children at risk.
      Angeles Times

      Many who are aware of the neurological
      damages done to children (autism epidemic) via
      the mercury (thimerosal) in the vaccines do not
      realize as Dr. Blaylock does that it’s not enough
      to remove the mercury. Chemical rape is chemical
      rape and it really does not matter which one or
      how many of them are involved in the dirty deed.
      It is not ok to chemically rape children with
      mercury or aluminum or any of the other heavy
      metal. The FDA is the great proponent of the use
      of poison, they ok the poisoning of the water
      supply with fluoride and then go into psychotic
      fits when someone promotes something that is not poisonous.

      Aggressive pharmaceutical marketing has resulted in almost
      3 million children being prescribed strong, adult anti-psychotic drugs.

      Meanwhile the FDA has nothing better to do
      than now attack the cherry industry.[viii] The
      FDA recently told 29 cherry companies that by
      claiming their products could prevent, treat or
      cure disease, they were in effect calling them
      drugs, which are covered by the Food, Drug and
      Cosmetic Act. New drugs require FDA approval and
      testing to confirm safety and effectiveness.

      The FDA admits that there are almost 1,000
      safety and effectiveness studies that have not
      been done for countless numbers of drugs
      permitted into the marketplace by the FDA, drugs
      that all contain poisons that create serious side
      effects. It’s a cruel joke that we have allowed
      the FDA to approve the safety of poisonous drugs
      while we allow them to break the backs of
      companies promoting healthy foods that prevent
      and even cure disease. Darth Vader and his storm
      troopers have found a happy and well financed home at the FDA.

      Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
      Director International Medical Veritas Association
      <http://www.skype.com>www.skype.com ID: marksircus

      International Medical Veritas Association
      Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.

      IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The communication in this
      email is intended for informational purposes
      only. Nothing in this email is intended to be a
      substitute for professional medical advice.

      [i] “Vaccines Show Sinister Side” March 23,2006

      [ii] Blaylock, Russell. The Blaylock Wellness Report Vol 1, Issue 1

      [iii] Cave, Stephanie, Mitchell, Deborah "What
      Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's
      Vaccinations", Warner Books, 01 September, 2001.

      [iv] Waly, M. et al Activation of methionine
      synthase by insulin-like growth factor-1 and
      dopamine: a target for neurodevelopmental toxins
      and thimerosal. Department of Pharmaceutical
      Sciences, Northeastern University. Molecular Psychiatry (2004) 1-13

      [v] Haley, Boyd. Mercury and Thimerosal Toxicity: A Factor in Autism

      [vi] Dr. Fudenberg's comments above were from his
      speech at the NVIC International Vaccine
      Conference, Arlington VA September, 1997.

      [vii] http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2006-03/25/content_552145.htm

      [viii] Cherry industry, FDA spar on stating
      health benefits . John Flesher Associated Press ,
      Mar. 24,

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