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Fwd: New Kids update ~ Dec. 2005

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  • Karen Eck
    ... Infinite Love is who we are, Karen The Accelerator Pendant -- Spiritual growth, elevated consciousness; all the benefits of superconducting White Powder
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2005
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      >From: "Soleira Green" <Soleira@...>
      >Subject: New Kids update ~ Dec. 2005
      >Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 20:45:52 -0000
      >NEW KIDS UPDATE ~ October 2005
      >What's in this update?
      >... New Kids and Consciousness free telecall, Dec. 12th
      >... Indigos Make the Global Stage
      >... The Global Campus Project, Israel
      >... The Power of Potential workshop, Dec. 10th
      >Lots of love
      >I'm doing a free telecall for The Energy Alliance on New Kids and
      >Consciousness, Monday, December 12th at 7 pm UK time, 2 pm east coast USA
      >(check www.timeanddate.com for times in other areas). Many kids today are
      >operating in brand new ways, beyond what we've seen or experienced before.
      >They operate at differing levels of vibrational frequency and collective
      >consciousness. To them, their consciousness experiences are as natural as
      >breathing, but the resulting behaviours are sometimes misunderstood and
      >mislabelled as a deficiency as opposed to profoundly evolutionary and
      >gifted. On this telecall we'll look into these consciousness shifts and
      >where it's leading us as parents, kids, teachers, coaches, therapists and
      >To sign up for The Energy Alliance updates and for the free telecall with
      >me, go to www.developyourchild.co.uk/energy.htm A big thanks to Alan
      >Wilson of Develop Your Child for providing this service free of charge to
      >everyone. Alan has written a wonderful book called Listen to Your Children
      >which you can purchase by visiting his website. He also has listed on his
      >website the audio links for previous calls with experts from around the
      >world on new kids ... all free of charge as an Energy Alliance member.
      >News from The Children of the New Earth publisher and managing editor,
      >Sandie Sedgbeer, November 20th, 2005
      >Since 1999 New Earth Publications has been documenting and reporting
      >on the indigo child phenomenon. In 2003, in response to rapidly growing
      >demand, Children of the New Earth magazine was launched to keep parents,
      >educators, and caregivers abreast of all the latest developments in this
      >arena. In February 2005, in order to keep up with massive worldwide demand
      >for more information more frequently, Children of the New Earth Magazine
      >expanded to a monthly online publication.
      >The launching of the Indigo Movie www.theindigoevolution.com in January 2005
      >deepened the world's awareness of the Indigo Child phenomenon. Now with the
      >making of The Indigo Evolution documentary, in which Sandie Sedgbeer,
      >publisher and editor of
      >Children of the New Earth Magazine and CosmiKids www.cosmikids.org founder
      >Judy Julin both appear, the world is now ready to receive the truth -
      >humanity is evolving and today's Indigo children are presenting the proof.
      >In the last few weeks, media interest started soaring following reports in
      >USA Today and on CNN. In the last 72 hours a profound wave of interest has
      >erupted across the global stage. Tomorrow morning (Monday November 21st) at
      >8.06 am eastern time, ABC's Good Morning America is scheduled to feature a
      >segment on the Indigo children and the Indigo Evolution documentary.
      >At last, the proof is here - there is a revolution going on. The message we
      >have been receiving from our worldwide audience is one of overwhelming
      >relief that, at long last, news about the extraordinary changes now becoming
      >evident in our children is finally being aired before the public. And not
      >before time.
      >On the one hand, we have experts claiming that the Indigo phenomenon
      >is nothing more than some parents' attempts to excuse and explain away
      >dysfunctional behavior. On the other hand, we have experts claiming that
      >there is real solid evidence that today's children are more intelligent and
      >more multi-sensory than previous generations.
      >Regardless of whether you view these changes as positive evidence of a
      >quantum leap in the physical, emotional and spiritual evolution of our
      >species, or the repercussions of modern-day society, the message is
      >In documenting this information as a worldwide phenomenon, our task
      >has always been to encourage science and medicine to start investigating the
      >changing consciousness and biology of today's children.
      >We urge you to educate yourself. Read the USA Today article
      >We urge you, if you can, to watch Good Morning America on Monday 21st
      >November. We also urge you to see the Indigo Evolution documentary when it
      >premieres worldwide in January 2006.
      >At this week of Thanksgiving, we wish to offer our sincere gratitude
      >for your continuing support of Children of the New Earth Online Magazine."
      >Karen Peleg-Neumann karen007@...
      >Hi Soleira, Here's the information on the Global Campus Project
      >www.theglobalcampus.org.il which is a special project we are introducing
      >here in Israel. Our aim is to improve the relationship between Jewish and
      >Arab youths who are Israeli nationals and thus help develop a healthier
      >society for future generations. We believe that only by encouraging
      >youngsters can we build an infrastructure with real foundations
      >for a tolerant society; one that is able to coexist successfully. We are
      >starting our activity in December (19-21st) at the youth camp Nitzana (they
      >are supported by the Jewish agency). We are bringing youths (14 years
      >young) from 4 schools (Christian, Muslim, Jewish) for a 3 day venture in the
      >desert. The youths will undergo activity involving building bridges,
      >leadership, empowerment and learn how to help their own community back home.
      >These youths will meet again, every 3 months and in the summer holidays,
      >throughout their 4 years at high school, thus making sure the continuity of
      >the relationship built.
      >THE POWER OF POTENTIAL WORKSHOP with Soleira & Santari Green
      >Saturday, 10th December, 10 am to 5 pm
      >Burgess Hill, West Sussex
      >Every moment, every person and every situation is bursting with potential.
      >Once we're connected with Life, with consciousness and with creation, we
      >walk as conscious creators, as new ALLchemists, breathing, seeing and
      >speaking potential into realisation everywhere we go. As potentialists, we
      >literally come alive with the sparkling energy of potential, passion, power,
      >vision, vibrancy and vitality. In this workshop, you'll learn to ......
      >... recognise and alchemise expanding levels of potential (personal,
      >greater, world-changing and evolutionary) for yourself, others and the
      >... utilise enhanced abilities (knowing, innate sensing and telepathy) to
      >facilitate the realisation of potential and
      >... perceive Life through the eyes of potential: emotion as potential rising
      >and upsets as the cosmos tapping you on the shoulder to do your next piece
      >of work.
      >With the power of potential, synergy, synchronicity and magical living
      >FEE: £125
      >For questions or to register, press reply or call +44 (0) 1444 248273.
      >Please feel free to send this email on to anyone who would enjoy receiving
      >it. To be added to this New Kids update network and/or
      >to sign up for Soleira's latest Evolving World Ezine, press reply and type
      >'subscribe me.'
      >Telephone: +44 (0) 1444 248273

      Infinite Love is who we are, Karen
      The Accelerator Pendant -- Spiritual growth,
      elevated consciousness; all the benefits of
      superconducting White Powder Gold without the
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