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Star Nations, public acclimation programs, and ethical nondiscrimination

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  • Karen Eck
    To: DrRichBoylanReports , From: Richard Boylan PhD
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
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      Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] Star Nations, public acclimation
      programs, and ethical nondiscrimination

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      I share this response to a perplexed Anthony because it deals
      with important issues.

      Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

      Dr. Boylan,
      I read the review you'd posted for this ["vieques"]book. I was
      struck thinking of how it is still intriguing to me to hear that
      there is such open and intimate relations between star visitors and
      our military (and might I add "industrial complex"). That this
      interaction has been ongoing for so long is also astounding... I have
      never had a satisfactory answer to the coziness shared between SV
      communities and our military industrial complex.
      All in PEACE

      Dear Anthony, and everyone,

      I think that much of your difficulty comes from the incorrect
      inference that the Star Visitors conduct open repeated contacts
      principally with the military. This is not the case.
      I made it quite clear (I hoped) in earlier posts that the Star
      Nations maintain contact with humans of all kinds, both civilian as
      well as those we have selected to represent us in social-political matters.
      Furthermore, the Star Nations are sensitive not to too abruptly
      manifest their presence on a global public scale before public
      officials have had a chance to conduct public acclimation programs to
      cognitively and psychologically give the people an opportunity to get
      ready for open public contact.
      We are at the "Awkward Stage" in becoming a cosmic society,
      where some of us are quite ready for open public contact, and others
      have their heads stuck in the sand, and still others are confused,
      uncertain and easy prey for the Cabal's robust anti-"alien"
      disinformation campaign.
      With such a turbulent mix of groups at differing stages of
      readiness, the Star Nations have adopted an Interim Strategy of
      dealing with high government (including military and intelligence
      officials) who are already psychologically ready for contact, in
      order to monitor progress, offer advice, and to encourage further
      progress in readying their peoples for full public open contact. In
      the meantme, the Star Visitors also massively contact tens of
      millions of ordinary citizens around the world to conduct a
      simultaneous, grass-roots, from-the-bottom-up campaign of incremental
      public acclimation.
      This Interim Stage has lasted a lot longer than it need have,
      due to the malignant efforts of the Cabal to deny, debunk and
      ridicule reports of UFO sightings, while simultaneously spreading
      sophisticated anti-"alien" propaganda in many sectors of the world.
      This Cabal campaign, along with their intimidation of many government
      officials, and their disinformation campaigns within military and
      intelligence circles, has made it more difficult for well-meaning
      public officials to feel that they are in a political position to go
      public with the Star Visitors presence.
      A third and terribly important factor, too often not understood,
      is the cosmic ethics of nondiscrimination. The Star Nations generally
      are not ethically free to discriminate in whom they contact,
      communicate with, and share information with on a developing planet.
      Up until the 1930s the Cabal had not yet developed into an
      effective threat of unified global dominance. When the Axis Powers
      developed ties with Stalinist Russia, it became clear to the Star
      Nations that the Cabal geoplutocrats, for whom Hitler, Mussolini, the
      Japanese Generals, Franco and Stalin served as proxies and minions,
      were reaching a point of such global dominance. The Star Nations
      conducted a Formal Hearing into Cabal Violations of Universal Law in
      1937, but were not able to arrive at an implemented decision because
      the Cabal successfully argued that Earth did not have a
      Representative on the Star Nations High Council. So the Star Nations
      High Council deliberated, and one of their number elected to
      relinquish Star Visitor beingness and hurriedly do a "missionary"
      incarnation as a human. This took place within two years later in 1939.
      This human former Member of the High Council grew up incognito
      on Earth, in order to protect his identity until the "last moment".
      He was "re-"appointed Councillor, a Member of Star Nations High
      Council, only less than a year before the next Hearing.
      Meanwhile the Star Nations continued to reach out to Earth's
      representatives as best they could to encourage peace, coming
      together as a global society, promote social and economic justice
      among the peoples of Earth, and check the growing power of the
      international Cabal cartel. The Star Nations had some positive
      results; e.g., the United Nations, cessation of atmospheric and
      surface nuclear testing, getting Gorbachev to detarget Soviet ICBMs
      from aim at the West, etc. But the Cabal continued its spread, and
      after 1945 began its UFO Cover-Up and later anti-"alien" propaganda
      campaigns, hoping to buy time and make it more difficult for the Star
      Visitors to "interfere" with Cabal operations.
      At a point where the Star Nations determined that the political
      authorities on Earth were incapable or unwilling to address Cabal
      penetration and corruption of power, it was determined that the time
      had come for a second and definitive Formal Hearing on Reported Cabal
      Violations of Universal Laws. This time there would be no successful
      Cabal Objection, because Earth now had a Representative on the High
      Council before whom the Hearing would be conducted: the Councillor of Earth.
      So, on September 29, 2005 the second and definitive Formal
      Hearing on Reported Cabal Violations of Universal Laws took place.
      The Cabal were found in violation.
      This created a new situation in which the ethical demands on the
      Star Nations changed. Now the Star Nations were free to discriminate
      against the Cabal. From now on the Star Nations have ceased contact
      with any persons identified as affiliated with the Cabal. The Star
      Nations no longer would share information with such persons, nor
      provide volunteer scientists. These benefits would be reserved for
      only those official points of contact who were not beholden to the
      Cabal. Furthermore, from now on any Good Guy/Gal scientists, etc.
      would have to pledge to keep any Star Visitor-shared information and
      technology safely away from Cabal theft and misuse.
      A final response to your assertion of "coziness between the Star
      Visitors and the military-industrial complex"; there is no such
      coziness. The Star Visitors only share information for peaceful and
      beneficial purposes. It is human perversion and misuse of free will
      that involves some military misapplying some Star Visitor technology
      to weapons purposes. Dr. Michael Wolf of the National Security
      Council railed against such "weaponization" of neutral Star Visitor
      Recognize that Star Visitor shared information embraces a broad
      spectrum: cultural, scientific, medical, historical, spiritual,
      metaphysical, etc. We don't hear about that much because of the
      secrecy involved in quietly applying this information to the
      wonderful technical, medical and scientific advances made over the
      past half-century without the Star Nations being given any credit.
      It will be wonderful when we get beyond the Awkward Interim
      Stage to full public and open contact.
      That is why I encourage experiencers, Star Seeds and Star Kids
      everywhere to spread awareness of the Star Visitors among us, and to
      demand politically an end to the UFO Cover-Up, so we can get on with
      finishing becoming a cosmic society in partnership with our Star Visitors.
      In the light,
      Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth

      Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
      Director, Star Kids Project, LTD
      Author: "Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation"
      P.O. Box 22310
      Sacramento, California 95822, USA

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